Florida’s Kratom Laws: New Regulations In 2023

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The world of pharmaceuticals is full of contradictions. For example, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, you’ll quickly be prescribed drugs with high dependence potentials, such as benzodiazepines, or with notorious side effects, such as SSRIs.

Scientific evidence shows that kratom can help treat these conditions — and others — effectively and with far fewer side effects than most prescription drugs.

Despite this, some places have passed legislation making kratom illegal due to the lack of research. However, Florida has not — but it did pass regulations controlling how kratom is bought and sold. Kratom is legal in the state except for in one place: Sarasota County.

This article aims to explain the state’s laws and provide an unbiased look at this plant, its benefits, side effects, and any legal issues.

Is Kratom Legal In Florida?

Kratom is legal and regulated in Florida. One place in the state has outlawed it: Sarasota County, which banned kratom in 2014, penalizing buyers and sellers.

The state recently adopted HB 179, or the Florida Kratom Consumer Protection Act, and is effective as of July 1, 2023. The bill makes it illegal to sell kratom to anyone under 21.

These regulatory laws help protect consumers and their right to use kratom.

In both 2017 and 2019, legislators tried to ban the plant statewide, but to no avail.

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Where to Buy Kratom In Florida

In Florida, as in all legal states, there are two ways to buy kratom.

You can buy from a physical store, but while specialized businesses do exist, most sell kratom as an afterthought.

These stores aren’t usually certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA), which we’ll talk about later. However, you can also take the safer route and buy your kratom online.

This section will help you choose a physical or online store to buy kratom. We’ll also talk about the differences between these methods so you can choose the right one.

1. Buying Kratom Online

Buying kratom online is the most popular method for its users to get their supply. This is the safest way to buy kratom, and we recommend it over buying in-store.

Several reasons make buying kratom online a better option, starting with the safety and purity of these products.

Reliable vendors have third-party laboratories analyze the contents of all kratom products available in the store. This point is of utmost importance — some sellers lace kratom with dangerous compounds or opioids to increase potency.

In addition, user reviews are readily available, giving you a good idea of the company’s ethics, reliability, and product quality.

Buying online can also cost you less money. This is because you’ll be buying closer to the source without a middleman driving the price up.

Also, the selection available when buying online is often greater than in any store. Because the effects of kratom can vary greatly depending on the strain, an online store is more likely to have what you need.

For some people, discretion is crucial. Purchasing online can give you the confidentiality you want.

Best Kratom Online Stores

If you decide to buy kratom online, we have some recommendations for you.

Kona Kratom is the best option overall. A mix of high quality, fast delivery, and affordable prices make this store almost unbeatable for the average user.

Although Kona usually delivers its orders quickly, Star Kratom takes the podium for the fastest delivery. This company stands out for providing high-quality products with stellar delivery speeds.

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2. Buying Kratom In a Store

Another option for buying kratom is to search for “kratom near me” on Google.

As a deregulated substance, anyone can sell kratom.

Chances are, you’ll find several shops near you. Although it will be a more difficult task, you’ll probably be able to find quality kratom in some of them.

However, we must stress again that the quality will potentially be lower when buying from retail shops. The price also tends to be higher because you aren’t buying straight from the manufacturer.

Here is a list of just a few stores where you can buy kratom in Florida:

  • Kratom and Company (Fort Walton Beach)
  • Central Florida Kratom & Kava (Cocoa)
  • Kratom Shop & CBD Smoke Shop (Delray Beach)
  • Kratom and Company (Pensacola)
  • Maverick Kratom (Clearwater)

Find Kratom Near You

Check out where to buy kratom in your city:

What to Look for When Buying Kratom

Kratom is deregulated in the US, which isn’t the same as being legal. That would put the responsibility on the government to regulate and quality-check kratom products.

Because of this, kratom users must ensure they’re consuming safe kratom, so we decided to dedicate an entire section to this topic.

How can you make sure you’re getting quality kratom that’ll best suit your needs?

1. Strain Selection

The kratom strains you select are paramount. The effects of this plant vary depending on which strain you use. There are three categories: red, white, and green. Here we’ll explain the differences.

We should note that this is the most practical way to categorize kratom, but we can find products that generate different effects within these categories. For this reason, it’s worth reading the descriptions of each kratom product you buy, no matter what kind it is.

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is a stimulant and mood enhancer, the most euphoric of all kratom strains.

