Is Kratom Legal in Albany?

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Johan Hansen

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Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a close relative of the coffee plant that grows on the leaves of an evergreen tree from Southeast Asia. Its presence in medicinal history dates back to the nineteenth century, yet it has just now experienced a spike in popularity all across the United States.

As well as listing a handful of the best local retailers near you, we’ll also help further your understanding of the herb’s legal status in Albany, New York. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to purchase kratom safely and what you can use it for.

Is Kratom Legal in Albany?

Yes, kratom is legal in Albany and the entire state of New York.

However free to use the herb might be in Albany, some counties within New York enforce age restrictions, prohibiting the sale of kratom to anyone under 21 years old.

Recently, authorities introduced the New York Kratom Consumer Protection Act to regulate kratom producers and protect their customers. The bill required manufacturers to label their goods, therefore shedding light on their contents.

The overall objective of the act is to keep side sales at bay.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently subjected the herb to review. They declared it not a threat if used responsibly but will keep an eye on it.

Will Albany Ban Kratom?

Although anti-kratom authorities advised kratom should be entirely outlawed, and some other bills proposed more statewide age limits, the herb is still unregulated in the city.

Still, even if kratom clients can rest easy for now, we can’t promise this will stay the same in the future. We suggest keeping close tabs on law updates and incoming bills to avoid getting surprised by any changes.

Why Do Some States & Cities Ban Kratom?

Understandably, a handful of fallacies about kratom have emerged with its recent spike in demand. The DEA is constantly on the hunt for reasons to list kratom among the Controlled Substances.

Although some of us do our best to share impartial information on the plant, the influence of anti-kratom authorities has been hard to beat. Consequently, a small number of states and foreign countries decided to ban it.

Nevertheless, failing to use kratom responsibly makes it more dangerous. If you aim to keep kratom legal in your city, don’t forget to be mindful when acquiring and using the herb.

Top 5 Kratom Shops in Albany

If you’re just starting your adventure with kratom, the variety of stores in Albany might be slightly overwhelming. We know how much of a nuisance browsing around can be, especially when you’re a full-time student or work extended hours.

Thus, we’ve decided to list five of the best kratom sellers in the city to get you moving forward.

1. OG Smoke Shop

Affordable prices and a comprehensive selection are impossible to miss at OG Smoke Shops. The store’s more mainstream strains accompany a broad stock of hookas, its definite bestseller.

Customers rave about their experiences online, praising its employees, who are well-known for their on-point suggestions and overall friendliness.

Unfortunately, there’s no website available. Still, you can physically visit it at 911 Central Ave #2 or call them beforehand at (518) 512-5014.

2. That Store

That Store is eager to cater to your vape needs, yet those are not the only products it offers. With stock ranging from tobacco varieties to incense and sage, it is almost undeniable you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Although prices are affordable, employees still offer discount loyalty cards for regular customers. Cherished by the community, That Store is known to have a staff devoted to creating the perfect buying experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give them a call at (518) 945-8428 or visit them physically at 247 Lark St. Contact them through their website for further inquiries.

3. Barry Smokes & Things

Barry Smokes & Things is one of the highest-rated stores in Albany. Reviews gush about finding perfect gifts among their inventory by following the staff’s recommendations. In this shop, products range from tobacco to glass pipes, with unbeatable prices and a handful of discounts.

Still, it’s worth mentioning that their kratom selection is relatively limited to more mainstream strains.

You may visit them until 8 pm at 1234 Central Ave or find out more about their stock online. Alternatively, give them a call at (518) 621-7957.

4. Northern Lights

Although Northern Lights has the most limited variety of kratom on our list, we still couldn’t leave it behind. If you’re looking to broaden your purchases, this store might be the right choice for you, as their stock stretches from glass crafts to smoking accessories.

The prices stay competitive for their kratom and art, which its customers don’t stop praising. Loved by Albany’s community, the staff in Northern Lights keeps their items’ quality unmatched, as they do their best to provide buyers with the best venture they can.

You can visit them at 30 Fuller Rd, up until 10 pm, or contact them through their website. If you want to check stock availability beforehand, try calling (518) 453-3402.

5. 51Vape and CBD

Located near the Our Lady of The Angels cemetery, our last pick on the list is 51Vape and CBD. They carry a decent assortment of kratom, CBD, pods, and other smoking accessories, where you can always find your desired items over the counter at reasonable prices.

Customers adore their staff, known to be very knowledgeable about their merchandise, as well as talkative and caring with loyal regulars.

You are always welcome to visit them at 1321 Central Ave during business hours. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give them a phone call at (518) 275-0334. Unfortunately, they have no website that we know of.

