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What Is White Malay Kratom? What Are The Effects?

Of the many different types of kratom, white vein strains are known for being the most stimulating. White Malay is no exception to this rule.

This particular strain is powerfully euphoric and highly energizing. Because of these qualities, White Malay is one of the more popular options in the white vein category.

This article will explore the history of White Malay Kratom, as well as its various benefits and drawbacks. We will outline how much to take for different purposes and share some similar strains in case this one doesn’t feel right for you.

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What Is White Malay Kratom?

White Malay Kratom is a strain that hails from Malaysia.

But what exactly does the “white” part of the name signify?

If you’ve seen White Malay Kratom, you’ll notice it’s just as green as any other strain.

‘White’ isn’t actually a term used to describe the color of the end product. Instead, it’s sort of like a code that vendors and producers use to describe the effects of a certain strain of kratom.

Commonly referred to as “white vein” kratom, there’s a common misconception that the color of a kratom strain is derived from the color of the vein on the underside of the leaf. However, we’ve come to realize through our collaboration with kratom growers in Southeast Asia that this isn’t always the case.

Kratom strains can be green, red, or white no matter what season they’re harvested in.

White kratom is produced and processed in a manner that encourages the production of more of the stimulating alkaloids rather than the sedating alkaloids that are also produced in the plant.

The stem and veins are highly fibrous and are generally excluded from other products. It also takes more effort to grind them into a fine powder.

What Does White Malay Kratom Do?

White Malay Kratom is touted for its energizing and euphoric effects. It’s a great addition for anyone hoping to temporarily boost their mood or to increase their output during the day.

Unlike red strains, White Malay Kratom does not do well in the painkilling and sedation department. If you’re interested in these effects, you should consider the red or green Malay kratom instead.

Here’s a quick outline of what you can expect from White Malay Kratom:

  • Energy: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — White Malay Kratom is one of the most energizing strains around.
  • Mood: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — White Malay Kratom is touted by its fans as one of the most euphoric strains that you can find.
  • Pain relief: ⭐️ — White Malay Kratom is not used for pain relief.
  • Anxiety relief: ⭐️⭐️ — White Malay Kratom isn’t the best for anxiety but can provide some relief.
  • Sedation: ⭐️ — Don’t look to White Malay if you’re hoping to find sleep support.

White Malay Kratom For Energy

If you’re looking for a strain to boost your energy levels, then look no further. You can expect to enjoy a powerful energetic buzz for at least a few hours after taking it. Be careful — you might end up with insomnia if you take it too late at night.

Unlike green vein kratom strains, which often fade into a gentle relaxation after the initial stimulation has worn off, White Malay Kratom is stimulating through-and-through. At the end of the experience, you’ll return to baseline, but you probably won’t find yourself any more relaxed than you were before.

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White Malay Kratom For Mood

White Malay Kratom produces a very powerful and profound change in mood.

This euphoria is partly the result of dopamine stimulation and partly the result of opioid stimulation. These two systems are very important for helping to regulate our mood and balance our emotions.

Dopamine stimulation is a marked benefit of energizing strains like White Malay. When mood boosts are caused by dopamine, they are often accompanied by stimulation, focus, and chattiness.

Opioid receptor-based euphoria is marked by a numbing of unpleasant emotions and feelings. White Malay is not as potent of an opioid stimulator as red kratom strains, but its effects can still be felt.

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White Malay Kratom For Anxiety Relief

White Malay Kratom is not generally used for anxiety relief, although it can still provide some relief to a certain type of people depending on the type of anxiety in question.

White Malay Kratom might not do much for generalized anxiety or panic disorder. Both of these conditions can be aggravated by stimulating compounds. However, some people can find benefits due to the increased focus caused by White Malay. If you’re intently focused on something, then you’ll forget about your anxiety.

The same rings true for social anxiety. The dopamine stimulation tends to increase chattiness, and the enhanced focus allows you to engage in a conversation.

