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Other Names for Kratom from Around the World (& on the Street)

Kratom has only recently become popular in the West, but people have been using it medicinally for thousands of years.

Its legal status is contested in America and many other countries, which has led to a variety of street names. Kratom has existed as a traditional medicine for centuries, also contributing to several alternate names.

This article is a guide to all names for kratom and provides some background information on how each originated.

Written by John Dorsett
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John Dorsett

23 Other Names for Kratom

Below are all of the alternative names for Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) around the world, along with its common street names.

1. Biak

Biak is an Indonesian island on which kratom commonly grows. This term is usually only used in Thailand, where kratom use is more popular and widespread. Biak is a street name for kratom.

2. Biak-Biak

The origin of this name is unknown, but it’s suspected that this name comes from the island it grows on. This term is mostly used in Thailand as a street name for kratom.

3. Cratom

“Cratom” is a misspelling of “kratom” but is popular on certain Indonesian islands.

4. Giam

“Giam” is the Vietnamese word for “kratom.”

5. Gratom

This is another misspelling of “kratom” that persists on the internet and the street. It’s believed to be a regional spelling of “kratom” on certain Indonesian islands.

6. Herbal Speedball

Kratom is a natural herb that provides an intense boost of energy and nootropic effects. As such, it has gained the nickname “herbal speedball,” which is primarily used in the UK.

7. Kadamba

“Kadamba” is a regional name for “kratom” in Indonesia.

8. Kakuam

“Kakuam” is a common street name for kratom used in Thailand.

9. Katawn

The word “katawn” is used to describe kratom on certain islands in Indonesia.

10. Kedemba

“Kedemba” is another word for the psychoactive plant, most commonly used on certain Indonesian islands.

11. Ketum

Kratom is referred to as “ketum” in Malay, the most prominent language spoken in Malaysia. It’s believed that the term “kratom” is an English derivation of “ketum.”

12. Krathom

“Krathom” is a common way to spell kratom in Thailand, where many of the plant’s nicknames have originated.

13. Kraton

This alternative spelling of “kratom” is most commonly used on some islands in Indonesia.

14. Kratum

Another alternative spelling of “kratom,” possibly originating from a phonetic spelling and is used in Indonesia.

15. Madat

“Madat” means “opium” in Indonesian. Kratom interacts with opiate receptors in the human body, which is likely why it garnered this nickname.

16. Maeng Da Leaf

“Maeng Da” is a variety of kratom hailing from Indonesia. This nickname is more of a slang term and doesn’t always refer to Maeng Da kratom, specifically.

17. Mambog

The Mitragyna speciosa tree is also referred to as the Mambog tree in the Philippines.

18. Mitragyna speciosa

Mitragyna speciosa is the botanical name for the plant that most botanists or researchers use to avoid confusion with the many common names.

19. Mitragynine

Kratom’s effects are best attributed to the alkaloids contained within the leaves. Mitragynine is one of the most prominent alkaloids found in most kratom species. Some people simply refer to the plant as the most abundant alkaloid.

20. Nauclea

The nauclea tree is indigenous to Africa and part of the Rubiaceae family. Nauclea speciosa is commonly used as a synonym of Mitragyna speciosa, and both terms refer to kratom.

21. Puri

“Puri” is another regional name for “kratom” used in certain parts of Indonesia.

22. Thang

Thang is a street name for kratom.

23. Thom

“Thom” is another common name for kratom in Thailand. The origin of this nickname is unknown.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) leaves, powder and capsules isolated in white background.

Wrapping it Up: Kratom’s Many Names

The above alternative names for kratom can make purchasing the herb somewhat confusing, especially when you consider that kratom strains are commonly named after their origin.

Kratom goes by many names, primarily because it originated in Southeast Asia, where naming conventions differ from island to island. The above glossary should help you identify the herb in all settings.

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