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Red Sumatra Kratom: Reviewed (2023)

Red Sumatra kratom is a popular variety that hails from Indonesia.

It’s known for being one of the most relaxing strains of red vein kratom available.

This article will explore the many different uses and properties of Red Sumatra kratom.

Written by Nigel Ford
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Nigel Ford

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What Is Red Sumatra Kratom?

All kratom comes from the plant Mitragyna speciosa.

However, the plant can exhibit different properties depending on where it’s grown, how long the leaves have been growing, and what sort of processing methods are used.

All of these different factors lead to a large variety of different kratom strains.

Some varieties, such as Green Thai and Green Malay, may not show a lot of differences. However, comparing something like Red Sumatra to a strain like White Borneo would be like comparing apples and oranges.

Red Sumatra is especially well-known for its ability to help fight pain — both mental and physical. This makes it fantastic for helping to relieve chronic pain as well as anxiety.

Red Sumatra Kratom: History

Red Sumatra comes from one of the globe’s largest inhabited islands. More than 50 million people live on this Indonesian island.

The locals have used kratom leaves for thousands of years as traditional medicine. They’re often chewed to provide a pick-me-up during long working days and help provide relief in the evening.

As more travelers came to Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia, more people became informed about the wonders of kratom. In the last few decades, kratom has been shipped all over the globe to meet the increasing demand.

What Does Red Sumatra Kratom Do?

Depending on how you approach the plant, kratom can have a variety of different benefits.

Low doses tend to produce effects more akin to stimulation and focus. Higher doses, however, tend to create a stronger sense of relaxation.

When understanding the effects of different kratom strains, it’s also important to acknowledge the strain’s color.

Red strains, such as Sumatra, tend to be more relaxing. This is because they have a higher concentration of an alkaloid called 7-hydroxymitragynine. This compound targets the body’s opioid receptors to produce relaxation and relief.

Red strains may also contain a higher concentration of raubasine, another alkaloid that helps slow the adrenergic system in the body.

On the other hand, green strains contain a higher concentration of the stimulating alkaloid called mitragynine, making them more energizing.

However, both colors can cause the same effects.

This is because the effects are dose-dependent. If you take a high dose of kratom, you’re most likely going to experience relaxation because the 7-hydroxymitragynine overwhelms the effects of mitragynine.

Lower doses of most kratom strains will be more stimulating.

Here’s a brief outline of some of the effects of Red Sumatra kratom.

1. Promotes Relaxation

One of the primary uses of Red Sumatra is to induce a state of peace and relaxation.

Indonesian people have used it for this purpose for millennia. Now, even people in Western societies are starting to recognize kratom’s powerful ability to help reduce stress and anxiety.

2. Alleviates Pain

Another powerful benefit of kratom is for helping to reduce pain. It can be helpful to fight chronic pain, such as that caused by certain diseases, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, and nerve pain. It can also help manage acute pain, such as those caused by wounds or injuries.

Red Sumatra is also a popular option for managing opioid withdrawal symptoms. It’s a substitute therapy to help users get off the more dangerous and addictive prescription or illicit painkillers. Kratom is much easier to quit once the user is no longer hooked on opioids.

3. Increased Energy, Focus, & Concentration

While most people probably won’t consider Red Sumatra their go-to strain for stimulation, it can help enhance your energy and focus levels.

When it comes to red strains, this is generally the case at lower doses. You’ll want to start somewhere between one and two grams.

4. Boosts Mood & Alleviates Depression

Red Sumatra is one of the best strains for helping to improve mood. If you’re struggling with a bad day, Red Sumatra can give you the boost you need to power through.

Remember, though, that kratom shouldn’t be considered a treatment for mental health diseases. If you’re constantly using kratom to suppress feelings of sadness or depression, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Kratom can, however, be a useful tool for helping push you to address these issues permanently.

5. Supports Sleep Quality

People struggle with insomnia and sleep issues. It’s not uncommon for stress and anxiety to be among the most common causes.

Kratom can help to improve sleep by fighting stress and anxiety. It’s also a powerfully relaxing herb. If you’re taking high doses of Red Sumatra kratom, you’ll probably find it harder to stay awake than to fall asleep.