Looking for Kratom in Another City in NY?

Albany, New York, USA skyline

Why It’s Better to Order Kratom Online

We know locating a perfect online vendor to meet your expectations can be extremely hard for newcomers and veterans alike. So, in this section, we’ll help you understand how buying through a few clicks will benefit your health and wallet in the long run.

Buying online makes it easier to find unadulterated, safer kratom tested by third-party labs. Most physical shops, in contrast, are unable to certify the purity of their kratom.

Discretion and convenience are other leverages online retailers provide to their customers. As the purchases come across as entirely private, you’ll be able to locate the kratom strain of your dreams without even getting up from your couch.

Last but not least, evading intermediaries and acquiring the plant straight from the manufacturer shouldn’t be a perk taken for granted when purchasing online.

Online vendors deliver more affordable fees, a wider variety of strains, and certified quality and freshness.

In the following section, we curated a list of the best online retailers in the current market to help you get on your feet and locate your perfect match.

Is Buying Kratom In-Store Safe?

Most physical shops still abide by specific standards and try to deliver decent kratom they can. They rarely can provide the proof, leaving you in the dark about what you’re actually buying. Even if the kratom was high-quality initially, months of improper storage could mean it’s lost most of its potency.

Online purchases provide significant advantages such as affordable fees, purity, and comfort. The truth is, retailers on the web ensure an overall better experience.

Kratom Vendors That Ship to Albany

As we previously mentioned, the current kratom market is brimming with various vendors. However hard it might be to locate a perfect match, we can ensure it will benefit your health and wallet in the future.

Therefore, we have decided to list the eight best reputable vendors that ship to Albany to help you get on your feet.

1. Kona Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $45.00 — $115.00
Verified Vendor

Kona Kratom

4.95 / 5
Ranked 1 out of 190 vendors

Kona Kratom has been on the top of our lists for a while, as it offers the best variety of quality strains in the market while maintaining their prices competitive. Sourcing their entire stock straight from Southeast Asia, this store ensures nothing but top-notch products.

To save you from the hassle of test buys, this powerhouse delivers sample packs to aid you in locating your desired strain without wasting time and money. If you spend over $29.00, you’ll also get free shipping.

Kona Kratom’s top picks:

  • Green Malay
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Dragon

2. Star Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $35 — $95
Verified Vendor

Star Kratom

4.9 / 5
Ranked 2 out of 190 vendors

Having spent a short period on the kratom market, Star Kratom stays true to its name as a rising star among other well-known kratom retailers. Turnaround times are a definite highlight, as no other contender can beat its fast logistics and same-day deliveries.

However, it’s only fair to point out one of their downsides. This shop has a limited stock of only mainstream strains. It’s up to you to decide if their affordable fees and mint quality make up for it.

Last but not least, if you’re concerned about safety, Star Kratom is the perfect vendor for you. By testing everything they sell twice, they protect both your wallet and health.

Star Kratom’s top picks:

  • Red Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay

3. VIP Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $40.00 — $125.00
Verified Vendor

VIP Kratom

4.85 / 5
Ranked 4 out of 190 vendors

Premium kratom is a guarantee at VIP Kratom. Although it’s tilted towards the pricey side compared to fellow retailers, clients agree the quality of its merchandise makes it worth it at the end of the day.

The kratom sold by this powerhouse comes out as slightly more powerful than what you’ll get at other stores. That’s why most experienced users tend to gatekeep VIP Kratom from beginners or recommend starting with smaller doses.

This retailer offers the best Green Hulu we could locate.

VIP Kratom’s top picks:

  • Red Sumatra
  • White Maeng Da
  • Green Hulu

4. Gaia Kratom

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $1.20 — $1200.00
Verified Vendor

Gaia (Mitragaia) Kratom

3 / 5
Ranked 102 out of 190 vendors

Among the more reputable stores is Gaia Kratom, formerly known as Mitragaia. After six years on the market, buyers gush about its competitive fees and the comprehensive variety of strains available.

Even when Gaia focuses on powder kratom, they still deliver extracts, capsules, and tinctures to cater to their clients’ more specific necessities. We recommend making bulk purchases, as they usually offer considerable discounts on significant transactions.

Gaia Kratom’s top picks:

  • Green Batak
  • Red Brunei
  • White JongKong

5. Green Leaf Kratom

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $22.99 — $350.00
Verified Vendor

Green Leaf Kratom

2 / 5
Ranked 149 out of 190 vendors

Sourcing both their powdered and encapsulated kratom straight from Southeast Asia, Green Leaf Kratom stays competitive on the market even if they don’t offer many discounts.

