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What Is Green Kali Kratom? Effects, Dosage, Safety & More

Green Kalimantan Kratom, generally referred to as Green Kali Kratom or simply Green Kali, is a powerhouse of a herb. Green Kali is grown in one of the world’s most biodiverse regions on Earth — Kalimantan, Indonesia.

If you’ve seen pictures of Kalimantan then you’re probably already aware of the lush, tropical jungles and abundant wildlife that thrive in the area. Among these happy and healthy organisms lives kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).

This article will explain why Green Kali kratom isn’t your average kratom strain.

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What Is Green Kali Kratom?

“It’s all in the name!”

This phrase takes on a whole new level of meaning when it comes to kratom. The name of any kratom strain is sort of like a code that tells you not only where the kratom comes from (usually) but what sort of effects you can expect.

Green Kali kratom is grown in the Kalimantan (Kali) region of Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the most popular places for growing kratom due to the lush tropical rainforests and fertile soil.

Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asia countries are all home to the kratom tree. However, Indonesia remains one of the most important exporters of the plant — and for good reason.

Kalimantan is world-renowned for its beauty and lush rainforests. Fortunately, and unlike we’re used to in the West, huge portions of the Kalimantan remain intact. The jungle hasn’t all been logged (yet).

This allows for the growth of strong, healthy kratom trees.

“You are what you eat,” is another common phrase, and the same thing applies to plants like kratom. The health and benefits of the plant are a direct result of the quality of the soil, water, and air in the region the plant grows.

As such, Green Kalimantan kratom comes from a strong and healthy plant that flourishes due to the healthy and diverse ecosystem surrounding it.

Why Is It Called “Green” Kalimantan?

All kratom is green. This leaves many people wondering why vendors point out the obvious when referring to Green Kalimantan as ‘green.’

This is another part of the kratom code. The color of a strain, at least in its name, relates more to the strain’s effects than the actual color.

While there might be subtle differences in the shade or hue of kratom powder, ultimately, they’re all green. However, the differences between red, green, white, and yellow strains are obvious. Where does this come from?

The reason for all these differences, at least in Indonesia, is a result of the way the plant is processed. Green vein kratom strains such as Green Kali are the least processed. In fact, just about the only process that they go through is drying and powdering.

Other varieties are fermented, sun-dried, or mixed in different ratios to produce different effects. If you’re interested to learn more about this, check out our articles on different strains.

Green Kali is one of the best ways to get a taste of kratom. Since it isn’t processed, you’re getting the natural alkaloid balance of a kratom leaf growing straight on the tree.

The indigenous folks in Southeast Asia often chew kratom leaves whole. The plant functions perfectly as medicine even without being processed. Chewing a leaf straight off the tree would, technically, be considered chewing “green” kratom.

That said, most vendors do sell powdered or crushed leaves. You may even be able to find whole (dried) leaves for sale online. The leaves allow you to use kratom in different ways. They are especially potent when used to make tea.

What Does Green Kali Kratom Do?

The effects of Green Kali kratom are consistent with other kali strains. However, because the Kalimantan region is so healthy and biodiverse, some people find that these effects are sharper and more pronounced.

Remember that the amount of kratom you take will have a profound influence on your experience. There are many different active ingredients in the plant. Some take effect at lower doses; some become more effective at higher doses.

This makes kratom a little finicky and unpredictable. However, with caution and practice, you can figure out how much kratom you need to get the best benefits.  We’ll talk more about this in the next section on kratom dosing.

Here’s a quick outline of the effects of Green Kali that can be compared with other strains:

  • Energy: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  — Green Kali is quite stimulating.
  • Anxiety relief: ⭐️⭐️ — Green Kali kratom can be useful for fighting anxiety.
  • Pain relief: ⭐️⭐️ — You won’t get too much relief from Green Kali.
  • Mood: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  — Green Kali is one of the best strains for boosting mod.
  • Sedation: ⭐️⭐  — Green Kali is a stimulant, not a sedative, although it can be relaxing after the energetic rush wears off.

Here’s a bit more detail about Green Kali and an explanation as to how and why it excels in certain areas.

Energizing Effects

Green Kali is one of the best strains for energy. It provides a well-rounded burst of energy that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Many people find Green Kali makes a suitable replacement for coffee that doesn’t cause jitters.

