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What Is Super White Maeng Da Kratom? Effects, Dosage, Safety & More

Super White Maeng Da is a turbocharged version of one of the most potent and most popular kratom strains: White Maeng Da. Boasting more alkaloids, faster onset, and longer-lasting effects than the regular version, Super White Maeng Da is many people’s top pick when they want as much energy as possible.

This article looks closely at Super White Maeng Da, covering its effects, dosing recommendations, and safety tips to help you decide if it’s the strain for you.

Written by Wade Paul
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What Is Super White Maeng Da Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a small evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia. It primarily grows in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, where it has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

There are three main strains of kratom: red-vein, green-vein, and white-vein. Each strain is named by the color of the veins’ leaves, which is determined by the plant’s alkaloid content. Farmer’s harvest their kratom leaves at different points in the plant’s life cycle to determine the strain. White-vein kratom is produced by harvesting young kratom plants, green-vein comes from slightly older ones and red-vein from fully mature plants.

White-vein kratom is known for being stimulating. People take white-vein kratom for an energy boost, hoping to enhance their cognitive function and productivity. White strains vary in strength, with some offering only mild effects and others dramatically affecting users’ energy levels.

Super White Maeng Da is a highly potent form of White Maeng Da kratom, one of the most powerful stimulating strains. Fans of Super White Maeng Da say it can be as stimulating as drinking several large cups of coffee and that it has a significant effect on their concentration and productivity.

What Does Super White Maeng Da Kratom Do?

According to users, Super White Maeng Da kratom is most commonly used for its stimulating properties and its ability to increase productivity. Most of Super White Maeng Da’s energizing effects come from its abnormally high mitragynine concentration. Mitragynine is a stimulating alkaloid found in kratom that breaks down as kratom plants age. Super White Maeng Da has a higher mitragynine concentration than virtually all other white-vein strains, making it the most stimulating.

As a kratom plant ages, mitragynine gets converted to 7-hydroxymitragynine and other alkaloids. Super White Maeng Da has low 7-hydroxymitragynine levels since it’s harvested from young plants. Since Super White Maeng Da’s 7-hydroxymitragynine concentration is low, it doesn’t provide much pain relief.

When applied to kratom strains, it is unclear what the “super” moniker means. Most people in the kratom industry say that it broadly refers to having higher alkaloid content than regular strains, although how much more isn’t usually specified. Using this definition, the “super” in Super White Maeng Da means that it has more mitragynine than ordinary White Maeng Da.

Super White Maeng Da Kratom Specs & Rating

  • Energy: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ —Super White Maeng Da is one of the best strains for energy. Some people say it is so powerful that it borders on being too energizing at times.
  • Mood: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ —Super White Maeng Da is mildly euphoric and can improve a users’ mood by eliminating tiredness and making them feel ready to take on the day.
  • Pain Relief: ⭐⭐ —Despite its high concentration of mitragynine, Super White Maeng Da is light on 7-hydroxymitragynine, making it a poor strain for pain relief.
  • Anxiety Relief: ⭐⭐⭐ —Many people say that Super White Maeng Da improves their mindset and alleviates their anxiety, although others say the highly stimulating strain worsens their anxiety. Mixed results make Super White Maeng Da an average strain for anxiety overall.
  • Sedation: ⭐ —Super White Maeng Da is not a very sedating strain at any dose level. Even high doses offer significantly less sedation than average-strength green or red strains.

1. Energy

People take Super White Maeng Da for the energy boost; it’s that simple. Many people use white-vein kratom to replace their morning coffee to help them feel alert and ready for the day. Simply put, Super White Maeng Da does that better than any other white strain. It offers an extreme boost of energy that lasts for several hours and doesn’t cause a crash like caffeine.

2. Concentration & Productivity

Pure energy isn’t as valuable as focused energy, and, luckily, many Super White Maeng Da fans say it helps them channel their energy into productivity. People often report feeling less distracted and mentally sharper when taking Super White Maeng Da and think it gives them a cognitive advantage.

