Is Kratom Legal in Germany?

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Kratom is an herb native to Southeast Asia. We are talking about a medicinal herb, not a recreational substance. However, since time immemorial, authorities worldwide have been striving to ban it.

Restrictive laws have already failed in many parts of the world, and now pro-consumer regulation is emerging in more and more places. This article will tell you all about the plant and inform you about its legality in Germany.

Is Kratom Legal in Germany?

Kratom is completely legal in Germany, only if the labeling mentions that it’s not fit for human consumption. The authorities have already discussed (and ruled out) banning it.

This kind of legislation is expected in the European Union. Even member countries can legally ship kratom to each other. While the best-case scenario is regulation in favor of the user, the law in Germany allows easy access to the herb.

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Where to Buy Kratom in Germany

There are two ways to buy kratom in Germany, as well as in all other legal countries. You can access the herb both online and in-store, and in the next section, we will discuss the pros and cons of each.

For now, we can tell you that one of these purchasing methods is vastly superior. Read on to find out why.

Buying Kratom Online

Buying kratom online is the superior choice. This is because these suppliers are companies with a well-established reputation and a clear purpose.

Reliable online vendors will offer certificates of analysis along with their kratom products. This is essential since we’re talking about a substance that doesn’t go through quality tests conducted by the state.

In addition, online vendors usually produce their kratom. The absence of intermediaries translates into more affordable prices and a higher quality final product.

This option is the most discreet. It will be enough to wait comfortably in your home and receive an envelope free of suspicion to get your supply.

Finally, online vendors also tend to have a wider variety of kratom products in their catalogs. This is a significant benefit, as each strain has different effects, as we will tell you later. If a vendor doesn’t have enough variety, you could end up with a kratom that doesn’t deliver the expected results.

Buying Kratom In-Store

Buying kratom in-store is also an option. However, online shopping has several benefits that these vendors can’t match. Buying kratom in-store will mean higher prices, lower quality, and unknown provenance.

However, you have the final decision. This is not to say that no in-store vendor can have quality kratom. We just believe that the odds will be on your side when buying online.

That said, some in-store vendors of kratom in Germany are:

  • Klaus The Gardener — Berlin
  • Tabak & Pulver — Berlin
  • Ethnoherbarius — Eppelheim
  • Glashaus Heidelberg — Heidelberg
  • New Asia Headshop — Mannheim

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Marienplatz in Munich, Germany

What To Look For When Buying Kratom

Lab Tests

The American Kratom Association (AKA) takes care of lab tests in the USA. Sadly, the company doesn’t operate in Europe, and there aren’t any similar non-profit companies either. This being the situation, vendors will have to test their products before they reach the catalog.

Before buying a kratom product, ensure it has the corresponding certificate of analysis (COA). If this is not the case, request it from the company. Consuming kratom without being sure of its contents is unwise.

Company Reputation

The reputation of a kratom company will speak highly of its products. But, no matter how strong the brand image is or how serious the company appears to be, none of this can override a history review full of negative reviews.

A thorough Google search on the vendor will suffice. However, if you buy kratom in the US, you can help yourself with our vendor reviews page.

Strain Selection

Finally, you should ensure that your vendor has a good variety of kratom strains to meet the full range of needs. If this is not the case, your purchase could end up being suboptimal, as could your experience.

This is because different strains of kratom provide significantly different effects. Many varieties are available, but a way to categorize them is by vein color. Thus, there are three vein colors of kratom: red, white, and green.

Red vein kratom is the most relaxing of the three. This is because these breeds are rich in mitragynine, a mu-opioid agonist alkaloid responsible for the calming effects. Thus, this kind of kratom is ideal for reducing stress and is also a potent analgesic.

White vein kratom is more of a stimulant: a low dose feels like a strong cup of coffee but without nervousness. This is due to its high 7-hydroxymitragynine content, an alkaloid that binds to serotonergic receptors. White strains will elevate your mood, make you feel sharper, and boost your lateral thinking.