For those who treasure discretion, paying this store’s more expensive fees might be worth it. Crypto users deem this vendor the best, being Green Leaf one of few online retailers to accept the currency as a legitimate payment method.

Green Leaf Kratom’s top picks:

  • Red Bali
  • White Borneo
  • Red Maeng Da

6. Remarkable Herbs

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $6.49 — $85.99
Verified Vendor

Remarkable Herbs Kratom

4 / 5
Ranked 44 out of 190 vendors

If you’re looking to purchase top-tier kava, catclaw, and kratom, then Remarkable Herbs is the place to go. They source their entire stock from multiple regions in Southeast Asia and are well known for maintaining the freshness of its stock up until delivery.

However, it focuses mainly on wholesale, and it isn’t currently interested in retailing. Reviews are still positive, though, and their products are available for browsing on their webpage.

Remarkable Herbs’ top picks:

  • Green Thai
  • Green Malay
  • Red Bali

7. Kats Botanicals

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $$6.99 — $$99.99

Kats Botanicals

4.5 / 5
Ranked 10 out of 190 vendors

A broader, comprehensive stock is a guarantee at Kats Botanicals. They are known for their extended assortment of vape pens, CBD oils, and kratom, mainly selling it in capsules to evade the bitter flavor that comes with the powder.

However high you might consider this retailer’s prices, this vendor allows you to get your hands on exceptional varieties of strains you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Kats Botanicals’ top picks:

8. Golden Monk

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $39.99 — $254.99
Verified Vendor

Golden Monk Kratom

4.75 / 5
Ranked 5 out of 190 vendors

Our last store has a polished reputation product of its several years on the market. Golden Monk is eager to provide its clients with a great buying experience. With free shipping and decent turnaround times, this store will deliver your kratom in inconspicuous packaging to protect you from curious bystanders.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, Golden Monk is also known for offering discounts to its new clients, even when their prices are already affordable. This powerhouse store keeps fees reasonable and your wallet safe without sacrificing any of the quality of your kratom.

Golden Monk’s top picks:

  • Red Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay

Which Kratom Strain Should I Use?

Discovering the ideal kratom strain that best meets your needs could take many test purchases, wasting time and money.

It is vital for you, as a customer, to understand the distinguishing peculiarities of each of these strains. We differentiate them mainly by the color of the leaf vein. The following section will expand on said varieties and their properties to save you time and trouble.

Green Vein Kratom Powder

Green vein kratom powder has recently experienced a spike in popularity since it’s both a stimulating and sedating strain. Its effects make this the most balanced variety you can find on the market.

The top-rated green-vein kratom strains are:

Green Sumatra

Green Sumatra brings its a-game to the table regarding the length of its stimulating effects. We thoroughly recommend this strain if your goal is long-lasting effects.

Green Malay

Green Malay is widely known for its anxiolytic properties. People use this strain to lessen their social anxiety.

Green Bali

Green Bali is our top recommendation if you want to swap your regular morning coffee. This underrated strain is perfect for those needing a quick energy boost. Although a bit harder to find, online vendors such as Kona Kratom usually have quality stock to deliver.

Red Vein Kratom Powder

Stress, insomnia, anxiety, and muscle pain are no match for red vein kratom powder, a  strain carrying powerful effects.

The top-rated red-vein kratom strains are:

Red Bali

If you’re looking for a potent, efficient, painkilling strain, then Red Bali might be the way to go. However, keep in mind that this variety is known for evoking a slight feeling of sedation when its effects finally fade.

Red Sumatra

Red Sumatra is another quality strain to keep tabs on for those whose goal is to achieve a similar analgesic effect to Red Thai. Known for helping with insomnia when taken with higher dosages, this variety delivers peace to its users just before going to sleep.

Red Borneo

Last but not least, Red Borneo is a great pick to defeat unbearable, everyday muscle pain. As it is quick and efficient in eradicating the ache, and it doesn’t have any side effects worth mentioning, this strain soon became a fan favorite.

White Vein Kratom Powder

Treasured by employees and university students alike, white vein kratom powder has powerful nootropic and energizing effects. If you’re eager to deal with all-nighters or extra hours at work, this variety will get your head in the game and help you accomplish your goals. Some people even use white strains to help with depression since they provide euphoric feelings.

The top-rated white-vein kratom strains are:

White Borneo

White Borneo is perhaps the most well-known white strain on the current market and makes balanced stimulation seem like a piece of cake. If you’re struggling with procrastination, this variety delivers a refreshing boost of both your mood and energy.

