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Happy Hippo Kratom Vendor Review

About The Company: Happy Hippo Herbals

Since its inception in 2014, this Idaho-based speciosa supplier has earned consumers’ attention and respect with its ever-growing catalog of proprietary kratom blends and ethnobotanical supplements.

Today Happy Hippo Herbals is at the top of their game, and their online store reflects this. 

This company offers a wide range of different kratom products to choose from. 

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $7.00 — $35.00
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Happy Hippo Herbals

Ranked 63 out of 63 vendors

Happy Hippo Herbals Products

Their Happy Hippo Herbals Sample Pack provides first-time users with an affordable means to try out their many unique blends without spending big on bulk stand-alones.

The Newbie Hippo Starter Pack comes in a decorative pink net baggie with a matching insert.

This insert cordially welcomes new customers to the Happy Hippo Herbals family. It also offers detailed information about their third-party lab testing and GMP qualification.

Their collection includes all of the following:

  • Chocolate Borneo (Milk Chocolate Hippo)    
  • Diamond Malaysian (Thunder Hippo)           
  • Green Bali (Bali Hippo)          
  • Green Maeng Da Elite (Hyper Hippo)           
  • Red Dragon Bali        
  • Red Horn Super Kratom (Smiley Horned Hippo)     
  • Red Sumatra (Magic Hippo) 
  • Super Green Indo/Borneo Blend (Happy Hippo I)    
  • White Vein Borneo (Ghost Hippo)     
  • White Horn Super Kratom (White Horned Rhino)     
  • White Maeng Da Elite (Rockstar Hippo)       
  • Yellow Sunday (Mellow Yellow Hippo)
  • Yellow Vietnam (Wild Golden Hippo AKA Wild Yellow)

As you can see, their in-house blends are each afforded a nickname, which clarifies the aroma you can anticipate from the product. While some are vaguer than others, you can usually figure out what kind of effects you’ll experience based on the name alone.

Happy Hippo Herbals’ online store is also stocked with kratom capsules and an array of herbal alternatives. Akuamma seed extract is but one of the many exotic herbs in stock and priced to move.

Other bestsellers include kratom potentiators like Agmatine Sulfate and companion compounds such as CBD and 30% Instant Kava Juice. Their cannabidiol products include CBD oil vape pens, a THC-free CBD tincture, and their signature Happy Hippo Body Butter.

Happy Hippo Herbals Chart

The Happy Hippo Herbals’ Speed Chart is designed to clue users into the differences in each strain’s effects.

All too often, you purchase a vein color that proves to be too robust or not powerful enough. The speed chart puts an end to this problem once and for all.

By following the chart, you’ll be able to tell which of their blends is tailored to a daytime brew and which is more suited to evening use. Easy peasy.

What You Can Expect to Pay

Each of their blends is available in various sizes, with one ounce selling for between eight and 12 bucks. You can buy four ounces of kratom powder for $46, a half kilo (500 grams) for $150, or a full kilo (1,000 grams) for $240.00.

Although these prices are pretty high compared to the industry standard (approx. $130 per kilo), you’ll know you’ve gotten a lot of bang for your buck when you dip into your first batch.

Since Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom is blended, you’ll be brewing a combination of the most potent kratom leaves from Southeast Asia. Consequently, the effects will be more pronounced than cheaper plain leaf options.

Kratom capsules are here in 60 count bottles of 550mg caps, which cost $15 before shipping and handling.

Accepted Payment Methods

This vendor currently accepts ACH, Bitcoin, credit card/debit card payment, E-check, mobile check, and PayPal. Unfortunately, COD (Cash On Delivery) does not appear to be an option at this time.

Shipping & Returns

Happy Hippo Herbals is one of a small number of domestic kratom vendors offering kratom same-day shipping. You can decide whether you want your item(s) shipped via FedEx or UPS. Get your order to ship Next Day Air at no cost to you, or get the former in two business days.

Tracking info is provided via email once your order has been processed. Those who experience delays or other item-related issues should utilize the Help tool at the bottom of their site to contact customer service.

Their super customer service representatives have a reputation as some of the friendliest and most professional. You’ll get a prompt response and a quick resolution to any problem that may arise.

Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) a plant in thailand
(Mitragyna speciosa)

Final Thoughts: Top-Notch Brand For Such A Small Company

If you haven’t hit up the Hippo by now, you should quit wasting time. Once you acquaint yourself with Puddles, you won’t have eyes for any other purveyor of proprietary blends.