Where to Buy Red Sumatra Kratom

This red vein kratom strain is preferred by those looking for calming, anxiety-relieving effects and sleeping aid.

You can find superior Red Sumatra kratom powder at VIP Kratom and Kona Kratom. These two vendors are at the top of our favorite and trusted kratom suppliers list.

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Other good kratom vendors that carry this strain are Golden Monk and Happy Hippo Herbals.

Red Sumatra Kratom Dosage

You’ll want to tailor your dose of kratom to match the effects that you want to achieve.

As we mentioned earlier, higher doses lead to more relaxing feelings. On the other hand, lower doses lead to more stimulation.

To complicate things even more, low doses often tend to fade into feelings of relaxation. This means that, ultimately, if you’re using a red strain, you will probably end up relaxed. Just be warned; lower doses can amp you up for a couple of hours before sending you to bed.

Doses for Stimulation & Focus

If you’re hoping to achieve stimulation or focus from a powerfully relaxing strain like Red Sumatra, you will have to aim low.

Start with a dose between one and two grams and see if this works for you. Many people report enjoying the stimulation and focus from as little as half a gram of kratom.

Take much more than this, and kratom’s relaxing effects will most likely overwhelm any stimulation.

Doses for Relaxation & Pain Relief

Higher doses are better for relaxation and pain relief.

As with any supplement, it’s a good idea to start small. If you find relief from a little dose, like two grams, you’ll avoid becoming overly reliant on higher doses.

The best doses for mild-to-moderate pain relief are between two and eight grams. Again, start low. Work your way up to higher doses.

Kratom is known to have a ‘sweet spot,’ and finding this sweet spot can take time.

Taking too much can lead to uncomfortable side effects, and taking too little can be underwhelming. So go slowly and work up to what feels comfortable.

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Side Effects of Red Sumatra Kratom

While kratom is certainly safer than many other supplements on the market, it’s not without its side effects. Some say kratom is completely side-effect-free, but this is generally marketing nonsense. If you take anything, whether it’s green tea or vitamin C, you have the chance of experiencing side effects.

Of course, like anything, side effects can generally be avoided by using reasonable doses and listening to your body. Avoid using kratom all day, every day. Abusing anything leads to unwanted effects. If you abuse kratom, you may experience some of these issues.

1. Addiction

Like anything, kratom can cause both psychological and physical dependence. Its alkaloids work on opioid receptors. Here, they mimic the function of our body’s endorphins (naturally-produced opioids.)

If you’re using kratom all the time, your body will stop producing its endorphins. This can lead to tolerance, dependency, and addiction. Avoid using kratom this much, or you might experience withdrawal symptoms as your adrenergic system kicks into overdrive.

2. Digestive Issues

High doses of kratom can lead to digestive issues. You may also experience constipation if you’re using kratom every day. One of the best ways to avoid this is to drink a lot of water, eat plenty of fiber, and — oh, yeah — be responsible with your kratom use.

3. The Kratom Wobbles

The kratom wobbles are a similar side effect as the ‘jitters,’ a term used to describe a feeling of anxiety and overstimulation that accompanies high doses of caffeine.

The wobbles are the opposite of the jitters. Rather than being overstimulated and anxious, the wobbles can make you wobbly, disoriented, dizzy, and sleepy.

Either way, they can be avoided by figuring out your ‘sweet spot’ kratom dose and sticking to that.

Similar Kratom Strains

Red Sumatra is a potent strain for anxiety relief. If you’re looking for something similar, check out these strains.

1. Red Thai Kratom

Red Thai kratom is another strain of kratom marked for its ability to relieve relaxation and pain.

2. Red Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da strains are known for being very potent. As such, Red Maeng Da will provide powerful relaxation and pain relief.

3. White Sumatra Kratom

If you like Sumatra kratom but want something more stimulating, check out White Sumatra. This is one of the most powerful, stimulating varieties of the plant.

Final Thoughts: Red Sumatra Kratom

Red Sumatra kratom is a fantastic plant for anyone hoping to manage pain or anxiety. It can reduce stress and help fight insomnia. At lower doses, it can even be stimulating.

If you’re new to kratom and want to try it out, Red Sumatra is a great place to start.