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Green Elephant Kratom: A Stimulating & Euphoric Strain

Green Elephant Kratom is known for having some of the most powerful stimulating and euphoric effects compared to other varieties of kratom on the market.

This type of kratom is considered a well-balanced strain that possesses different properties that can suit practically any user’s needs.

Let’s look at why Green Elephant is such a favored and popular strain among the kratom community. We’ll discuss what it’s commonly used for, if it has any adverse side effects, and if there are other similar strains available.

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What is Green Elephant Kratom?

This green vein kratom variety of kratom is named after its appearance, specifically, because its leaves are larger and oversized compared to average kratom leaves. They also mimic an elephant’s ear in shape.

The strain is grown in the Northwestern areas of Sumatra Island in Indonesia. The environment is perfect for growing potent Green Elephant kratom due to the fertile soil and cooler climate.

Since Green Elephant is grown deep in the rainforest, there aren’t many large-scale commercial farms dedicated to growing this specific strain. This means many vendors usually do not have a reliable source and it can be somewhat rare to come by.

The farmers who grow and harvest elephant strains are (usually) Ayurvedic farmers, which means no chemical additives are involved in the growing process, and the finished product is organic.

Being organic and naturally grown gives this kratom an extra earthy taste. It’s also derived from more mature leaves, which have a higher concentration of mitragynine.

The effects of Green Elephant are said to come on quickly, and most users notice results within 20 minutes of ingesting it.

What Does Green Elephant Kratom Do?

Green Elephant is favored for its powerful stimulating and euphoric effects without overstimulating or causing anxiety or jitters. It also provides users with a bit of pain relief, a boost in energy, increased focus, and anxiety relief.

Mild Pain Relief

Depending on the dosage, this strain has proven to be an effective kratom strain for pain. A user will experience some sedative and analgesic effects in larger amounts, but not as strong as other strains of kratom.

Remember that larger doses of Green Elephant kratom can be nauseating or even disorienting. So we recommend being extra cautious and working your way up to a higher dose if you seek pain relief or use a different strain altogether.

Increased Energy Levels

Green Elephant can help boost energy levels if you are feeling sluggish or tired. It will help you feel more motivated for a hectic day at work or prepare you if you need to be alert for long hours of studying.

When trying to achieve this result, users should take a small dose earlier or several smaller doses throughout the day to maintain energy levels.

Improved Mood

If you notice you lack motivation, are unhappy, or lack the encouragement to get through your day-to-day responsibilities, Green Elephant is a great mood enhancer and can help a user combat these feelings.

You’ll feel much more enthusiastic, euphoric, and lively after taking the correct dose of this variety of kratom.

Increased Concentration & Focus

Green Elephant kratoms’ natural nootropic effects can provide users with attentiveness and increased focus. This makes it a fantastic strain for people who have mentally draining jobs or students who have to study complex topics.

If you tend to have trouble concentrating, this type of kratom is ideal for keeping you focused on the task at hand.

Anxiety Relief            

Green Elephant Kratom can also be a great option for anyone trying to fight depression and anxiety. Its stimulating effects tend to counteract the negative feelings associated with anxiety.

It can help a user feel more social and relieves them of the stress they might feel during the day at work, school, and at social gatherings and events.

Where to Buy Green Elephant Kratom

This well-rounded kratom strain is loved by beginner and seasoned kratom users alike. If you decide to give Green Elephant kratom a try, you can find it in powder form at Kona Kratom and Star Kratom. Both companies figure at the top of our trusted kratom vendors and offer high-quality kratom powders and capsules at affordable prices.

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Carolina Kratom, Oasis Kratom, and Life of Kratom are other good brands worth checking out.

Green Elephant Kratom Dosage

While there are definitely some general kratom dosage guidelines you can follow, there are also some other factors you should take into consideration when deciding your ideal starting dose.

