Is Kratom Legal in New York? Where to Buy In-Store & Online in NY

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Kratom has been gaining popularity recently and has attracted the attention of numerous state lawmakers.

Kratom is currently legal in New York, although there has been a flurry of bills proposed in recent years to regulate kratom use or ban kratom altogether.

This article provides all the information you need to know to buy and use kratom legally as a New York resident.

It covers the best places to purchase kratom, how to find a reliable NY kratom vendor, safety tips, and a brief overview of common side effects and how to avoid them.

Is Kratom Legal in New York?

Kratom is currently legal in New York, but some counties enforce age restrictions.

Suffolk County, on Long Island, prohibits the sale of kratom to anyone under the age of 21. Several bills have proposed statewide age limits on kratom in the past several years, with one bill suggesting that kratom should be banned entirely.

More recently, the New York Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) has been introduced, which would put restrictions on kratom producers rather than customers.

By regulating the manufacturing and sales side of the kratom industry, kratom could remain legal in NY.

Learn more about kratom laws in the United States.

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Where to Buy Kratom in New York

If you live in New York, you have two main options for purchasing kratom. You can buy it from an online kratom retailer, or you can find a local shop near your home and buy it there.

Finding a local shop will be easier if you live near New York City since the majority of New York’s kratom shops are in the city.

In general, buying kratom online will give you several significant advantages over buying it in person. The next two sections cover the pros and cons of purchasing kratom online and in a local store.

Buying Kratom Online

Unless you need to get your kratom today, you’re better off buying it online.

Purchasing from an online vendor will save you money, get you a better quality product, and give you a wider selection of products to choose from.

Kratom Is Cheaper Online

Since online kratom vendors either produce their kratom themselves or buy their products directly from manufacturers, they pay wholesale prices, saving them money and, therefore, saving you money.

Local shops cannot afford to meet the volume demands manufacturers impose and instead are forced to buy from intermediaries, driving up their costs.

To make the same amount of money, they must raise their prices, making online kratom vendors considerably more affordable for the end-user.

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You Can Check Third-Party Tests Online (Important)

Online kratom retailers like Kona Kratom and VIP Kratom have their products tested by disinterested third parties to verify their quality and purity.

When you buy from an online vendor, you have the assurance that the product you’re paying for is what you’ll actually receive.

You’ll have more peace of mind that your kratom doesn’t contain any harmful additives when you purchase from a reputable online store.

Online Shops Have Better Selection

Another point for buying online is the wider selection offered by web-based shops compared to local stores.

Online kratom retailers specialize in selling kratom, so they don’t have to balance their stock with tobacco products or other non-kratom items.

You’ll Need to Wait A Few Days For Shipping

The one area where buying online isn’t as good as buying in-person is speed. Even the fastest online kratom retailers won’t be able to deliver your product faster than you can get it by driving to a nearby store. Some online companies that offer fast shipping — like Star Kratom — come close, but buying kratom locally will always outstrip buying it online in terms of pure speed.

Buying Kratom In-Store: Kratom Near Me

If you decide to look for a local shop to buy kratom from, there are a few things you need to consider.

The biggest downsides to buying kratom from a local shop are quality and price. Most physical kratom shops carry inferior products compared to online stores, and there’s no way to tell what you’re actually getting.

Brick-and-mortar shops don’t offer the assurance of third-party testing like online retailers do, meaning whether you get good, pure kratom, or mislabeled, diluted, or expired kratom is a tossup.

Buying in-person also comes with an elevated price tag, so make sure you weigh the increased price against getting your kratom sooner. If speed is your primary concern, then buying in person is likely the best option.

Here are some of the most popular New York kratom shops. Keep in mind that most New York kratom shops are located in New York City, so you might have to do some driving or order online instead.

Broadway Smoke Shop + CBD & Kratom Store

This shop located in New York City on Broadway carries a wide range of kratom products. Their prices are quite high, even for a local shop. Their store policy is not to sell kratom to anyone under 21, even though it is not state law.

East Village Smoke Shop

Despite not being a kratom-focused shop, East Village Smoke Shop has a decent selection of kratom products. Their prices are fair, although they are very much New York’s prices. The employees and owner are friendly and happy to assist customers with their purchases.

Smoke Shop

Another New York City location, the humbly named Smoke Shop, focuses on selling tobacco products but also offers a small range of kratom products. Many reviews of this shop mention excellent customer service and the patient, helpful staff.

Titan Kratom & CBD

Stepping out of Manhattan and into Queens brings you to Titan Kratom & CBD. This kratom-centric smoke shop features a wider selection of kratom than the previous entries on the list. They have top-notch customer service and somewhat reasonable prices.

Soota 2 Hookah, Cigarette, Cigar, Kratom & Vape shop

Venturing further out on Long Island into Garden City, this shop is a one-stop-shop for all smoke-related products. Unfortunately, their selection of kratom products is limited, but their prices are better than most other kratom vendors in New York.

Find Kratom Near You

Check out where to buy kratom in these NY cities:

Kratom leaf and flower.

