Is Kratom Legal In Delaware? 2023 Buyer’s Guide

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Kratom is a therapeutic herb from Southeast Asia. It’s a popular alternative treatment for chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

Kratom’s effects are diverse, with lower doses typically giving users a refreshing burst of energy and higher doses having a calming, sedative effect.

Even though kratom has been around for many years, the recent surge in interest has drawn the attention of some governments, leading to localized bans.

Kratom is not banned in Delaware, making it easy for residents to buy and use kratom freely.

Below you will find the best places for buying kratom in Delaware, a general buyers’ guide, and the basics of using it.

Is Kratom Legal In Delaware?

Yes! There are currently no restrictions on purchasing or using kratom in Delaware, making it one of the most kratom-friendly places in the United States.

While some states have regulated kratom use or banned it outright, Delaware has established a precedent for unregulated kratom.

There is little to no legislative activity surrounding kratom in Delaware, and there is unlikely to be any in the foreseeable future.

Where To Buy Kratom In Delaware

If you’re looking to buy kratom in Delaware, you have two main options. You can buy kratom online and have it shipped directly to your residence, or you can find a local store that sells it.

Besides convenience, buying online is almost always the better choice. The following two sections discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing kratom online and in person.

Buying Kratom Online

Most people feel more vulnerable buying products online than buying them from a local shop, but buying kratom online from a reputable vendor is the safer route.

Online kratom retailers like VIP Kratom and Kona Kratom send their products to third-party testing facilities. These independent labs run a battery of tests that measure each product’s quality and purity and send a report back to the vendor.

The vendors can then address any problems the testing exposes and repeat the process, or publish the results and start selling the products to customers.

This vetting process means your products will be accurately labeled, have the correct strength, and be safe to consume.

Local kratom shops don’t have access to third-party testing because they resell someone else’s products. Since they don’t source their kratom directly from a known manufacturer, it’s impossible to know whether the lab reports apply to the kratom they’re selling.

Despite offering higher quality products, online kratom retailers have lower prices than brick-and-mortar stores. Since online vendors buy their kratom in bulk directly from the manufacturer, they save money and can afford to charge lower prices.

Another advantage to buying kratom online is that you can access a broader range of products. Physical stores are limited in what they can carry since they cater to a much smaller audience. Stocking tons of kratom products doesn’t make sense if most of them sit on the shelf for months before someone buys them.

Speed is the one area where buying kratom in person is superior. Even the fastest shipping from an online store can’t compete with a quick drive to a local store. Still, the closest store to you might not be close, and some online vendors — like Star Kratom  — offer impressively fast shipping.

The bottom line is that, for most people, buying kratom online makes more sense. Unless you need to get your kratom as quickly as possible, you should buy kratom online since online vendors offer better products for less money.

Buying Kratom In-Store

If you decide that speed is the most crucial factor and you’re willing to compromise on quality and price, you can look for a local kratom retailer. Northern Delawareans are spoiled for choice, but there are a few shops along the coast and southern Delaware.

Below are some of the most popular kratom shops in Delaware:

1. Royal Tobacco & Vape Outlet

Royal Tobacco is located in Newark and primarily sells tobacco and tobacco-related products. They also carry CBD and kratom and have a wide selection for a physical shop. Their prices are fair, and the store is bright and welcoming.

2. Tobacco One & Convenience Plus

This shop is also in Newark and is primarily a tobacco shop. Their kratom selection is not as extensive as Royal Tobacco, but the staff is friendly, and their prices are competitive.

3.  Concord Smoke Land

Concord Smoke Land is even further north in Wilmington. They’re an all-purpose smoke shop that carries tobacco, CBD, and kratom products. They have great prices, and the employees are friendly and knowledgeable.

4. Puffster

Puffster is a Dover-based smoke shop with a small selection of kratom alongside other tobacco and smoke items. Their staff is extremely welcoming and happy to answer any questions customers may have. Their prices are a bit high but not prohibitively so.

5.  Oddz & Endz

Located in Delmar, Oddz & Endz has a decent selection of kratom and fair prices. This is one of the best options for people who live in southern Delaware.

What To Look for When Buying Kratom

Knowing what to look for when purchasing kratom online or in a brick-and-mortar shop will help you have the best and safest experience possible. Below are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for kratom.

Strain Selection

There are three main categories of kratom strains: red vein, white vein, and green vein. Which strain is right for you depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for because the strains have very different effects. Here is a quick summary of each.

Red Vein Kratom Strains (Sedative & Analgesic)

Red vein kratom is mainly used for pain relief and treating anxiety and has a sedative profile. Those who use red-vein kratom recommend taking it at night since it makes people tired. Red vein is your best choice if you want a soothing, relaxing experience.

White Vein Kratom Strains (Energizing & Nootropic)

White vein kratom is the complete opposite of red vein kratom. It’s a stimulant that gives users an energy boost comparable to a strong cup of coffee. White-vein users compare its effects with caffeine, often saying that it helps them focus, improves their memory, and enhances their cognitive performance.

Green Vein Kratom Strains (Best All-Rounders)

Green vein kratom sits between the red and white veins, offering a hybrid of their effects. Green vein kratom is popular because it gives users a smoother experience than white vein but isn’t as relaxing as red vein. Many green-vein users will only take green-vein kratom since they view it as the best compromise between red and white strains.

Look For AKA Certification

The kratom industry is relatively new and, unfortunately, is susceptible to bad actors looking to exploit people’s lack of knowledge. To combat this, the American Kratom Association (AKA) offers certification to companies that pass quality and purity tests.