Weight matters. If you weigh more, you’ll need more kratom to feel its full effects. If you weigh less, you’ll probably need less. Keep this in mind if you are new to kratom and decide how much you’ll need to take.

If you are an experienced kratom user and take the herb frequently, you will need a higher dose to feel the desired results. If you are entirely new or have only used kratom a few times, you will need to start with much less and work your way up.

Something else to consider is if you just ate a meal. If you are taking kratom on a full stomach, the effects will not be as powerful. Taking Green Elephant kratom on an empty stomach is ideal if you want to feel strong effects quickly.

General guidelines regarding dosage:

  • Take 2-4 grams for mild pain
  • Take 2-5 grams for stimulation and energy
  • Take 5-8 grams for sedation (beware of nausea and disorientation)

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How to Use Green Elephant Kratom

You can take Green Elephant in a variety of different ways. You can decide between capsules, tea, mix it into citrus juice or other beverages like smoothies or protein shakes, or you can use the toss n’ wash method.

If you opt for the loose powder, you have the option of either using the toss n’ wash method or mixing it into some sort of drink. While brewing it into a tea may be hard for some to handle (very bitter flavor), mixing it into citrus juice or smoothies can do a great job at masking the taste.

Toss n’ wash is the quickest way to get your dose down if you have loose powder, and it does an excellent job at helping a user avoid the taste. All you need to do is quickly toss the kratom powder in your mouth and wash it down with a glass of water.

If the loose powder is too much of a hassle for you, you can usually find kratom in capsule form as well. Capsules are easy to take with you anywhere and provide users with consistent, pre-measured doses.

If you want to maximize the effects of Green Elephant, regardless of the ingestion method you choose, take your dose on an empty stomach.

Side Effects of Green Elephant Kratom

Green Elephant is said to have clean effects. Still, some common adverse side effects reported while using green varieties of kratom are nausea, vomiting, digestive issues, dehydration, thyroid dysfunction, aggressive behavior, and sometimes hallucinations.

These problems are most likely to occur in users who are intolerant to kratom, or in other words, are not very experienced when it comes to ingesting it.

Some other general side effects that users will notice after taking too high of a dose include:

These effects can usually be avoided if a new user is careful with how much they are ingesting and do not start with too large a dose. Also, more experienced users do not abuse taking Green Elephant in massive amounts.

If you feel any of these negative side effects, keep yourself calm with breathing techniques and drink plenty of water as they can feel more pronounced if you allow yourself to become dehydrated. Eating something can sometimes help reduce these uncomfortable feelings as well.

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Similar Kratom Strains

It’s not always easy to find green elephant kratom, so here are a few alternatives to consider.

Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay kratom and Green Elephant share quite a few characteristics but also have some differences.

Green Malay is a favorite among many due to its positive effects, such as increased energy and euphoria. These are two qualities it shares with Green Elephant kratom.

Although they share these effects, Green Elephant offers a more potent stimulating effect while Green Malay offers a milder version in comparison.

Green Elephant is much rarer and harder to obtain compared to Green Malay.

Green Thai Kratom

Another strain that shares some characteristics with Green Elephant is Green Thai kratom.

Green Thai can also increase one’s mood and energy levels and fight anxiety, decreasing symptoms associated with mild physical pain and discomfort.

Final Thoughts: Green Elephant Kratom

Green Elephant is a rare, well-balanced, clean strain of kratom. If you are new to using kratom Green Elephant may be a bit overwhelming for you, so be sure to keep your dose low if you are taking it for the first time.

Like most other varieties of kratom, Green Elephant can be used for mild pain relief. However, users claim that pain relief ranks somewhat low on the scale. If your main goal is pain relief or trying to combat severe or chronic pain, you may want to choose a different strain.

Since it is a rarer variety of kratom, vendors may run out from time to time due to it taking longer to grow and occupying less land than other strains.

Green Elephant truly stands out from the crowd if you seek a potent green vein kratom that offers fast, mood-enhancing, and stimulating effects.

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