Is Kratom Legal in Austria? (And Where To Buy It Near You)

Written by Audrey Webber
Last Updated 2 years ago

Audrey Webber

Anthropologist & Freelance Writer

Austria takes a humanitarian view of people who become addicted to drugs. They also allow the use of many substances, including kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).  

Although Austria has the New Psychoactive Substances Act and the Narcotics Act, neither mentions kratom.

Here, we’ll explore the details about getting kratom in Austria — including some of the best local vendors to order from, current regulations, and potential changes to these laws in the near future. 

Is Kratom Legal in Austria?

Yes, kratom is entirely legal in Austria. You can order online and have it delivered or simply purchase kratom at a local botanical shop. 

Austria is just one of 17 EU member countries to allow kratom. Several others ban the substance but do little to enforce these laws.   

The WHO, Kratom, & Future Legislation

Every year, the WHO (World Health Organization) reviews new substances. It recently took a long hard look at kratom and decided kratom is not dangerous. They took no actions to recommend banning kratom in Austria or any of the other WHO members.

Can I Buy Kratom in Austria? 

Yes, you can buy kratom in Austria. 

There are at least 20 businesses that sell kratom in Austria. You can easily go into a smoke shop to obtain it, and some companies specialize in it. 

Whenever possible, we recommend turning away from smoke shops and choosing a reputable online seller instead. This is the best way to truly get your money’s worth, not to mention the products are more potent and safer. You can purchase it by mail from any country in the EU where kratom is legal. 

With 17 nations to choose from, you’ll definitely be able to find a reputable online vendor. This is always preferred to purchasing it from an illicit seller.

Why is Kratom Banned in Other Countries?

The official line that most nations use to justify banning kratom is that it’s “not in the interests of public health.” 

That’s why it is so interesting since kratom doesn’t actually present much of a risk. As long as people use kratom responsibly and don’t mix it with other substances, they aren’t going to be at risk of suffering from bad side effects.  

It’s rumored that Thailand made kratom illegal from 1979 to 2018 to protect their booming opioid market. 

Have other nations banned kratom for the same reason? It’s hard to say, but many areas with illegal kratom are known to have big pharmaceutical companies.  

Kratom Use: A Quick History 

Opioids have led to one of the world’s worst drug-related epidemics. People began looking for an alternative in the early 1900s, which led some of them to kratom. By the early 2000s, kratom use had skyrocketed worldwide.  

Kratom offers opioid-like properties, but it doesn’t have the same harmful effects. As a result, many people started seeking kratom out to help them get through opioid withdrawal.   

Before it became known as a good alternative to opioids, it was being used as traditional medicine in Southeast Asia

Whether you choose to use kratom to help a medical issue or simply to unwind, don’t forget that many other people worldwide can’t do the same thing.

Known Side Effects of Kratom 

Even though kratom is safe, it has some side effects and can even lead to addiction. However, kratom addiction is not as dangerous as opioid addiction and rarely leads to overdose or death. 

Low doses help reduce the risks and prevent side effects [1]. 

Some of the most common side effects of kratom are:  

If you use kratom responsibly, there’s very little risk. 

Kratom deaths are rare and usually involve other drugs, like opioids [2].

How to Take Kratom Safely 

What does it mean to use kratom responsibly? Here’s a list of steps you can take to ensure your safety. As you’ll see, it’s easy and common sense once you’re aware of the dangers. 

  1. Don’t mix kratom with other substances, especially opioids.
  2. Avoid alcohol and tobacco while using kratom.
  3. Always buy from a reputable vendor. 

Kratom can be purchased in several formats. For example, you can use a kratom tincture, extracts, take it in a capsule form, or brew the powder into a tea

These methods are all safe, so feel free to try each one to see what works best for you.

What’s the Correct Dosage for Kratom? 

The common dosage range for kratom is between 2-12 g, though it’ll depend on the kratom strain you’re using and the desired effects. 

For example, if you’re using kratom for focus and energy, you’ll use smaller amounts. Larger amounts are more sedating and usually work best for pain.

If you’re microdosing, you’ll use 2 grams or less. However, never take more than 12 grams at once.

Start by taking 2 grams to see how well it works. You can take more if 2 grams isn’t enough.

Key Takeaway: Is Kratom Legal in Austria? 

Yes, kratom is legal in Austria. 

You can purchase it in person at one of approximately 20 different shops nationwide. Additionally, you can buy it from an online vendor located in any EU nation where kratom is legal. 

Austria takes an overall humanitarian stance toward drugs. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that they have legalized kratom since it can be helpful for people who are dealing with opioid withdrawal. 

Watch for legislation changes to make sure you stay within the law.