Green Kali isn’t the most stimulating strain of kratom. White strains are a bit more gung-ho in this regard. However, Green Kali can provide a sustained boost of energy and focus that can last several hours. This is true even at low doses.

New users of Green Kali may find that it’s strong enough to cause insomnia, but this isn’t always the case. Others, specially seasoned kratom users, find that they’re able to fall into a deep sleep once the initial effects wear off.

In fact, many people find that the post-energy experience borders on sedating. As a green strain, sedation is generally more of a side effect than a direct benefit.

Since most people use greens for energy and focus, this post-energetic relaxation might actually be a hindrance to others.

That said, this feeling isn’t overly intense. If one were to compare it to the crash following a coffee, it might be considered less intense.

There are, at the very least, no jitters to worry about when using Green Kali — although it can cause the wobbles, which we’ll discuss below in the side effects section.

Anxiety Relief

Green Kali kratom can also be useful for helping people manage anxiety.

Green Kali excels, in particular, as a strain for helping people manage social anxiety. Unlike red strains, which are very sedating, Green Kali can produce anxiety relief without causing you to feel sedated.

This, coupled with an elevated mood provided by kratom’s effects on your neurotransmitters, making it a very useful tool for helping take the edge off of social situations.

Green Kali kratom can also be useful for managing general anxiety and attacks.

However, you must be careful if you’re planning to use a substance like kratom to manage generalized anxiety. General anxiety has no particular trigger and thus can affect you all day. You definitely don’t want to be taking kratom all day, even if it’s helping you.

Too much of anything can cause problems. If you’re relying too heavily on Green Kali kratom to manage your anxiety, it can lead to an addiction to kratom.

For stifling a panic attack, one might be more interested in using a red strain instead.

Focus & Motivation

Green Kali kratom is a great tool for helping to improve your focus.

This makes it a great strain for people who are interested in studying for school or for a test. It’s also helpful if you want to get the edge in at work, or if you’re feeling competitive and want to crush any competitors in a game, sport, work environment, or anything else.

As a stimulant, Green Kali can also help you get motivated. Cleaning the house, running your errands, and going for a jog are all just a little easier when using kratom.

Just remember not to fall into the habit of relying on Green Kali kratom to do your chores. Dependence can sneak up on you quickly, and you might soon find that you need to take a dose of kratom just so you can get out of the house to walk the dog.

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Mood Support

Green Kali Kratom is also, hands down, one of the best strains for boosting your mood. It combines the euphoric rush of stimulating strains with the mind-numbing bliss of sedating strains.

The result is a positively fabulous herb for enhancing mood. However, the mood-boosting benefits of kratom are also a double-edged sword and really serve as a reminder of why it’s so important to regulate your usage.

In terms of plain mood enhancement, Green Kali excels by helping to jolt the dopamine system into action. The dopamine system is our brain’s chemical reward pathway.

In nature, the dopamine system teaches living creatures how to survive and how to become strong, healthy, and safe.

You might wonder how one neurotransmitter can have so many different benefits. This is why it’s called the reward pathway (and also the reason that people love kratom’s mood-boosting benefits so much).

Naturally, our brain fires off dopamine in response to healthy or productive activities like exercising, having sex, or eating healthy food.

The dopamine surge makes us feel good, accomplished, and joyous. This creates a positive feedback loop that keeps us engaged in whatever activities caused the release.

Anyone familiar with kratom will also recognize these traits as a core part of the kratom experience. Kratom makes you feel good, accomplished, and joyous because it causes a dopamine rush.

Green Kali Kratom also helps people who may have chronic emotional or mental health issues or chemical imbalances in the brain. It does this not only because of its dopaminergic activity but because of its painkilling properties.

Green Kali Kratom works as a sort of emotional anesthetic. It can help numb unpleasant or unwanted feelings that are interfering with your life. We’ve discussed how it can target anxiety but it can also ward off depression or emotional issues caused by chronic psychological problems.

What’s the Best Place to Buy Green Kali Kratom?

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Green Kali Kratom Dosage

Like other strains of this fascinating plant, different doses of Green Kali Kratom can lead to different effects. There are many different natural chemicals in kratom, and each one has its own unique effects.

Some of these plant compounds (called alkaloids) may even compete with one another for a spot in the body. Researchers don’t fully understand this but speculate that this is part of the reason that kratom tends to have varied results, especially at high doses.

In fact, kratom has a built-in protective mechanism that encourages people not to use too much.

