Is Kratom Legal In Italy?

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Kratom is gaining more and more popularity globally, and many people are benefiting from it. However, the plant falls into different legal categories. While some countries opt for positive regulation, some ban it without considering its therapeutic potential.

Sadly Italy is one of those countries where kratom is not legal. In this article, you’ll find out why, along with how to use it and the benefits it offers.

Is Kratom Legal In Italy?

No, kratom is banned in Italy — but it’s still widely available. 

In Italy, kratom has been illegal since August 2016, when the government decided to add it to its list of controlled substances.

Oddly, nowhere does it consider the use of kratom a crime, but its possession can bring administrative sanctions such as losing your driving license.

Where to Buy Kratom In Italy?

Because of the above, it’s not possible to access kratom legally in Italy.

Due to its administrative laws, getting kratom in Italy can be difficult since the black market is the only way to access it. We don’t recommend getting kratom this way — it’s very risky. Blackmarket kratom is notoriously adulterated and full of nasty, potentially harmful compounds.

Only order from reputable vendors no matter what country you live in.

There are platforms for suppliers, such as “Skypax,” that allow customers to ship their products to a country where it’s legal and have it forwarded to their Italian address. However, this is still illegal and not recommended.

What Types of Kratom Are Available?

When buying kratom, make sure that the seller has a wide variety of strains.

There are many kratom strains out there, and they all have unique properties. The most practical way to classify them is by the respective vein colors: white, green, and red.

Each of these strains causes different effects, so it is essential to understand them. In addition, this information will help you know which strain suits you best, depending on your goals.

Red vein kratom strains are popular because of their ability to reduce pain and promote sleep. Keep in mind that these varieties are potent and fast-acting, so it’s advisable to start with a low dose.

White vein kratom strains are the opposite of the red ones due to their high content of 7-hydroxymitragynine (an alkaloid that binds to serotonergic receptors). Therefore, unlike red strains, users often take white kratom early in the morning to promote a productive and sharp mindset for the rest of the day.

Green vein kratom strains have a nice balance between the previous two, as it has both relaxing and energizing traits, but depends on the dose consumed.

What Are the Suggested Benefits of Kratom?

Kratom is primarily used to alleviate pain and boost energy, but there are many other viable uses for this plant as well.

Here are some of the main benefits of this powerful tropical southeast Asian herb:

1. Kratom Boosts Energy & Focus

Kratom has many possible uses, and one of the most common is for energy and focus. White strains can be pretty intense if you’re a beginner, in which case you could opt for a more balanced green one.

This plant can be very beneficial when used correctly, so always remember not to over-consume it, as you could achieve unwanted effects.

2. Kratom Is a Powerful Pain-Reliever

You shouldn’t consume kratom every time you suffer discomfort. If the pain is ongoing, you should see your doctor.

That said, kratom is an excellent analgesic if you use it responsibly. Red strains affect opioid receptors much like opioids do, making them incredibly effective as pain relievers but with minimal side effects.

3. Kratom Can Help You Overcome Opiate Addiction

Many people use kratom for opioid withdrawal. Its main alkaloids resemble what opioids do inside your body, which is why kratom is such a potent pain killer.

By providing those effects, kratom helps minimize cravings and ease the symptoms.

4. Kratom Can Help Fight Anxiety & Depression

When using kratom for anxiety and depression, it’s essential to understand that it’s not a cure. It needs to be accompanied by the appropriate treatments. Kratom only serves as a tool to make the path to a healthy psyche accessible.

If you’re suffering from depression, go with white vein kratom. On the other hand, if you’re fighting anxiety, red vein strains will be best.

5. Kratom May Help Combat Insomnia

If you’re dealing with insomnia, red vein kratom is your best bet. Its high content of 7-hydroxymitragynine gives it its unique color and makes it an excellent analgesic and sedative. For this reason, most users of this strain usually consume it at night and in low doses.

Beware that red kratom is fast-acting and strong.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom is safe to use, but only if you do it responsibly.

There are only two factors to keep in mind: dosage and frequency.

When taking high doses, the risk of having a bad experience increases, and consuming it too frequently can lead to dependence.

Side Effects of Kratom

As highlighted above, abusing this herb or consuming it irresponsibly can bring undesirable effects. In addition, just like any other active substance, it can harm you if you overdo it.

Excessive consumption of kratom can cause side effects such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Low blood pressure
  • Constipation
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

It’s essential to know that it’s also not recommended to use kratom during pregnancy or to mix it with other drugs or alcohol.

Kratom Dose

The recommended dose depends on certain factors like your weight, tolerance, and goals. Although there’s no right or wrong, different users may need different amounts to get the same effects.

That said, the suggested dose for kratom is as follows:

  • Low (1g-3g)
  • Medium (3g-5g)
  • High (5g-8g)

Any dose less than 1g is a microdose.

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Kratom Dosage Frequency

Your kratom intake will depend on your needs. For example, you’ll probably use kratom 4-5 times per week to treat chronic pain. Conversely, if you use it as a nootropic, it would be wise to cut back to 2-3 weekly uses.

Again, the ideal frequency will vary for each user, but as a general rule, use kratom only when you feel it’s essential to do so and as small an amount as possible.

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What’s the Future of Kratom In Italy?

Looking at the global and local context, it’s likely kratom will eventually become legal in Italy.

An increasing number of countries are legalizing kratom, and most countries in the EU allow its use. We suspect kratom will become legal in all European countries, including Italy, by the end of 2023.

Until then, if you’re in Italy, you’ll need to settle for something else — such as kava or CBD.