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How Long Does Kratom Stay Fresh?

Have you ever wondered if kratom expires? The answer is yes, but there are ways to extend its life.

In fact, there are several tips you can try to keep kratom fresh for as long as possible.

Find out how to extend the life of your kratom and what causes it to lose freshness (and potency) in the first place.

Written by Audrey Webber
Last Updated 2 years ago

Audrey Webber

Anthropologist & Freelance Writer

How Long Will Kratom Remain Fresh?

This question depends on many variables. However, the basic answer is that kratom stays fresh for three months.

Unfortunately, this isn’t from the date you buy it. Instead, its prime is three months from the date it’s dried into a powder.

Imagine for a moment how many steps kratom takes from becoming a powder to ending up on your doorstep. Even if you buy kratom from a reputable company, you’ll probably get two months, max.  

The good news is that you can expand kratom’s usable life. If you take specific steps, it’s possible to keep kratom fresh for around a year.

Tips for Keeping Kratom Fresh

Keeping kratom at its freshest requires proper storage techniques. If you don’t use these methods, it’s a guarantee that your kratom won’t stay fresh for very long.

1. Keep Kratom Away from Water

Do you know what happens if you introduce moisture to kratom? It’ll become moldy, which signifies the death of your kratom.

Even if you’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, you’ll need to dispose of the entire batch. Yes, this is still true, even if there’s only one visible piece of mold. So, keep water and moisture away from your kratom at all times.

2. Choose an Airtight Container

The easiest way to ensure that your kratom doesn’t become contaminated is by storing it in an airtight container. Make sure it seals completely and tightly. Whether you use a jar with a new lid or decide to stick with plastic bags, make sure you remove all of the air before sealing it.

3. Say No to Sunlight

The sun’s UV rays can degrade your kratom. With this in mind, always store kratom in a dark place. This will enhance the life of your kratom. The best way to keep UV rays off your kratom is to choose opaque or brown amber jars.

4. Keep Kratom Cool

Keeping kratom in a cool, dark environment helps it remain fresh for up to a year. The key to this lifespan is to ensure the temperature stays consistent at all times. Therefore, if you keep it at 50 degrees, make sure it stays there.

5. Steer Clear of Humidity

If you really want your kratom to last, keep it away from humidity. This can be difficult in some places, so you’ll have to think outside the box. Place a paper towel or a piece of bread inside the container to soak up the humidity.

6. Limit Oxygen Exposure 

Airtight bags or containers can help you avoid introducing oxygen to your kratom. This is crucial because oxidization can make kratom go stale.

7. Avoid Strong Smells

Sticking your kratom inside an old cigar humidor or your fridge can potentially cause the leeching of strong smells. This will affect how kratom tastes, so you’re much better off avoiding it.

You can store kratom in your refrigerator, but be very careful about what’s stored nearby (onions might be bad).


  • Keep it dry
  • Always use an airtight container
  • Keep kratom away from UV light
  • Store kratom in a cool spot
  • Avoid humidity
  • Don’t let oxygen into your storage solution
  • Avoid strong smells because they might leech

Kratom’s Long-Term & Short-Term Storage

Whether you use kratom on a short-term or long-term basis, there are ways for you to keep it fresh. If you drink kratom tea, you’ll have even more options.

Short-Term Storage Solution

You’ve purchased enough kratom to last a month or two. But how do you keep it at its maximum freshness without making it a pain to use?

The answer is to wrap each day’s anticipated kratom into its own small plastic bag. You should end up with about 30 to 60 bags, which are a breeze to work with. Simply put all the small bags into a large storage container, and you’re set!

Long-Term Storage Solution

This solution works exactly like short-term storage. The only difference is that you’ll make up more than 60 small bags. Additionally, you may need to use multiple larger storage containers to hold smaller bags.

Tea Storage Solution

Some people prefer to drink kratom as tea.

To store pre-made tea, make as much as you’d like and then allow it to cool. After it reaches room temperature, transfer the tea into a plastic container or an ice cube tray. Place the into the freezer and dethaw it as needed.

