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Galactic Botanicals Review

Rating: 4.5

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $150 — $180

Galactic Botanicals

Ranked 9 out of 97 vendors

As a Canadian website, Galactic Botanicals wasn’t certified by the American Kratom Association. However, they may have played a huge part in the development of the Canadian Kratom Association.

Although the CKA doesn’t list vendors yet, GB likely would have been on their top 5 — The quality of their customer service and products was impeccable.

The variety was decent; they offered as many strains as you need but never caused you to feel overwhelmed. The only thing they didn’t have going for them was the price of their products, which were a bit higher than the competition. And, of course, the fact that they’ve recently shut down their operations.

Nonetheless, their influence is still prominent in Canada. Ever since Galactic Botanicals emerged, newer vendors such as Canada Kratom Express have strived to go above and beyond.

About the Company: Galactic Botanicals

Galactic Botanicals originally started in Vancouver. Although initially quite small, their quality led to an explosion in their popularity. They had a dedicated and loyal fan base that would recommend and exclusively use products from the company.

I can attest to this since, during my years on the East Coast of Canada, I would always order from Galactic Botanicals despite their being located as far as possible for a domestic vendor.

First and foremost, the company always tried to achieve a high level of quality. Not just in their products but also in their customer service, website design, ease of access, and customer satisfaction. They succeeded in all accounts hence the thousands of people who remained loyal to them even after moving a great distance away.

Unfortunately, the website is currently dormant because Galactic Botanicals was purchased by another company — King Tut Botanicals — that has yet to do anything with its domain.

King Tut is another Canadian-based vendor attempting to take over the wholesale marketing of organic kratom all across Canada.

Galactic Botanicals set high standards during its years online. Galactic made sure to provide users with consistent, high-quality goods and services and take time to import some of the less-common strains.


  • Consistent and reliable in all of their business dealings
  • Kratom quality was second to none
  • Remained on top of emails and ensured that most orders got out the same day
  • Shipped to all but the most remote areas, never taking more than five business days
  • Provided refunds or replacement products for just about any reason, as well as happy to send free samples when you want to try a new strain


  • Galactic Botanicals is no longer in business
  • King Tut Botanicals, the company that bought Galactic Botanicals, still has not done anything with the website
  • King Tut is one of the few Canadian vendors to have higher prices than Galactic Botanicals

Galactic Botanicals Product Reviews

This company focused almost exclusively on kratom powder. They had a selection of different strains that included all of the common ones and several unique, exotic, or hard-to-find varieties.

1. Kratom Leaf Powder

Kratom powder is the most common source of kratom in North America. It was certainly good enough for Galactic Botanicals since it’s all they stocked except in the last few months when they ventured into selling capsules.

Kratom powder is appealing due to its versatility and ability to tap into North American and the Western World’s desire for strong, immediate effects from supplements and drugs. If you really want it to hit you quickly, chase down kratom powder with warm water.

1. Galactic Botanicals Green Malay

Green Malay kratom is a favorite due to its clean euphoric buzz — Galactic Botanicals seems especially strong compared to other vendors.

2. Galactic Botanicals Green Maeng Da

Their Green Maeng Da was no different than their Green Malay in terms of potency. The main difference was a slight shift in the ratio between energy and mood improvement. I never quite could specify what this difference was, so I’d always make sure to order one and take whichever one suited the day.

3. Galactic Botanicals Red Bali

The company’s Red Bali was some of the strongest around, with the ability to make you nod out as a traditional opioid would. Thai stuff was strong, providing the kind of buzz that would have someone falling asleep in the middle of a conversation.

Other Strains Offered by Galactic Botanicals

Unless otherwise listed, their kratom powders generally started at $13.50. However, some of their custom blends (such as the Winter Blend or the 4-seasons blend) would cost somewhat more, despite just being a mixture of their $13.50 kratoms.

Here are the strains that they offered. Many weren’t available at Madam Kratom and aren’t currently available at Kratom Genie or Canada Kratom Express.

