Is Kratom Legal in Spain?

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Kratom (Mytragina speciosa) is a medicinal plant native to Southeast Asia. It belongs to the same family as the coffee plant (Rubiaceae).

It’s not psychotropic, and its users take it because they feel it improves their lives. Fortunately, people can use kratom without restrictions in many parts of the world. As a result, its popularity is booming.

Find out everything you need to know about kratom, including its legality in Spain and how to safely buy it.

Is Kratom Legal in Spain?

Kratom is legal in Spain.

Neither the herb nor its alkaloids are on the list of controlled substances. This means that anyone can consume, buy, and even produce and sell kratom.

If you live in Spain, you can receive kratom orders from other European Union countries where it’s legal. In addition, kratom vendors in Spain can also ship internationally.

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Where to Buy Kratom In Spain

There are two ways to get kratom in Spain: online and in-store. One of them is much better than the other, and we’ll explain why below.

1. Buying Kratom Online

If you’re thinking about purchasing your supply online, you’re on the right track. These companies are usually the most reliable, but several reasons make online vendors a better choice.

In-store vendors tend to outsource the production process. This translates into lower quality, less variety, and higher prices.

Buying kratom online gives you access to more choices, discretion, and convenience. You get to order from your couch and receive a discreet package at your doorstep. The biggest reason to buy online, though, is for safety; it’s much easier to validate the company and its products.

If you’re just a curious kratom user in the USA, don’t hesitate to try top vendors like VIP Kratom, Star Kratom, and Kona Kratom.

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2. Buying Kratom In-Store

Sometimes you’re stuck buying from a corner shop; just be careful. It’s better to wait a few days to get kratom shipped to you than to buy something that could be dangerous.

At best, the kratom might not be potent, and you waste your money.

Kratom Vendors in Spain:

  • Barcelona Legalize — Barcelona
  • Houseplant Grow Shop — Madrid
  • Estanco La Latina — Madrid
  • Valero — Alcanar
  • HSNstore — Albolote

If you decide to buy kratom in-store, thoroughly research each vendor.

What to Look for When Buying Kratom

Whichever method you opt for, there are some essential factors to keep in mind when buying kratom. In this section, we’ll discuss three of the most crucial.

1. Lab Tests

Unfortunately, Spain doesn’t have any oversight on the manufacturing or sale of kratom, so vendors have to test their products independently. Reputable companies have their kratom tested by a third party to prove purity and potency.

2. Company Reputation

A company’s reputation is a good indicator of the quality of its products. No matter how much a vendor may have up-to-date lab tests, something is wrong if the buyers are not happy.

On our vendor review page, you can find reports from several kratom vendors. Although they don’t ship to Spain, going through it will help you better understand the criteria you should use when selecting a vendor.

3. Strain Selection

Finally, your vendor must have a wide variety of kratom strains available. Each causes different effects, and while one may help you significantly, another may worsen your condition.

The simplest way to categorize kratom is by vein color. Under this categorization, there are three kinds of kratom: red vein, white vein, and green vein.

White vein kratom provides stimulating effects due to its high content of 7-hydroxymitragynine, an alkaloid that interacts with serotonin receptors. Interestingly, psychedelics also activate these receptors. While white vein kratom is not psychoactive, it can certainly push the boundaries of your creativity.

Red vein kratom is the opposite of white and provides relaxing effects. This type of kratom can relax even the most anxious person; its high content of mitragynine, a mu-opioid alkaloid, is responsible for feelings of sedation.

Finally, green vein kratom is the category that includes the most balanced strains. This type of kratom has a flat alkaloid profile, affecting the middle of red and white vein strains. However, keep in mind that some green strains can be more sedative while others are more stimulating.

What Are People Using Kratom For?

There are many possible uses of kratom. As long as you don’t overdo it with dosage or frequency, you should be fine.

However, some uses are widespread among users. It’s worthwhile to briefly go through them and explain which strain works best for each.

1. Energy & Focus

One of the most common uses of kratom is to increase focus and energy. White kratom will be best if you get distracted easily or feel like you need something to power through your routine.

These strains provide nootropic effects, but only at low doses. The 7-hydroxymitragynine in white kratom is also a mu-opioid agonist, and opiate-like effects may appear at high doses.

2. Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are pervasive, but, fortunately, sufferers are beginning to ask for help.

While kratom alone may not cure these conditions, it can be a great adjunct to proper treatment. White vein kratom may help with depression, and red vein kratom could help with anxiety.

3. Opioid Withdrawal

Opioid withdrawal is very hard to overcome. The symptoms are painful, and there isn’t much that offers relief.

Fortunately, kratom can be of great help to these people. However, it’s best to go for a red strain in this case, and you’ll probably need more than 5g for noticeable improvements.

4. Pain Relief

Finally, many kratom users turn to it to manage chronic pain. You should go to the doctor if you have strong or lasting discomfort instead of hiding it with this or any other analgesic.

That said, if you already know the cause of your pain, kratom may help. It’s similar to opioids provides potent analgesic effects. Red vein kratom can be as effective as prescription painkillers, without the side effects.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom is safe. However, if you overdo it with the dosage or frequency, you might experience side effects. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to consume kratom responsibly. If you take the smallest dose necessary and don’t do it too often, you probably won’t suffer negative effects.

Side Effects of Kratom

If you misuse it, kratom can cause side effects. That said, they’ll be much milder than those from other (legal) medications used to treat the same ailments.

Beware that some stomach discomfort is not unheard of in beginners. This is because your body needs time to learn to process the alkaloids in kratom.

Common side effects are:

  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Lethargy
  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Do not take kratom during pregnancy or under the influence of alcohol.

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Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid, Spain

What’s the Future of Kratom In Spain?

Kratom is a medicinal herb, not a recreational drug. Fortunately, this truth is beginning to come to light and to be accessible to the public.

In Spain, some media outlets label kratom as an opioid. Therefore, there is still much work to be done. However, for the time being, Spain is on the right track and hasn’t banned its use.