Green vein kratom stands in the middle of the other two. These are the most balanced strains, and so are their alkaloid profiles. These strains are great for users trying to address more general issues or treat multiple ailments simultaneously.

What Are People Using Kratom For?

Kratom is building an ever-widening user base, and this is no accident. As we will now see, this plant can help you improve in various aspects of your life and treat various ailments. However, the uses of kratom are not limited to the ones we will name in this list. As a general rule, if you feel it’s benefiting you, it’s most probably fine (as long as you use it responsibly).

Energy & Focus

One of the most common uses of kratom is to increase concentration and focus. As you might imagine, the best results will come from kratom white vein breeds. However, you can try green strains if you find the stimulation too much.

In this case, a low dose will be ideal. Interestingly, kratom gives more stimulating effects at lower doses. This is probably because the higher the intake, the more predominant the mu-opioid agonist nature of the 7-hydroxymitragynine will be.

Anxiety & Depression

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you are not alone. Unfortunately, these two psychological conditions are epidemic in our times. Unfortunately, kratom is not the magic cure for either of these conditions.

However, there is good news: if accompanied by the proper treatment, kratom can be an excellent tool for fighting symptoms. In this case, you must choose a suitable variety, as the wrong one could worsen your symptoms.

In general, white kratom is best for mood disorders, while red kratom is better for anxiety symptoms.

Opioid Withdrawal

Opioid withdrawal syndrome is hands down the worst among all drugs. Opiates are highly addictive substances and very difficult to quit.

Withdrawal symptoms are highly undesirable and include but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Excessive sweating
  • Fever
  • Involuntary muscle contractions
  • Seizures
  • Vomiting

Kratom has a similar mechanism of action to opiates. But, of course, without the potential for addiction and side effects.

By emulating the effects, kratom has the potential to decrease cravings and the undesirable effects of withdrawal.

Pain Relief

Last but not least, kratom is a great analgesic. This is also due to its resemblance to opioids in its mechanism of action. Opioid receptors are gateways to pain. As we already mentioned, mitragynine is an alkaloid with a high affinity for these receptors, which makes kratom a phenomenal painkiller.

However, you should not self-medicate with kratom in the presence of a new onset of severe or long-lasting discomfort. This is a signal from your body that something is wrong, and you should see a doctor.

However, when the pain becomes chronic, kratom can help a lot. Red vein kratom will be your best choice if you want analgesic effects. The dosage will vary according to the severity of the pain and the tolerance of each user.

Is Kratom Safe?

Yes, kratom is safe. However, if you consume it irresponsibly, it will have negative consequences. Therefore, the most important thing is to maintain a proper consumption protocol, which is very easy to do.

To stay at a healthy dose for an extended period, you should consume kratom as infrequently as possible. However, if you consume kratom too often, you will build up a high tolerance, which means you will need to take more kratom for the same effects.

The higher the dose you take, the higher the risk of side effects. Therefore, it’s also advisable to start with the lowest effective dose.

By sticking to these guidelines, the chances are that most of your experiences with kratom will be positive.

Side Effects of Kratom

As we already mentioned, inadequate kratom use will bring you side effects. These are unpleasant, and it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

That said, many medications that you can get over the counter at any pharmacy have much worse side effects. For example, an overdose of paracetamol will be much more dangerous than an overdose of kratom.

Side Effects of Kratom:

Beware that taking kratom during pregnancy or under the influence of alcohol is not safe.

What’s The Future of Kratom in Germany?

So far, the German authorities have not attempted to ban kratom, but neither have they tried to regulate it for the benefit of users. So while the current scenario is not an ideal world, it could be much, much worse.

The benefits of kratom continue to come to light, and the authorities will not be able to turn a deaf ear. The exponentially growing kratom community is calling for regulation for safer consumption.

However, until that happens, guarantee yourself quality kratom by going with VIP Kratom, Star Kratom, and Kona Kratom.