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White Malay Kratom For Focus & Concentration

White Malay Kratom excels in helping people who are interested in boosting focus and concentration. It’s a great tool for enhancing your ability to study as well as your capability to remain attentive during long tasks or meetings.

Where to Buy White Malay Kratom

This uplifting strain is very popular among those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and lack of energy. You can order online at Kona Kratom and Star Kratom —these vendors offer the best White Malay kratom powder on the market.

Both companies are certified by the American Kratom Association and have all of their products tested by a third party.

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Other trusted kratom vendors worth checking out are New Dawn Kratom, Happy Hippo Herbals, and Life of Kratom.

What’s the Dose For White Malay Kratom?

The dosage of kratom can have a very strong influence on its effects. For white strains, you’re going to experience stimulation regardless of the dose. However, some of the subtle differences experienced at different doses can change the experience.

Light Kratom Dose

(one to three grams)

Light doses give you a taste of the kratom experience. For White Malay Kratom, you can expect a light dose to help keep you energized and to provide a boost to mood and euphoria.

Medium Kratom Dose

(three to five grams)

Most people find that White Malay Kratom really shines in the mid-range dosage. At this range, the stimulation and euphoria are obvious. You can expect to remain focused and concentrated for several hours.

High Kratom Dose

(five to eight grams)

At a high dose, you’ll still get to enjoy stimulation and euphoria. However, at this dose, you’re more prone to experiencing unwanted side effects that can hinder the experience.

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Side Effects of White Malay Kratom

White Malay Kratom might be great, but it’s not without its side effects. Any strain of kratom can cause side effects, but these are specific to a stimulating strain like White Malay.

1. Anxiety

White Malay Kratom can be useful in some cases for managing certain types of anxiety — but only when used in the higher dosage range. Sensitive individuals may find that White Malay actually aggravates or causes anxiety, especially in the lower doses which are more stimulating.

If this is the case, then you would do well to reduce your dosage or switch to another strain entirely.

2. Insomnia

White Malay Kratom can cause insomnia if you take it too late at night. It’s probably a good idea to make sure that you don’t use it within four hours of going to bed; otherwise, you’ll end up tossing and turning.

3. Overstimulation

White Malay Kratom can also cause overstimulation and some of the physical and psychological symptoms that come alongside it. Insomnia and anxiety are two of these, but overstimulation can also cause restlessness, agitation, and a jittery sensation.

Most people find that these side effects are far less pronounced with kratom than they would be with a stimulant like coffee. However, it’s still something that you should be aware of.

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Related Kratom Strains

If you don’t think that White Malay Kratom is a good strain for you, then check out some of these related strains.

1. Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom and White Malay Kratom are very similar in terms of effects. They differ somewhat in their ability to provide stimulation and euphoria. Some prefer white for its focus on stimulating benefits; others prefer green for its more balanced effects.

One of the main differences is that Green Malay Kratom tends to fade into relaxation towards the end of the experience. Rather than keeping you alert and focused for hours at a time, Green Malay might make you feel sleepy.

2. White Maeng Da Kratom

White Maeng Da Kratom is another very stimulating variety of kratom. Users report that the two strains are very similar. If White Malay sounds like a good strain for you, but your experience wasn’t what you expected, you might find what you seek in White Maeng Da.

3. Red Malay Kratom

If you like Malaysian kratom but want something more relaxing, you might want to try Red Malay Kratom instead. It’s like the polar opposite of White Malaysian: sedating, pain-relieving, and relaxing.

Final Thoughts: Who Should Consider Using White Malay Kratom?

White Malay Kratom is one of the most stimulating strains of kratom. It produces a strong boost of focus, energy, and euphoria. If you’re looking for a strain that you can use to pick you up during the day, this might be the one for you.

If you’re interested in using White Malay Kratom, just remember to be cautious about your dosage. Low and mid-range doses are the best for maximizing the benefits of this strain.

High doses are often too strong and can lead to feelings of anxiety or insomnia after taking it.

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