If you choose to refrigerate it instead, be aware that it’ll last only one week.

If you’re freezing the tea, avoid using a glass container. It could easily crack once frozen, and this defeats the entire purpose.


  • Package each day’s kratom individually, then store in a sealed container
  • For tea, make it and freeze it, but DON’T use a glass container

Kratom Storage Mistakes

Steer clear of the following storage mistakes. Falling into one of these bad habits could make your kratom go stale much more quickly.

1. Oxygen Exposure

No matter what you may have heard, there’s absolutely no reason to allow kratom to breathe once it’s in the powder format. Ignoring this rule will oxidize and contaminate your kratom.

2. Damp Environments

A damp environment is a terrible place to leave your kratom. Even if your container is airtight, don’t take the risk.

3. Fancy Equipment

Many pieces of fancy equipment may catch your eye, including a cigar humidor. But if you want to keep your kratom fresh and smelling right, don’t fall for anything fancy.

4. Fluctuating Temperatures

Would you like your kratom to remain fresh for up to a year? Then always avoid storage places that have fluctuating temperatures.

Don’t place kratom in the laundry room, above your stove, near an HVAC vent, or on top of your refrigerator.


  • Don’t let your kratom breathe
  • Keep it away from damp environments
  • Stay away from fancy equipment
  • Don’t store it where the temperature fluctuates

Fridge or Freezer: Which is Better for Kratom?

This debate has been going on for about as long as people have been buying kratom powder. The bottom line is that both spots offer pros and cons.

A refrigerator is generally a good storage place, as long as you keep it away from strong smells. A freezer is also a good storage option, but it can cause your kratom to become freezer burned.

On the other hand, if you want a kratom potentiator, you’ll definitely want to use a freezer.

What are kratom potentiators, you ask? Put simply; potentiators enhance kratom’s effectiveness.

One easy way is to soak the dose of kratom, then shake it vigorously. This causes your kratom to become more bioavailable by bursting the cell walls. Once you take it, you’ll understand just how much power this process offers.

As always, be careful when you choose to use a potentiator. It may be too much for some users.  

How to Buy the Freshest Kratom

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to buy your kratom from a reputable dealer. This is mostly about safety — you don’t want contaminated or impure kratom — but this also helps you avoid the issues caused by purchasing old, stale kratom.

Keep in mind that unknown or unreputable dealers may sell kratom that’s far past its best usage date, at best.

Here are a few tips on finding a reputable vendor.

1. Look for Third-Party Lab Tests

These tests are the only thing separating the wheat from the chaff. It doesn’t take much time to find a vendor that tests (and provides the results online). It’s much quicker than recovering from salmonella or dealing with chemical-laden kratom.

Not sure where to start? Check out our review of the top kratom vendors and see what each has to offer.

2. Read Customer Reviews

Some customers like to complain, even if it’s their fault. Still, there’s something to be said about an overwhelming number of good or bad reviews.

Check out review articles, the company’s website, and social media sites to gauge customers’ overall opinions. 

How to Tell if Kratom is Fresh

What’s the point of buying kratom, bagging it up, and storing it if you don’t check it every so often?

The following signs tell you the kratom is far past fresh; however, it’s possible for kratom to no longer be as potent and not display these warning signs.

Signs that kratom is no longer fresh

  • Color loss
  • Loss of smell
  • Mold
  • Signs of decay or freezer burn

What happens if you use kratom that shows these signs? The effects may not be as strong or last as long, and it could even make you sick. Tossing kratom is painful, but it’s not worth the risk if you think its quality is compromised.

Checking your kratom often will help ensure it is stored in the right place to stay fresh. 

Kratom Freshness: Final Thoughts

Keeping your kratom fresh for up to a year is the best way to buy it in bulk. If you don’t have the means to do this, don’t purchase more than you can use in a month or two.

There are many ways you can extend kratom’s freshness. For instance, keep kratom away from water, use an airtight container, avoid sunlight, keep it cool, stay away from humidity, don’t introduce oxygen, and avoid all strong smells.

Once you get the hang of these storage solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy kratom that’s fresh for a year.