White kratom is often taken in place of coffee, helping people to stay alert, focused, and cheerful. Many have come to take white kratom to increase concentration, motivation, and stamina during long workdays.

Those who experience gloomy periods or sometimes feel exhausted often experience the best results with this strain. Avoid taking this late in the day, as it could lead to restless sleep. It’s common to mix white and red vein strains for a more balanced energy boost.

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom grows abundantly in Southeast Asia and is suitable for relaxation, pain relief, and sleep aid.  It relaxes muscles and can supplement or replace pharmaceutical painkillers.

In addition, potent red kratom extracts help alleviate withdrawal symptoms in opiate addicts.

Red strains can produce a variety of effects. Results are dose-dependent, and small amounts can have a stimulating effect.

Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom is a middle ground between the red and white strains.

People report it helping with alertness and focus. Green strains are subtle compared to red or white veins. In general, they can be helpful in the treatment of pain precisely because they do not produce drowsiness, something often caused by other analgesic supplements.

Because of its balanced effects, the green vein can also help with social anxiety and help you feel more talkative, friendly, and cheerful.

 It’s helpful during recreational activities, such as a night out on the town.

2. Look for AKA Certification

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is the only entity that verifies the quality of kratom products available on the market.

The AKA isn’t a regulatory body that says who can and cannot sell kratom; it simply endorses sellers who meet its standards, making it easier for buyers to find quality kratom.

All AKA members’ vendors must undergo an annual audit to reveal whether they comply with the association’s practices for certified vendors.

3. Company Reputation

If you buy your kratom online, you’ll access thousands of reviews from different users. You should check buyers’ opinions regardless of whether the store is a member of the AKA or not.

You can access our vendor reviews to find unbiased information about different stores to make this task easier for you.

Kratom leaf and flower.

What Are People Using Kratom for?

Anxiety & Depression

If you suffer from a condition such as anxiety or depression, kratom can help.

Red and green strains are the best choices for treating anxiety. White strains are good for depression thanks to the euphoria they provide, but they can cause anxiety due to their stimulatory effects.

The dosage for treating anxiety is usually high, around 3-5 grams. Remember that low doses of kratom usually have more stimulating effects and can be more potent than higher doses.


Kratom is also very effective for pain treatment. It’s an excellent analgesic.

One of kratom’s main alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine, is mostly responsible for decreasing pain. It interacts with opioid receptors, the same receptors that medical-grade painkillers affect.

The best kratom for pain relief is the red vein to maximize the sedative and analgesic effects. The dosage should be medium to high.

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Energy & Focus

Do you want to improve your concentration and focus with kratom? White strains provide you with the creative stimulation you’re seeking due to their high levels of mitragynine, kratom’s other primary alkaloid.

Pay special attention to your dosage. While a low dose can have similar effects as a cup of coffee — minus the jitters — a high amount can have sedative effects.

Opiate Withdrawal

One of the main arguments for banning kratom is its similarity to opioids.

Since it’s not intensely addictive and is a way out of opioid addiction, the medical community is investigating its favorable effects on opioid withdrawal.

By interacting with opioid receptors, the effects can be similar to addictive drugs, with far less potential for adverse risks. This is why many former addicts rely on kratom to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

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Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom is very safe. It’s much safer and less addictive than prescription painkillers. What isn’t safe is to use it irresponsibly, but the same goes for any other substance.

However, remember that this plant is vibrant in alkaloids that noticeably influence your body, so it could naturally generate some adverse effects.

Second, please don’t use kratom during pregnancy or while using drugs or alcohol. Kratom interacts with many medications, so always speak to your doctor if you’re on any prescriptions.

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Side Effects of Kratom

It’s clear that kratom isn’t free of side effects, but it’s also true that most users only face a few of them.

Among the most common side effects that can occur with kratom include:

The best way to avoid all these adverse effects is to use the plant responsibly.  For beginners, we don’t recommend using doses greater than four grams. For someone with no tolerance, this will be considered high. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid exceeding five days of weekly use on any occasion. Taking a break helps reduce the chances of building a tolerance or becoming addicted.

What’s the Future of Kratom In Florida?

The kratom ban in Florida appeared on legislators’ agenda more than once, as mentioned above. Now that Florida has adopted some regulations, there’s less fear that they’ll move to ban it.

Kratom remains legal in almost all of Florida, and its users can continue to enjoy its medicinal benefits.

If you aren’t sure about local shops or prefer the ease and safety of buying online, check out our trusted vendors, Kona Kratom, Star Kratom, and VIP Kratom.