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What Does It Mean To Parachute Kratom? (And How To Do It Properly)

There are many different ways to ingest kratom. Some people brew the powder into a tea; some like it mixed into citrus juice or fruit smoothies, and others prefer the toss and wash method or stick with capsules

In this guide, however, we’re going to focus on another method of ingestion: parachuting or bombing. 

What is parachuting kratom? How do you do it? Is it safe?

We’ll cover all of this information below. 

Written by Marcel Deer
Last Updated 2 years ago

Marcel Deer

Natural Health Journalist

What Is Parachuting Kratom?

“Parachuting,” sometimes called “bombing,” is a method used to jumpstart effects and avoid the bitter taste of the kratom powder

This method involves wrapping the kratom dose into a tiny piece of toilet paper or other thin paper. The powder is wrapped up then tossed back just like a capsule. 

The paper dissolves quickly once it hits the stomach. This provides a punch from the kratom, which begins working almost immediately once the paper dissolves. 

Capsules can be loosely compared to parachuting, as you’re using a gelatin-based capsule instead of paper. However, gel capsules don’t dissolve as quickly as paper and tend to be pricier than loose powder.

Parachuting seems to be the top choice for more experienced users who want an easy way to get a robust and tasteless dose of kratom. 

You can put as large of a dose as you want within your “parachute,” making it much easier to take a lot at one time instead of taking multiple parachutes. It seems that users tend to experiment with larger doses once they get better at parachuting. 

Most users prefer parachuting on an empty stomach, as the effects hit hard and fast. However, eating a light snack beforehand is perfectly fine as well.

How to Parachute Kratom

Parachuting is pretty straightforward if you follow these five simple steps. 

1. Get Your Paper

You’ll need a small piece of toilet paper, about an inch or so in diameter, depending on your dose. If you’re new to parachuting, start with about half of a teaspoon or less of kratom powder.

You can use any size of paper (as long as you can swallow it when it’s finished). Most people opt for squares about 1 inch by 1 inch or up to 2 inches by 2 inches. 

2. Measure Your Dose 

Measure your dose and place it directly in the middle of the paper. You can use measuring spoons or a scale to prepare your dose. 

Normally, you can fit about 1 gram of kratom in a small, 1 inch by 1 inch square. 

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3. Wrap It Up

Gather the edges up to a point and twist them together carefully. Make sure it’s twisted tightly so it doesn’t open up on the way down to your stomach. 

4. Choose Your Drink

Using a drink with a strong flavor or texture might be helpful, such as cranberry juice, orange juice, or chocolate milk. However, you can use whatever beverage you have handy, except alcohol. 

5. Swallow

First, take a sip of the drink, hold it towards the back of your tongue, tilt your head back, and quickly drop the toilet paper kratom bomb into your mouth and swallow. 

Keep your drink nearby in case you need to wash it down. It may seem tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. Think of it as a large pill.

Parachuting Tips & Tricks

Parachuting is pretty straightforward, but there are some hiccups people experience when trying it for the first couple of times.

The main issues you’ll want to avoid is having the chute open up before it enters your stomach. 

1. Use Rice Paper

Some people have greater success using rice paper for parachuting. 

Rice paper is a fragile, thin form of edible paper often used in some Asian dishes (Vietnamese spring rolls, for example). You can find them for sale in most grocery stores. They come as dry sheets, but you can hydrate them to make them more pliable. 

2. Use a Strong Drink

This doesn’t mean alcohol.

Using a drink with a strong flavor or texture might be helpful; cranberry juice, orange juice, or a milkshake can help mask the weirdness of swallowing a ball of paper. However, you can use whatever beverage you have handy. 

3. Consider Having Some Food First

Parachuting on an empty stomach might make you nauseous, but it also makes the effects come on quicker. Make sure you eat something light first if you want to avoid this. 

On the other hand, avoid eating if you want to take your chances.

Is Parachuting Kratom Safe?

Parachuting should be done with care because there is a choking hazard. If you’ve never done it before, you should begin with something around half a teaspoon.

Another issue is the effects. As previously mentioned, parachuting on an empty stomach may cause some unwanted side effects like nausea or vomiting. It starts to work fast and hard, so be prepared.

To avoid this, start with a small dose. You may also want to eat a snack beforehand.

What Are the Benefits of Parachuting Kratom?

There are quite a few advantages of ingesting your kratom via the parachuting method (as well as some disadvantages). 

Let’s start with the benefits of parachuting first. 

1. Parachuting Is Easier Than Capping

Many individuals choose to purchase kratom powder and gel capsules and cap them up themselves. This is a more affordable option than buying premade capsules; however, it is more expensive and more complicated than parachuting. 

Measuring powder can be frustrating; filling the capsules is tedious, repetitive work, and you can only fit so much powder into one cap.

2. Parachuting Masks the Flavor 

Toilet paper and rice paper are virtually flavorless, and wrapping your loose powder up prevents you from having to taste kratom’s bitter, harsh flavor. The paper creates a simple barrier between the powder and your taste buds.

3. Parachuting Takes Effect Quickly 

Toilet paper and rice paper are fragile but strong enough to contain the powder. This enables the sachet to dissolve quickly once ingested, releasing kratom’s benefits and effects into the bloodstream.  

Is There Another Way to Parachute Kratom?

If toilet paper and rice paper don’t sound like the best options to you, you’ll also have the option of using oblate discs. 

Oblate discs are edible, thin, transparent films made from starch. These clear discs originated in Japan for cooking purposes but have branched out and are also used for medicinal purposes. 

The easiest way to use oblate discs is to lay one flat on your table, add your dose of kratom to the middle, and wrap it up like usual. 

Oblate discs can self-seal when introduced to moisture, such as saliva. So you simply lick the edges and seal it shut, as it will stick to itself. 

You can purchase different-sized oblate discs as well, so you can choose for larger or smaller doses. Over time, you will know exactly how much kratom powder you need to put in the center of your oblate disc.

Important Things to Remember About Parachuting Kratom

You’ll likely find different sources that tell you to dip your parachute in water before swallowing it. However, this can dissolve the paper or the disc too quickly, leaving the kratom powder dissolved in your cup of water. If you plan on dipping the sachet, you may want to double up your paper. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that you absolutely can make too big of a bag for parachuting. Always remember to work yourself up to your desired dose, ensuring that you can swallow smaller amounts before you jump into parachuting more significant amounts. 

Lastly, do not store your kratom powder for future use in oblate discs. This material is not meant to preserve the contents within. If moisture is introduced somehow, it’ll quickly break down the starch. Make these as needed.

Final Thoughts: Is Parachuting a Good Option?

Parachuting kratom is a fine option, although if you are worried about consuming too much toilet paper, you may want to opt for rice paper or oblate discs. These are safe to consume and dissolve in your stomach as any other edible product does.

If you have never parachuted kratom before, start with a small dose and get used to parachuting before trying any larger amounts. More experienced users know exactly how to do it and how much kratom powder they can handle before choking.

If you don’t like the flavor of kratom or capsules are too expensive, parachuting kratom may be the best option for you. You will get your dose of kratom quickly, and it’ll be potent once the bag reaches your stomach and enters the bloodstream.