What To Look For When Buying Kratom

The following sections cover choosing the right kratom strain for you and some information for vetting kratom retailers before you buy.

Strain Selection

Not all kratom strains have the same effects. There are three primary strains: red-vein, white-vein, and green-vein. You’ll find a brief overview of each strain below and some tips for choosing the right strain for your desired effect in a later section.

Red Vein Kratom

Red-vein kratom is a sedative and makes its users feel relaxed and mellow. It is commonly used as a pain reliever and is also a mild muscle relaxer. Proponents of red-vein kratom recommend taking it in the evening or at night since it causes some people to feel tired.

White Vein Kratom

White-vein kratom is the opposite of red-vein kratom in many ways. It is a stimulant and provides its users with a burst of energy. It is often used to treat anxiety and depression and may enhance memory performance and cognition.

Green Vein Kratom

If you’re unsure which to choose between red-vein and white-vein kratom, green-vein kratom offers a compromise.

Green-vein kratom has some similarities to both the white and red strains, giving users a cleaner energy boost while also helping them relax.

Many people view green-vein kratom as a superior option to white-vein and red-vein, although it might not be right for you, depending on your use case.

Look For AKA Certification

In states without a Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA), it is imperative to do your homework and only buy from reputable sources.

Luckily, the American Kratom Association (AKA) makes it easier to separate high-quality kratom retailers from shady ones.

The AKA implements a certification program, independently testing a company’s kratom products for quality and purity. AKA certification is a stamp of approval that gives you confidence that a product is safe and meets the AKA’s quality standards.

Once a company has AKA certification, they must agree to yearly audits by the AKA to verify that their quality remains high and that their products still meet expectations. Buying kratom from an AKA-certified source is the best way to ensure you’re buying high-quality, safe kratom.

Company Reputation

Other considerations besides the kratom’s quality like shipping times, customer service, and other customer’s past experiences combine to paint a picture of the overall experience you can expect to have.

A company with a clean track record and overall positive reviews is a safer bet than a company with complaints and problems scattered throughout its reviews.

You can refer to our database of kratom vendor reviews to help you get started.

What Are People Using Kratom For?

Kratom has many uses and health benefits; here is a summary of the most popular ones.

Kratom For Pain

One of the most common uses for kratom is to relieve pain. Chronic pain sufferers use red-vein kratom to help ease their discomfort and avoid relying on dangerous prescription painkillers.

Red-vein kratom has a muscle-relaxing effect which can help people suffering from muscle strains and joint-based pain conditions.

Red-vein kratom has a similar biological activity to opiate painkillers, making it an effective pain reliever, albeit a less potent one. If you are interested in using kratom for pain relief, make sure you understand the subtleties and nuances, as well as the ideal strains. 

Kratom For Anxiety & Depression

Another common use for kratom is as a treatment for anxiety and depression. Anxiety-related mental illnesses are on the rise, driving many people to take prescription medications to attempt to relieve their symptoms.

Unfortunately, many prescription medications for anxiety and depression are ineffective for some people, and a significant fraction has disturbing side effects.

White and green kratom strains can be used in place of traditional medications to reduce the intensity of anxiety symptoms and help people recover control of their lives.

Be sure to read more about using kratom to treat anxiety and depression before choosing a strain since some are better suited to the task than others.

Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

It has already been mentioned that kratom is chemically and biologically similar to opioids, making it an ideal candidate for treating opiate withdrawal.

Many recovering opioid abusers often relapse due to the severity of their withdrawal symptoms, mainly pain.

Red-vein kratom can help them fight through withdrawal by easing their pain and providing relief.

Kratom For Energy & Focus

Some people like to use white-vein kratom to boost their energy levels and enhance their ability to focus.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that white-vein kratom primarily, and green-vein kratom to a lesser extent, can improve cognitive performance, bolster memory, and make users feel alert and attentive.

There isn’t enough clinical evidence to verify or refute these claims, but the anecdotal support is convincing.

Choosing a strain of kratom for boosting energy is relatively straightforward, but there are some details you should sort out before making a purchase.

Is Kratom Safe? What Are the Side Effects?

Overall, kratom is safe to use, but there are some side effects to be aware of — especially if using this herb in higher doses.

Pregnant women should never use kratom. It is recommended that you should not take kratom if you take prescription medication, consume alcohol, or use recreational drugs to avoid possibly dangerous drug interactions.

Side effects of kratom include:

  1. Stomach discomfort
  2. Vertigo
  3. Anxiety
  4. Mental Fog
  5. Tiredness
  6. Dizziness
  7. Low blood pressure
  8. Nausea & vomiting

What’s The Future of Kratom in New York?

Kratom is currently legal in New York.

Although kratom is currently legal in New York, some form of kratom regulation will likely be implemented eventually.

Several bills proposing different levels of restriction have been kicked around the state legislature in the past few years, and there is currently a bill up for consideration that would put strict regulations on kratom manufacturing and sales throughout the state.

It’s unclear when any changes to kratom’s legality would occur, but it seems likely that it will eventually lose its 100% unregulated status.