Is Kratom Legal in Argentina?

Written by John Dorsett
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John Dorsett

Kratom is illegal in Argentina.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is considered to be a narcotic drug in Argentina. This law went into effect in 2017 per Decree 69/2017.

Argentina is the only country in South America to ban kratom. The other 13 nations either have legal or black market kratom.  

Kratom Laws in Argentina

Argentina is one of the only countries in South America to officially ban the sale and possession of kratom. Most of its neighboring countries allow for the unrestricted use of kratom.

The reasons that these countries have different rules regarding kratom are complex. It genuinely seems like the government is trying to protect its people. However, statistics from countries like the US or Canada, where kratom remains legal, fail to support the claim that kratom causes harm to public health.

The WHO & Kratom

Recently, the World Health Organization reviewed kratom and decided it doesn’t need to be added to lists of controlled substances. This could prove to be a huge win since many countries take the advice of the WHO.

Time will tell if countries heed this news or turn a blind eye to it. 

Can I Buy Kratom in Argentina?

No, you cannot buy kratom in Argentina.

Kratom has been illegal in Argentina since 2017. However, it’s currently legal throughout the rest of South America. Therefore, your best bet is to enjoy kratom while visiting one of these other countries.

Remember not to import it to Argentina, as getting caught with kratom could lead to legal penalties.

You don’t want to rely upon the black market or illicit sellers for kratom.

Although this might seem like a good idea, the reality is that you never know what they’re selling you. Will it be kratom? Will it be adulterated? There’s simply no way of knowing. 

Kratom Use: A Quick History

Kratom first became known centuries ago in Southeast Asia. Locals have used kratom as traditional medicine, including treating issues such as pain, fevers, and diarrhea. Additionally, kratom is a large part of cultural and religious ceremonies.

This might have been all the attention kratom gathered if it wasn’t for the opioid epidemic.

People in the Western World started looking for an alternative to opioids in the early 1900s. Some early adopters of kratom were quite pleased by how much it reduced their dependence on opioids.

By the early 2000s, the secret was out of the bag. People worldwide began to use kratom to help them get off of opioids.

People use kratom for a variety of reasons. Some people swear by its pain-relieving qualities. Others enjoy it for recreational purposes.

There have even been some studies conducted that have shown kratom can help the medical world.

Where will kratom go next? It’s hard to say, but every nation that has banned it has cut itself off from all of kratom’s potential benefits.   

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

Known Side Effects of Kratom

As long as you use it moderately, there are little to no side effects.

Moderate usage ends at 12 grams. Therefore, if you take more than 12 grams regularly, you could face various side effects. 

Some of the most common side effects of kratom are: 

It is technically possible to become addicted to kratom. However, this is an extremely rare experience, made even rarer for those whose usage remains below 12 grams [1].

Kratom Deaths: Can Kratom be Fatal?

Kratom isn’t usually harmful or fatal on its own. Even though it acts like an opioid, kratom rarely causes an overdose.

However, if you mix it with another substance, it can become very dangerous. You should never mix kratom with opioids. In fact, doing so can be fatal [2].

Of course, taking kratom in a responsible quantity without any other substance shouldn’t be a problem.

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What is the Correct Dosage for Kratom?

Most people should stick between 2 – 12 grams, but the common dosage guidelines are here.

  • Under 2 grams – Microdose
  • 2 grams to 6 grams – Moderate dosage
  • 6 grams to 12 grams – Heavy usage
  • Over 12 grams – Not recommended

Every person has a tolerance level — don’t try to keep up with other people.

If you’re a newcomer, it’s best to start at the lower end of dosing — around 2 grams. If this isn’t enough, you can always add more on later.

How to Take Kratom Safely

Kratom is well-tolerated, and most people don’t have any issues with it as long as they use it responsibly.

There are several safe ways to take kratom, including: 

NEVER mix kratom with another substance.

There are many different things that you should always avoid while taking kratom, including tobacco and alcohol, amongst others. This includes NEVER mixing kratom with painkillers.

It’s also vital that you always purchase kratom from a reputable online dealer; it’s the best and only way to ensure you receive pure kratom.

If you decide to purchase kratom from an illicit seller, there’s no telling what you’ll get. Doing this is dangerous and could lead to injuries or death.  

Location Argentina. Blue pin on the map.

Key Takeaway: Is Kratom Legal in Argentina?

No, kratom isn’t legal in Argentina.

For whatever reason, Argentina has decided to become the only South American country that has banned kratom.

The substance isn’t well-known throughout South America, and it doesn’t typically sell in larger quantities.

However, for those who want some, it’s as easy as visiting another nearby country. Brazil is probably your best bet as they sell most of South America’s kratom.  

Remember that no matter what you’re using it for, you shouldn’t take more than 12 grams at a time or import it into Argentina.