3. Mood Boost

Using any strain of kratom to improve one’s mood is a tricky business since everyone reacts to different strains in different ways. However, overwhelming anecdotal evidence suggests that most users report improved outlooks and better moods when taking Super White Maeng Da. The only exceptions seem to be anxiety-prone users who say that Super White Maeng Da is overly stimulating for them and makes their anxiety worse.

Super White Maeng Da Kratom Dose

Kratom is an unusual substance in that different doses produce different effects rather than varying degrees of the same effect. At low doses, kratom is stimulating, providing energy and motivation. Moderate amounts offer a blend of stimulation and sedation, while higher doses are much more sedating.

Super White Maeng Da is a mostly stimulating strain, although how you dose it dramatically alters the effects you experience.

Dose for Intense Stimulation

Most people say that 2-5 grams are the sweet spot for getting the most stimulation from Super White Maeng Da. In this range, most people report feeling similar effects as drinking several cups of strong coffee. Users also commonly report enhanced concentration, improved memory, and an overall boost to cognitive function.

Dose for Mild Pain Relief

Super White Maeng Da is not the best strain for pain relief, but some people with minor aches and pains have found success using it. The best results seem to be in the 3-5 grams range. At that level, many users say they notice reduced discomfort from mild pain while simultaneously enjoying substantial energizing and nootropic effects.

Dose for Sedation

Super White Maeng Da is not a good strain for sedation, although it becomes significantly more sedating around 5-8 grams. Even in this range, Super White Maeng Da is not nearly as sedating as your average red strain, but the difference is noticeable.

Side Effects of Super White Maeng Da Kratom

Super White Maeng Da shares side effects with many other kratom strains, most notably anxiety, dizziness, fatigue, mental fog, nausea, diarrhea, and constipation. Most people don’t notice any unwanted side effects at low doses and say they only experience side effects when they take more significant amounts.

Kratom is addicting, and failing to regulate your use can easily lead to dependence. Experts suggest taking kratom no more than 4-5 days per week and taking at least one week off every one to two months. Systemic fatigue is a common sign of overuse, so listen to your body and take the necessary precautions.

Similar Kratom Strains

If you’re looking for the most intense, energizing experience you can get from kratom, Super White Maeng Da is probably the strain for you. However, if you’re concerned about Super White Maeng Da being overly stimulating or if you have anxiety, here are some less potent alternatives with similar effects profiles.

1. White Maeng Da

Super White Maeng Da is based on White Maeng Da, so it makes sense that White Maeng Da would be the most similar strain. Many people who think Super White Maeng Da is too strong have more success with the regular version. If you’re looking for a strong, stimulating strain that dials back the intensity just a hair, White Maeng Da might be perfect for you.

2. White Bali

White Bali is a much milder strain than Super White Maeng Da and offers a more balanced effects profile. It’s an excellent choice for people who want more pain relief than Super White Maeng Da provides but don’t want to make the change to a green or red strain. According to users, White Bali is also one of the least likely strains to cause side effects.

3. White Sumatra

If energy is your primary focus, but you don’t want quite as much as Super White Maeng Da provides, White Sumatra may be a good option. It’s still more stimulating than most white strains, but its effects are often compared to drinking one or two cups of coffee rather than three or four.

Final Thoughts: Super White Maeng Da Kratom

Super White Maeng Da is the undisputed king of white-vein kratom when it comes to pure stimulation. Fans of the strain say it feels similar to drinking several strong shots of espresso and gives them enough energy to face the day regardless of how much sleep they’ve had. Many people also say that Super White Maeng Da is a potent nootropic, helping them concentrate and be more productive with their time.

Most potent kratom strains come with a higher chance of causing side effects, and that’s true for Super White Maeng Da. Anxiety-prone users should be especially cautious since many people say that Super White Maeng Da can trigger their anxiety. Controlling your dose may be enough for some people, although most Super White Maeng Da users warn people to start slow since it’s hard to predict how they’ll react.

If Super White Maeng Da’s strength has you feeling uneasy, consider regular White Maeng Da instead. It’s less potent without being weak and offers similar nootropic effects. White Bali and White Sumatra are also suitable alternatives, although they have different effects.