Is Kratom Legal in Hong Kong?

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In August 2021, Hong Kong officially banned kratom (Mitragyna speciosa). By the beginning of October, news sources reported that Hong Kong had made its first public seizure of kratom.

Interestingly, kratom was still able to be found for sale in Hong Kong back in August and September 2021. It does appear to have been fully pulled from store shelves as of December 2021, though.

Although there isn’t much evidence to back Hong Kong’s claims, the country officially refers to kratom as “herbal heroin.”   

Kratom Laws in Hong Kong

Kratom is illegal in Hong Kong. It was only officially banned recently but has been “functionally” banned for several years already.

A lot of kratom users living in Hong Kong have reported their packages are being confiscated at the border, and no Hong Kong businesses are licensed to sell kratom at the moment.

Kratom laws are controversial and vary widely around the world. In most of Southeast Asia, where kratom originates, kratom is illegal. Perhaps the most relevant is China, which currently bans the importation and possession of kratom for any reason.

It’s likely a result of China’s recent involvement in Hong Kong that has allowed regulators to add kratom to the list of banned substances within the city-state.

Can I Buy Kratom in Hong Kong?

No, you can’t buy kratom in Hong Kong anymore. 

Although it took some time for every business to catch up to Hong Kong’s legal change, it does not appear to be stocked by any business at the current time. 

Unfortunately, you shouldn’t purchase it from illicit sources, either. This is the fastest way to get an adulterated product, which can be harmful.

The best way to get good-quality kratom is by finding a reputable online vendor. If they ship it to you in Hong Kong, though, you should be prepared for it to be seized at the border. 

Why is Kratom Banned in Other Countries?

Public health is the reason cited by many countries, but kratom doesn’t actually pose much of a risk.

Before kratom became extremely popular, most countries in Southeast Asia allowed it. Many used it for important religious and cultural ceremonies. There doesn’t appear to be any indication of someone dying from it who used it for these purposes. 

There is a rumor that Thailand made kratom illegal from 1979 to 2018 to protect their booming opioid market. It’s hard to know if there’s any truth to this, but it’s interesting to consider.   

What Are The Side Effects of Kratom?

Using kratom responsibly greatly reduces your risk.

However, failing to use it responsibly could lead to a list of side effects.   

Some of the most common side effects of kratom include:  

Kratom Use: A Quick History 

Opioid-based painkillers have been a scourge for humanity. People can become hopelessly addicted to opioids, and it doesn’t take much for it to happen. 

Back in the early 1900s, some people in the Western World discovered kratom. By the early 2000s, kratom had become immensely popular, especially because it can help people get through opioid withdrawal. 

Before it became a good alternative to opioids, kratom was used as traditional medicine. Some Southeast Asian residents claim it can help with diabetes, insomnia, and fevers. 

Kratom Deaths: Can Kratom be Fatal? 

There’s very little risk for responsible kratom users. 

However, choosing to mix kratom with another substance is extremely dangerous and may even kill you [2]. 

DO NOT mix kratom with opioids.  

Opioids and kratom both have a sedative effect and act on the same receptors. This may cause people to nod off when they mix these substances. Sadly, some people never wake up. 

What is the Correct Dosage for Kratom? 

The general dosage range of kratom is between 2 grams and 12 grams.

The effects depend highly on the dose. Low doses are stimulating; high doses are sedative and analgesic.

Of course, if you’re microdosing kratom, you’ll use 2 grams or less, and that’s perfectly okay. Always steer clear of taking more than 12 grams, however.

The safest way to take kratom is to start with 2 grams, wait to see how well it works, and then take more only if you need to. 

We’d also like to remind you not to give in to any peer pressure when it comes to kratom. Some people need to take 12 grams to get benefits, whereas others may only need 5 grams. You should only use the amount that’s necessary for you.  

How to Take Kratom Safely 

Kratom is available in many different formats. For example, you can brew the powder into a tea, get some kratom extracts, take kratom capsules, or use the old-fashioned toss ‘n wash method.  

DO NOT mix kratom with ANY other substances, including:

If you choose to do these things anyway, it will greatly increase your risk of having a negative interaction. 

Always purchase kratom from a reputable online vendor. Buying it from an illicit seller instead could cause many problems, not the least of which is getting an adulterated product. 

Key Takeaway: Is Kratom Legal in Hong Kong? 

No, kratom is functionally banned in Hong Kong. 

Kratom became illegal in Hong Kong on August 12, 2021. Since then, they’ve been seizing packages with kratom, particularly those from high-risk countries. It is unknown at this time if the purchasers of those packages will have to face legal trouble. 

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