Of course, it doesn’t always work — many people have ended up addicted to kratom by not being responsible or respecting their body — but the alkaloid interactions work to create a bit of natural harm reduction.

Some of these alkaloids, called antagonists, have effects that are generally agreed to be rather unpleasant or uncomfortable. However, for the most part, these alkaloids don’t take effect until people are using very high doses or dosing every day.

When you do this, the antagonists build up in a high enough concentration to produce unpleasant effects. This is why it’s important to learn as much as you can about kratom (or any supplement you plan to use).

A lot of people are unaware of this unique property of kratom. Instead of reducing their dosage in order to decrease the effects of the antagonists, many people just ramp their doses up higher and higher in hopes that they’ll be able to enjoy kratom without the unpleasantness.

Obviously, this doesn’t work. However, lacking the proper knowledge, many people end up in an aggressive cycle: consuming higher and higher doses of kratom in an effort to fight off the negative effects caused by kratom itself.

Another way to avoid this unpleasant situation is to follow a strict dosing regimen. We’ll give you a brief outline of how you can do Green Kali Kratom below, but you’ll have to figure out what dose works best for you.

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Light Dose (Focus, Mood, Energy): 1–3 grams.

At this light dosage range, you’ll get a taste of kratom’s effects. The focus and energy that you achieve at this level can be quite strong and consistent; however, it lacks the fuzzy warmth that characterizes kratom at higher doses.

This doesn’t make lower doses any less effective. Quite the contrary — many people prefer these low doses because it allows them to enjoy kratom as a purely functional supplement.

A functional supplement or drug is one that boosts your ability to function in day-to-day living without causing significant impairment or intoxication.

At these light dosages, you’ll probably also notice an increase in mood. Some would say that this categorizes kratom as a recreational, rather than a functional, supplement.

Medium Dose (energy, focus, anxiety relief): 3–5 grams.

A medium dose of Green Kali Kratom will still provide the energy and focus that you’ll find at lower doses. However, a mid-range dose will begin to produce some of the other effects of the kratom.

Low doses, for example, may help reduce anxiety in some people. However, this is usually the result of the mood boost temporarily overpowering any feelings of anxiety. Medium and large doses of kratom, on the other hand, begin to actually stifle the feelings of anxiety.

You’ll also notice as you increase your dosage that the relaxant properties of kratom become more apparent following your buzz.

Green Kali probably shouldn’t be your go-to strain if you’re looking for relaxation because its primary effects are stimulating. However, these effects tend to fade into a dose-dependent state of relaxation.

Large Dose (Energy, Focus, Anxiety Relief): 5–8 grams.

A large dose of Green Kali tends to produce many of the same benefits as a medium dose, albeit a bit more intense.

Some people find that the mood-boosting benefits are more apparent at this dosage. Certainly, large doses are more effective for numbing and relieving feelings like anxiety and depression.

At higher doses, some of the less-stimulating effects of kratom become more obvious. You’ll still, by and large, be primarily stimulated. However, as the anxiolytic and antidepressant effects kick in more strongly, you may find that your energy levels are somewhat muffled.

Side effects like brain fog and emotional blunting are more common at higher doses. In some cases, this can be beneficial, such as if you’re facing an extra-long day working hard labor.

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Green Kali Kratom Side Effects & Precautions

Green Kali Kratom is a powerful plant, and powerful plants can have powerful effects. Not all of these effects are positive. In fact, a responsible way to look at any plant would be to acknowledge that it can cause just as many problems as it can provide benefits.

Fortunately, with a bit of knowledge, preparation, and responsibility, most of Green Kali Kratom’s side effects can be minimized or avoided entirely.

One thing to keep in mind is the fact that side effects tend to emerge more often when you’re using high doses. Some of the side effects are the polar opposite of the benefits that you’ll initially enjoy.

Side effects emerge for several reasons. If you’re using high doses, then your body will just get overwhelmed. Side effects can also emerge because of the way that some of the chemicals in Green Kali Kratom work.

The side effects of kratom can occur regardless of what type of kratom you’re using.

If you notice these effects, you should decrease your dosage or the frequency of your usage:

These side effects are more likely to occur with Green Kali Kratom. If you find that these specific side effects are a dealbreaker then you might be able to switch to a different strain and still enjoy kratom.

