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What Does Kratom Taste Like? 11 Tips To Help You Endure The Taste of Kratom

The taste of kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is commonly described as sharp, bitter, and harsh

It also has a very grassy, leafy, and herbal flavor. Some say it tastes like green tea that’s been brewed and steeped for far too long.  

However, there are a variety of methods for dampening the flavor so you can take kratom without it being so unpleasant.

Written by Wade Paul
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Wade Paul

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How Can I Make Kratom Taste Better?

People have tried mixing kratom with different beverages and foods to make it taste better. Some of these work better than others, but all of them will hide at least a bit of kratom’s taste. 

The important thing is to ensure you pick something sweet, salty, or has plenty of fat

1. Parachute Kratom

Parachuting kratom involves wrapping some powder up in a small piece of thin paper, rice paper, or toilet paper and then swallowing it whole. This bypasses the taste buds in the mouth entirely. 

Alternatively, you could use kratom capsules instead. 

2. Take Kratom With Orange Juice

Orange juice is the gold standard for getting away from kratom’s terrible flavor. 

Use a whisk to mix kratom into OJ. The result will still be a bit earthy, but it’s going to taste a lot better than usual. As a bonus, orange juice may even make your kratom work better by providing it with increased potency. 

3. Take Kratom With Grapefruit Juice 

As long as you mix it well, grapefruit juice should hide almost all of kratom’s bitter flavor. It also has the added benefit of boosting the duration of effects by inhibiting some of the metabolic pathways of kratoms’ active alkaloids. 

4. Take Kratom With Mango Juice

The texture of mango juice will perfectly hide the taste of kratom. 

5. Mix Kratom Into a Smoothie 

This is a great way to hide the bitter taste of kratom. Choose a strong flavor of smoothie for optimal results. 

6. Make Kratom Chocolates

Dark chocolate is the key to having a more pleasant kratom experience. Not only is the flavor masked relatively well, but chocolate and kratom interact in the brain in a similar manner. This provides an excellent one-two punch! 

7. Brew Some Kratom Tea 

Tea is easy to make, and adding kratom to it is also a breeze. You’ll want to make sure you don’t brew it at too high of a temperature, though, or it will destroy some of the alkaloids. Also, make sure to use a sweetener to get a better overall flavor. 

Not sure what flavors to try? Start here: 

  • Citrus tea
  • Green tea
  • Raspberry tea
  • Fruit tea
  • Mint tea
  • Vanilla tea
  • Masala tea

Learn how to brew your kratom leaves into tea here.

8. Plug Your Nose

Before you say “WTF,” take a moment to hear us out. 

Your sense of taste is strongly connected to your sense of smell. Therefore, if you plug your nose with toilet paper, kratom won’t taste nearly as strong. Alternatively, you could use a nose plug to get the same results.     

9. Take Kratom With Dr. Pepper 

We’re not sure why, but Dr. Pepper provides the best overall taste of all the sodas. You can do this with the toss and wash method, but DON’T drink Dr. Pepper with the mix and wash alternative. 

10. Cook Kratom Into Food 

Food, in general, is also a good thing to mix kratom with, especially peanut butter.

11. Be Patient

Kratom might be an acquired taste. Most people who have been using it for a while don’t necessarily like the flavor of kratom — but they do find it tolerable. This can take a while to reach this point. Once your body knows the benefits of the effects outweigh the negatives, it will learn to dislike the taste a little bit less. 

Kratom Alternatives to Beat the Flavor 

Despite all the options listed above, there will always be some people who prefer to take their kratom in an alternative way. 

Kratom Tinctures 

Taking a kratom tincture on its own won’t improve your flavor situation. But if you mix it with a tasty beverage the odds are high that you won’t even notice it. 

Kratom Gummies 

Kratom edibles are a relatively new product, but they have the potential to be fantastic. For instance, kratom gummies are made with tropical fruit extracts, which help mask the taste. 

Kratom Extracts 

Extracts may have a pungent flavor, but they can be mixed into your favorite food or beverage. This will hide some of the taste, making it easier to take. 

Kratom Capsules 

Anyone who wants to stay away from the flavor of kratom altogether should invest in kratom capsules

They may be more expensive, but if you really can’t stand the taste, you’re going to be so happy that you splurged. Why’s that, you ask? Because it eliminates the flavor of kratom.  

What Provides the Best Overall Results?

This entire article has been about masking the taste of kratom, and there are plenty of ways to do it. 

However, the best method we’ve found is to simply take capsules or parachute your kratom rather than trying to mask the flavor with something else. 

Orange juice and Dr. Pepper seem to do the best job at covering the taste, but it’s still always there lurking in the background. 

Most people who use kratom frequently eventually reach a point where they realize the taste just is what it is and resort to using the band-aid approach to just get it over quickly. This is called the “toss & wash” method

Simply dump a spoonful of kratom into your mouth and quickly wash it down with something tasty. You’ll cringe at the taste, but it’s over within a few seconds. 

The best times of day to use kratom are when you first wake up or at least one hour after eating. Doing this requires you to either use the toss and wash method or to take capsules. Of course, you can still have an effective dose if you take it with food; it just might be slightly less effective. 

Final Thoughts: What Does Kratom Taste Like?

It’s common for medicinal herbs to have a terrible taste — the tradeoff has to come from somewhere. 

Kratom is no different. It has many benefits that make it worth using, but the taste is… awful — to say the least. 

To reduce the bad flavor, try taking kratom with juice, a smoothie, dark chocolate, tea, or Dr. Pepper. You can also use a capsule or make a parachute to prevent you from tasting it entirely.

If all else fails, plug your nose with some toilet paper or a pair of nose plugs. This won’t eliminate the taste, but it will make it much more tolerable. 

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