To obtain certification, a company must send samples of its products to the AKA for independent testing. If the samples pass the AKA’s quality thresholds, they become certified. A company with AKA certification must submit to yearly reviews to ensure they continue to uphold the AKA’s standards.

You should only purchase kratom from retailers with AKA certification. If you buy kratom from an uncertified business, you have no way of knowing if the kratom you’re paying for has the advertised potency or whether it contains any contaminants. Think of AKA certification as a layer of protection that filters out shady businesses and helps you choose reputable vendors.

Company Reputation

Even a company with AKA certification might not be the best choice since they might have poor customer service or have a history of making order-related errors.

This is where doing your due diligence can help. People like to express their displeasure on the internet when they have problems dealing with a business, and you can use this to your advantage. Avoid companies with negative reviews, especially ones that mention customer service.

A lack of reviews can be just as problematic as negative reviews. Some particularly nefarious businesses take great pains to scrub the internet of negative reviews. Companies without any reviews on any major review sites should be a red flag.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can check out our in-depth kratom vendor guide to get you going in the right direction.

What Are People Using Kratom For?

Choosing the right strain for your use case is essential if you want a safe and enjoyable kratom experience. Below are some of the most common things users take kratom for.


Pain relief is one of the most common ways people use kratom, and red-vein kratom is the most popular strain among users with chronic pain. It offers people with incurable pain conditions an alternative to dangerous prescription painkillers and can help them manage their pain more safely. 

Kratom shares many pharmacological similarities with opiates, but its effects are less intense. By blocking pain signals before they can reach the brain, kratom reduces pain and helps them relax. Red-vein kratom also acts as a muscle relaxer, further reducing pain in conditions where tension plays a key role.

Anxiety & Depression

White-vein and green-vein kratom are the best strains for people looking to manage their anxiety or depression. These strains affect brain chemistry and help you feel calmer and more in control of your life while eliminating lethargy.

Which strain is best for any particular case can vary, so it’s worth reading more about the best strains for treating anxiety and depression if you’re interested in trying them out. Replacing prescription medication with kratom can be a significant improvement for some people.

Opiate Withdrawal

The section on pain relief mentioned that kratom shares some qualities with opiates, which makes it especially effective at helping recovering opioid abusers avoid relapses. Withdrawal symptoms can be extremely painful, and red-vein kratom can help make them more tolerable. Former abusers are more likely to recover fully when they manage withdrawal with kratom.  

Energy & Focus

One of the less-known uses for kratom is as a nootropic. White-vein kratom can help you concentrate, and it can improve performance on cognitively demanding tasks. Many people compare kratom to caffeine, and people that prefer white vein suggest taking it in the morning as an alternative to coffee. Unfortunately, there aren’t many formal studies on kratom’s effects on cognitive enhancement, so the evidence is entirely anecdotal.

Is Kratom Safe?

Like many things, kratom is safe if you follow some guidelines for recommended use. The most dangerous aspect of kratom is that it can be addictive. To mitigate the risks of addiction, experts recommend limiting your weekly use to four to five days. Many people use kratom during the week and take weekends off, for example.

Besides limiting your weekly kratom consumption, you should also take an extended break every one to two months. Kratom has cumulative effects on your body and giving your system a break is essential. Taking one week off every two months is a good target to shoot for.

In addition to regulating your use and taking breaks, keeping dose sizes in the 2 g to 12 g range is recommended.

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What Are The Side Effects of Kratom?

There are a few side effects you may experience when taking kratom, but the chances you encounter increase with the amount you take. Experiencing side effects is significantly more likely in large doses exceeding 10g.

If you’re concerned about side effects, you should keep your doses below 8 g. Beginners should start slow with 2g doses and increase gradually until they’re comfortable.


One of the more common side effects is nausea or stomach pain. This is rare in lower amounts, but individual reactions can vary. Keep quantities small, especially if you have a history of gastrointestinal issues.


Another somewhat common side effect is feeling dizzy after taking kratom. This is more common in larger doses, but some get vertigo-like symptoms even when taking lower amounts.


Paradoxically, some users’ anxiety worsens when taking kratom. If you’re using kratom to treat anxiety, you must start slow. Stick with 2 g until you’re sure it doesn’t worsen your anxiety before increasing the dose. 

Brain Fog

This is similar to dizziness but more of a general mental fog than a loss of balance. Kratom is psychoactive and alters your headspace, so start slow with small amounts if you want to avoid significant mind-altering effects.


Tiredness is less common in people who use moderation but becomes more prevalent in people that don’t take regular breaks. Systemic fatigue indicates that you’re not taking enough time off from kratom.

If you’re feeling unusually lethargic, ask yourself when was the last time you went more than a week without kratom. Consider reducing the number of days per week you take kratom and take at least a few days off immediately.

Other Risks of Kratom

Pregnant women should not use kratom as it can worsen some pregnancy symptoms and negatively affect the baby. It’s also wise to avoid using kratom while breastfeeding as the active ingredients may transfer to the child via breast milk.

Kratom can have dangerous interactions with alcohol, prescription medications, and recreational drugs; avoid using kratom with any of those substances.

What’s the Future of Kratom In Delaware?

The future looks bright for kratom users in Delaware. There isn’t any legislation proposed to limit kratom’s availability or make it a controlled substance on the state level. Delaware is one of the most kratom-friendly states, which seems unlikely to change in the immediate future.

A federal ban is the only significant threat to kratom’s legal status in Delaware. It’s unclear how likely a federal ban is, but for now, Delaware kratom users can rest easy knowing they’ll have continuing access to kratom.