Emotional Changes

If you abuse any type of kratom, you may experience changes to your emotional and mental health. However, certain strains cause different changes. Green Kali Kratom is especially notorious for causing people to experience irritability and emotional blunting or apathy.

Irritability often occurs after the initial, euphoric experience wears off. Researchers aren’t entirely sure why this happens. However, an analogy explains the issue quite well.

Green Kali Kratom provides you with a warm and blissful experience. Laden with confidence, security, and motivation, the world feels like your oyster. Should anything get in the way of this sensation, you might be more likely to react negatively.

Green Kali Kratom can also cause emotional blunting. As a painkiller, Green Kali Kratom numbs not only negative feelings but positive ones as well. This can inhibit emotional connections and, over time, can reduce your overall enjoyment of life.

Many users report a decrease in spontaneous emotional reactions as they continue to use kratom. You may find a decrease in challenging emotional responses, such as crying. However, you’ll also laugh less. Long-term kratom use can cloud the heart and muffle the spirit.

Long-term use of Green Kali Kratom can also downregulate the dopamine system. As mentioned earlier, the dopamine system is our reward pathway. Downregulation means that the receptors in this system become less sensitive to stimulation.

This means you’ll have a harder time enjoying the experiences that dopamine naturally provides. You may become unmotivated, lethargic, apathetic, or even anhedonic (unable to experience any sensations of pleasure or reward).

Of course, these changes take time to occur. Unfortunately, they often occur so gradually that people don’t notice the changes taking effect.

If you notice that you’re taking kratom more and more often, this is likely what is happening. Your dopamine system is downregulating and you’re developing a tolerance

Rather than enjoying kratom once in a while as a treat, it starts to seem like a good idea to use it more frequently. This indicates that you’re not getting the same amount of pleasure out of everyday life. Keep using kratom at this rate, and you’ll run into problems.


Kratom is often used to help manage anxiety. However,  some people find that it can actually cause anxiety. This is more likely to occur with stimulating strains like Green Kali.

Some people find that Green Kali actually produces anxiety as a direct result of usage. If this is the case then you’re probably just sensitive to stimulants and should switch to a different strain.

However, even those who don’t find that kratom causes anxiety initially may develop anxiety over time.

Many users, including those who never struggled with anxiety in their lives, report that long-term kratom use leads to the development of anxiety. This specific anxiety is often marked by brain fog, difficulty thinking, and unpleasant physical effects.

Some research suggests that this may be the result of hormonal changes. Kratom can cause adrenal fatigue. In an attempt to restore adrenaline to a healthy level, your body may experience sudden jolts of adrenaline which can cause panic.

Kratom also changes the production of certain hormones. Increased cortisol levels can cause anxiety. Kratom is known to reduce the production of testosterone which works as a sort of counterbalance against cortisol.

If your anxiety is solely the result of your kratom use, then you’ll probably be able to stop it by simply ceasing your use. However, if kratom has aggravated or provoked an underlying anxiety disorder, then you may need to seek help to manage it.

Similar Kratom Strains

Green Kali is a great strain. It showcases the potency and capabilities of kratom grown in the Kalimantan region. It’s a good balance of energy, focus, and post-buzz relaxation. Here are some similar strains to try if you’d like more experience with kratom.

1. Yellow Kali Kratom

Yellow Kali Kratom is, paradoxically,  similar and different from Green Kali. It goes through a different processing procedure, but the results are similar: a mix of energy and sedation.

However, Yellow Kali produces its balanced effects with a mixture of red (extremely sedating) and white (extremely stimulating) kratom. This produces a more extreme experience overall rather than the gentle balance of Green Kali.

2. Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains of kratom, and for good reason. Maeng Da is often considered the strongest variety of kratom. Some vendors and farmers simply apply the term to their strongest kratom batches.

As such, anyone looking for a green kratom strain that offers the full experience would do well to try out Green Maeng Da.

3. White Kali Kratom

If you’re using kratom to get stuff done, you might prefer a white strain. White Kali kratom is as good of a place to start as any. White Kali Kratom is exclusively stimulating and will keep you alert and hyper-focused for several hours.

Final Thoughts – Green Kali Kratom

Green Kali Kratom is a great strain for both beginners and experienced kratom users.

It offers a balance of stimulating and sedating effects depending on the dose you’re using.

The combination makes Green Kali great for anyone interested in boosting their productivity and balancing their mood.

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