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Star Kratom

While Star Kratom is relatively new to the market, they’ve already built quite a reputation for themselves.

Star is known for its incredibly fast turnaround times. If you need kratom ASAP, Star Kratom is difficult to beat. They use same-day and next-day shipping as often as possible and are positioned right next to a major shipping hub in the United States. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Star Kratom.

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Star Kratom

Rating: 4.9

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $35 — $95
Verified Vendor

Star Kratom

Ranked 2 out of 97 vendors

About the Company

This vendor has dedicated customers worldwide who regularly purchase their kratom powders and capsules.

Star Kratom’s sourcing team maintains a very high standard for the quality of the kratom leaves they sell. Quality control is tight — all Star Kratom products are tested twice.

Star also offers their products in bulk because they understand that many consumers feel it’s a more practical way to go. Buying in bulk saves money on the overall cost and shipping charges.

This brand aims to help consumers find kratom products that work for them — providing 100% pure products with reliable and helpful customer service.

Best Kratom Powders 

There are typically a few favorites among the kratom community, and fortunately, Star Kratom carries all of them. These three strains likely are some of their most popular choices.

Red Bali

Red Bali kratom is a widely available and affordable strain of kratom and secures its place as a user favorite. As you may have guessed, this strain comes from Bali, Indonesia.

This strain is normally taken in larger amounts. Users can expect to feel strong calming and sedative effects when taken in higher doses.

You can purchase a quarter kilo (250 grams) for $34.99, a half kilo (500 grams) for $69.99, and one kilo for $99.99. Compared to some other vendors, their prices are affordable.

Capsules are also available for users who don’t want to worry about measuring out specific doses of loose powder. Their prices range from $29.99-$74.99, depending on the strain and quantity.

Green Maeng Da

Maeng Da kratom is a title reserved for only the strongest kratom powder. There are three different types — white Maeng Da is by far the most stimulating; red Maeng Da provides more sedating aspects, while green Maeng Da falls somewhere in the middle and offers users a nice balance of red and white’s characteristics.

Maeng Da, in general, is very potent, its effects are strong, and it is important to keep that in mind while using it.

You can purchase this strain in capsules, pricing ranging from $24.99-$74.99. You can also buy a quarter kilo (250 grams) for $34.99, a half (500 grams) for $69.99, and a kilo (1000 grams) for $99.99.

Green Malay

Green Malay kratom became a fan favorite due to its extremely balanced profile of benefits. With this strain, you get a little bit of everything. It’s quite obvious why this is a favorite among the kratom community.

This strain is grown in a unique region where nutrient-dense soil gives it special properties. The alkaloid content in Green Malay packs a punch, providing you with potent, quick-acting, and long-lasting effects.

You can purchase a quarter kilo (250 grams) of Green Malay for $34.99, a half kilo (500 grams) for $69.99, or one whole kilo (1000 grams) for $99.99. Capsules are also available and are priced between $24.99-$74.99.

Other Strains Offered by This Vendor 

Star Kratom doesn’t have the widest variety of kratom strains available on their website; however, they do carry a handful of popular and sought-after choices along with a few of the more exotic options:

Is Star Kratom Legit?

Star Kratom offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 90-day exchange policy. Their strong points seem to be customer satisfaction, communication, and high-quality kratom, which are all important things to pay attention to when choosing a kratom vendor.

Star Kratom is legit; we’ve used their products several times and haven’t found anything that stands out as an issue. Everything arrived quickly and was delivered exactly as promised.

What You Can Expect to Pay

Star Kratom’s prices are more affordable compared to some other vendors. $99.99 for a kilo of premium kratom is a pretty good price.

Most of their loose powders are listed at the same price, which would be between $34.99 and $99.99, depending on the purchase amount. Capsules are also fairly priced, ranging between $24.99-$74.99, also depending on the number of capsules purchased.

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Accepted Payment Options

Star Kratom is a participating merchant with MESH, as with many other online kratom vendors. MESH money is a secure and portable payment option. All you have to do is simply link a bank account or a Visa or Mastercard to your MESH money account, and then you’ll be able to use it on Star Kratom’s website.

Shipping & Returns

Star Kratom cannot ship kratom to certain states and cities that have banned the herb’s use. To find out if your city or state permits kratom use, research your laws surrounding the subject.

Returns are allowed for opened and unopened products. The 30-day refund period begins on the day the package’s tracking numbers show that it was delivered, not the day that the order was placed.

If the package was opened and you request a return, at least 85% of the original contents must remain for it to be eligible. Exchanges are eligible 90 days after purchase on products that have not been opened.

Final Thoughts: Affordably Priced Premium Kratom

Star Kratom seems to be an ideal vendor choice for anyone who wants:

  • Fast Shipping
  • High-quality products
  • Fair pricing
  • Extraordinary customer service

The only downside seems to be the lack of reviews for products listed on their website and that they don’t have a huge selection of kratom strains to choose from compared to some other vendors.

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