White Bali

We know what a nuisance the lingering palliative effects that arise once kratom withers from your body can be. White Bali is the perfect strain for those aiming to alleviate muscle pain while staying energized afterward due to balanced alkaloid levels.

White Sumatra

White Sumatra provides trustworthy, efficient energy boosts, acting as the ideal stimuli to substitute your standard morning coffee. Students love this particular strain, as it ensures a longer attention span for extended study nights.

How to Take Kratom?

Kratom’s taste can be a tad overwhelming for some, but there are ways to disguise it. We curated a list of alternatives to lend you a helping hand if you’re new to kratom.


If you don’t have enough time to brew tea or make a snack to conceal the herb’s taste, you can try the parachuting method. The only thing required is a thin sheet of paper, such as toilet paper, to wrap the powder in and swallow it down.

Toss ‘n’ Wash

Fortunate ones who do not mind the flavor turn to the “toss & wash” method, a perfect middle-ground for those who need their dose quickly. It works by mixing the powder into a glass of water and swallowing, or “tossing” it into your mouth and “washing” it down with a drink.

Making Kratom Tea

Perhaps a bit fancier than what we previously cited, you can always mask kratom’s bitter flavor by making kratom tea. Once you add the powder to a muslin bag, all it takes is to dunk in previously heated up water (85-90ºC) and let it steep for around ten minutes.

When your timer rings, it will be ready to drink. We suggest mixing in some agave nectar or honey, as it usually tastes slightly sour.

Adding kratom to green or black tea can help improve the taste, and lemon juice can be a potentiator and make it more palatable.

What Are the Side Effects of Kratom?

Misusing the herb can cause quite an array of different side effects. However, it is crucial to point out that most users won’t deal with them, as they most likely indicate you’ve taken more than your body can handle.

First, we don’t recommend using the herb on an empty stomach. Both excess and withdrawal will cause you to undergo nausea and vomiting, and if this is your case, staying hydrated and using ginger will soothe the upsetting feeling.

This can also be accompanied by wooziness due to a drop in blood pressure induced by higher doses of tranquilizing strains. To make yourself more comfortable through this experience, you should avoid sudden movements and momentarily lie down.

Taking the substance for extended periods usually equals proportionally longer sedation. In the future, this might evolve into chronic fatigue as a consequence.

Too much kratom can also cause constipation. You can easily fix the situation by eating more fiber and decreasing your intake.

Long-term kratom abuse can cause issues with your liver and kidneys and hormones, emotional instability, hyperalgesia, and low libido [1, 2].

Anxiety, either chemical or psychologically induced, is another side effect kratom might bring to the table if not used properly. However, it will usually fade away after pausing your intake for a few weeks, so you must know when to switch strains or take a break altogether.

Once again, we mention having proper hydration and nutrition alongside a responsible use of the herb as the key to dodging said consequences. If you, by any chance, feel any sensations that might imply addiction, visit your nearest expert.

Types of Kratom Products

Not only can you find several strains of kratom, but also a handful of forms of intake with their very own pros and cons. However, we’re not here to point our fingers and deem them as correct or incorrect, but still, we think you might discover some of them fit your expectations better.

Following up, we’ll introduce you to three different ways to use kratom and its distinctive peculiarities.

Kratom Powder

First, we have kratom powder. It became mainstream due to easy transportation. It’s acquired by crushing the leaves into powder and is ideal for measuring perfect doses.

The powder is the most affordable and easily acquired way to get kratom, but there are some drawbacks — it’s well-known for its bitter taste. The most common way to take powdered kratom is via the “toss & wash” or in tea.

Kratom Tincture

If you’re looking for a liquid extract, tinctures are the way to go. This method enhances the effects of kratom, which influences both the quality and the price, but it also has obvious benefits when it comes to portability and taste.

Putting a few drops of tincture under your tongue almost guarantees prolonged effects, although it might cause a mild burning sensation.

Kratom Capsules

Perfect for limited amounts, capsules are the newcomers’ best friend. Some deem them a tad more expensive and harder to purchase, as not all strains are available in capsules.

If you struggle with the sour taste of powdered kratom, capsules conceal the bitterness, which makes the higher fees worth it. However, this method might not be powerful enough for experienced users, as several pills are needed to get a proper reaction.

Conclusion: Where to Buy Kratom in Albany

Although the herb remains unregulated in Albany, and the state isn’t vigorously aiming to prohibit it, we recommend staying up-to-date with kratom-related news.

Besides, if making a physical purchase in the city still seems like a hassle to you, we recommend trying vendors such as Kona Kratom, Star Kratom, and VIP Kratom. They are our top suggestions for those looking for an affordable and beneficial take on the herb, as they all meet high-quality standards.