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Green Bali
  • Elephant Thai
  • Red Thai
  • Tesla Red Thai
  • Red Borneo
  • Premium Red Borneo
  • Green Tiger Riau
  • Red Sumatra
  • Green Sumatra
  • 4-Seasons blend

Is Galactic Botanicals Legit?

GB was as legit as it gets. In fact, some believe that the Canadian vendor paved the way for companies like Canada Kratom Express to offer the services they do.

What You Can Expect To Pay

Galactic Botanicals was, at the time, the most expensive kratom vendor in the country (aside from Kratom Genie, which stands in a category of its own in regards to ridiculous prices).

However, the quality of their product and customer service, their quick shipping, and everything else about them made it feel like you were getting more value.

Considering their kratom sold for $13.50 an ounce, compared to (at the time) Madam Kratom’s $10-11 an ounce, you’re not paying a ton more, but you are getting way better service.

Accepted Payment Options

There were lots of ways that you could pay at Galactic Botanicals.

  • Interac e-transfer
  • Cash on delivery
  • Credit card/debit card/prepaid card
  • Gift cards
  • PayPal

What Other Customers Say About This Brand

It’s hard to find a complaint about this company, only vast swaths of users who miss them and wish they’d return to the scene.

Shipping & Returns

Galactic Botanicals only shipped to Canada and offered a flat rate XpressPost option. Their same-day shipping cut-off is at 12:30 PST,  and orders arrived within 3-5 days.

Orders over $500 had free shipping.

  • Basic shipping for national orders was only $4 and could be applied for orders under 300 grams.
  • Xpress post regional was $12 and could be shipped at unlimited weights and sizes, delivering in no more than two business days. Regional Xpresspost shipped to BC, Alberta, Winnipeg, and Saskatchewan.
  • Xpress post-national was $18 and shipped to places like Halifax and the northern territories.

Best Alternative Kratom Vendors

Here are a few other vendors to choose from now that you can’t pick from GB.

1. Kratom Genie

Kratom Genie is a weird site. First, their prices aren’t competitive at all, and the website looks like a 12-year-old designed it. However, your first order will get you a 40% off discount coupon, which makes the prices actually a bit cheaper than other vendors’ prices.

If you subscribe to their newsletter, you’ll get a few other coupon deals like this annually. Otherwise, keep them in your bookmarks tab and wait for them to get ahold of you.


  • Great discounts
  • Sells other herbs
  • Good variety
  • Sells extracts


  • Bad website design
  • Obnoxious pricing
  • Weird vibes from the site

2. Canada Kratom Express

Canada Kratom Express is the country’s gold standard for kratom products right now and the most similar to Galactic Botanicals. Their customer service is on par, and their quality is consistent and top-notch.

In fact, maybe they’re run by the same people that started Galactic Botanicals.


  • Works closely with Indonesian kratom growers
  • Dedicated to bringing the power of plants to people
  • Offers good prices on 100% pure, lab-tested products
  • Lots of sales and discounts are available


  • Does not offer returns on opened packages

3. Kratom King Canada

They look like a high-quality company (aside from the big, glaring typo offering “DELIVERY TIME GUARANTEES” right on the front page) offering fresh, pure organic kratom.

Their prices are fairly low at $149.99 CDN for a kilo with 4 kilos for $440. The only issue is that they’re exclusively a wholesale site and the smallest order you can place is a half kilo for $99.99. If you want to save money, you can get kilograms for $95 as long as you order more than 15 of them.


  • Great variety in their kilograms
  • Good bulk prices on kilograms.
  • Upfront and honest customer service


  • Can’t buy small personal-sized amounts.
  • Everything on the site is ‘on sale,’ which feels gimmicky
  • Can only pay via crypto and e-transfer
  • No exchanges or returns

Final Thoughts: One of Canada’s Best

This was one of Canada’s best vendors, for sure. Their prices were higher than average but reflected the stellar customer service and respect they showed their users.

Kratom products were of exceptional quality and always arrived on time. When they didn’t, refunds were promptly issued or products re-sent that same day.

These guys set a gold standard that companies should be compared to.

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