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How Much Kratom is Too Much?

Many experienced users have been taking kratom for years and may even take doses of around 8 or 9 grams in one sitting. While kratom has caused overdoses in the past, the vast majority of deaths are the result of other medications used in combination with kratom — rather than the kratom itself.

People who take too much kratom usually end up feeling nausea, lethargy, and apathy for several hours until the effects wear off. 

In general, anything over 12 grams of powder is too much — but your limit may be even lower than this. 

Written by Marcel Deer
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Marcel Deer

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What Does Too Much Kratom Feel Like?

Kratom is generally safe, but you’ll realize it pretty quickly when you’ve taken too much kratom. The effects can be hard-hitting and prominent, especially if you are a new user or are using a particularly potent strain.

It can make you feel nauseous or give you the “wobbles,” a dizzy, foggy feeling.

While the side effects of taking too much kratom are unpleasant, they aren’t life-threatening.

Taking too much kratom can result in the following side effects:

  • Appetite loss
  • Confusion
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased urination
  • Insomnia
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Vomiting

What’s Kratom Supposed to Feel Like?

Kratom’s effects depend on several factors, like strain and amount, which we’ll discuss in detail.

When you take the right amount, you’ll feel relaxed or energized and usually have an improved mood. In other words, you’ll feel pretty good. Not high, but good.

Chances are, you won’t deal with side effects if you stick with a small amount and take breaks from kratom.

5 Things to Consider When Finding the Right Amount

Unfortunately, there is no perfect number. There are too many things to take into account. However, it helps to know how kratom works and certain things that affect its impact.

The following five things play a prominent role in how kratom will make you feel. Take these into consideration when deciding how much to take.

1. Drug Interactions: When Even a Little is Too Much

Combining kratom with other substances or drugs is not a good idea. Doing so can cause serious interactions that could be incredibly dangerous, even fatal. This includes alcohol and other substances such as opioids and benzodiazepines (i.e., Xanax and Valium).

In this case, it doesn’t matter how much kratom you took. The problem is the other substances. So regardless of the dose you took, you should always stay away from alcohol and other drugs.

Even unsuspecting medications may interact with this plant. If you’re taking medication and are unsure if kratom may cause unwanted interactions, you could always reach out to your doctor beforehand.

The best way to avoid complications caused by combining kratom with other substances is not to do it at all.

2. Strain

Kratom is divided into strains for easy classification. You’ll find red, green, and white, all offering different effects.

Red strains tend to be sedating and are good for pain relief and anxiety. White strains are energizing and provide a decent amount of euphoria and concentration. Green strains fall in the middle and can go either way.

Certain kratom strains are much stronger than others. If you are familiar with kratom, you’ve probably heard of “Maeng Da.” This unique genetically engineered type of kratom is some of the strongest you can buy. It comes in the usual vein colors, such as red, white, and green, but can also come in gold or yellow versions.

Maeng Da kratom has made itself a comfy spot at the top of the list of the most popular kratom strains. Although, this is something users should take into consideration.

Individuals who are new to kratom or who have only taken it a handful of times should save strains like Maeng Da for later. Red Bali or Green Bali are excellent beginner strains and are favored even by some of the most seasoned users. These are effective yet mild enough for a beginner.

3. Kratom Dosage

Dosage guidelines will depend on various factors, including body weight, tolerance, product type, and more.

Those who weigh more tend to need a higher dose. They can also tolerate higher doses. Smaller ones typically do just fine with a small dose of kratom.

If you purchase a form of kratom extract, you must pay close attention to the dosage instructions on the bottle or package.

The label will prevent you from harming yourself and will decrease the risk of uncomfortable side effects. This is also true for standard kratom products.

Dosage Chart

Microdose1 gram or lessMildly stimulating, similar to a strong cup of coffee. Microdosing tends to make users feel more energetic and alert and poses minimal risk of adverse side effects.
Mild 1 – 3 gramsA higher level of stimulation. This dose will boost energy levels and your mood. This is a good dose for daytime use as you can stay focused on responsibilities.
Threshold3 – 5 gramsThis is a moderate dose. More experienced users tend to take moderate doses regularly. You’ll likely feel stimulated in the beginning, and after an hour or two, you will begin feeling more relaxed and calm.
Strong5 – 7 gramsThis dose will be sedating and heavy for many, but possibly not for very experienced kratom users. This dose would be ideal for someone who needs help sleeping due to insomnia or who needs to control chronic pain.
Very Strong8 grams or higherThis dose is extremely powerful. Taking this much is probably too much for most people. You’ll likely experience various unwanted side effects, including “kratom wobbles” or nystagmus, an unusually rapid and uncontrollable eye movement.

Following these guidelines when taking regular kratom (not extracts) will help you enjoy your experience much more. Negative side effects aren’t fun and will usually ruin it for you.

4. Method of Consumption

The method and the product you choose matter, too. There are many safe ways to take kratom — and there are some not-so-safe ways. For example, capsules are perfect for smaller doses or when you need something convenient. Kratom tea is an excellent way to take more significant amounts if you can handle the taste.

Not knowing what you’re buying could also result in some unpleasant consequences. If you want to avoid feeling overwhelmed during your kratom experience, you should consider that some products will be stronger than others.

For example, enhanced kratom powders and extracts are powerful. They are concentrated versions that require a much smaller dose. While the amount is small, the effects are massive and can be pretty heavy for some.

Extracts are typically marketed as 2x, 5x, 10x, etc. This will give you an indication as to how strong these products are compared to regular kratom powders. For example, “10x” would mean that the extract is ten times more potent than regular kratom.

It’s very important to ease into products like liquid and powder extracts, as they are not suitable for everyone. Knowing and understanding the separate dosage guidelines for each kratom product is also critical.

While overdosing on kratom isn’t likely, there is still a risk, especially for those who aren’t used to taking kratom or aren’t using kratom responsibly. You should always be extra careful when using extracts, whether in powder or liquid form.

5. Potentiators

Potentiators can make a small amount of kratom go a long way, whether on purpose or by accident. Be aware that certain substances could make kratom more potent. If you’re going to try one, start with a small amount to avoid being overwhelmed.

Here are a few of the most common potentiators:

Some medications can be potentiators, so you must ensure there won’t be an interaction before combining kratom with anything. As we mentioned, some kratom/drug interactions can be dangerous.

Final Thoughts: How Much Kratom Is Too Much?

Using kratom responsibly will always yield the best results. So, avoid other substances when using kratom, and don’t take substantial amounts. It seems that 8 grams and up is asking for trouble if you’re not an experienced user.

Beginners should always proceed cautiously, as they are more prone to experiencing adverse side effects. If you follow this guide, you won’t have to worry about taking too much or having a bad experience with the botanical.

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