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Can You Really Boof Kratom?

One topic that has continued to come up in kratom forums over and over again is the concept of boofing kratom powder.

While boofing works for many drugs and can provide more intense experiences with a smaller dose, boofing kratom should never be attempted. 

This article discusses precisely what boofing is, how it’s done, and why you should never try it yourself.

Written by Wade Paul
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Wade Paul

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What Does It Mean to Boof Kratom?

“Boofing” is a term for taking alcohol or psychoactive drugs via the rectal cavity. The basic idea is that the drug is absorbed via large intestines directly into the bloodstream.

In many cases, boofing drugs provide a much more intense experience. For example, people have boofed psilocybin mushrooms and report that the trip is far stronger and comes on almost instantly. 

Likewise, those who boof alcohol — also called “butt chugging” — report an intense and immediate buzz even from small amounts of alcohol because it’s able to enter the bloodstream and hit the brain so quickly. 

Boofing kratom — also called “plugging kratom” — is a similar idea and usually involves injecting cooled kratom tea or powder suspended in the liquid directly into the rectum.

Why Would Someone Boof Kratom?

There are many reasons to use kratom. Smaller doses tend to be stimulative, and provide nootropic effects like a boost to concentration and focus, offer clarity of mind, and can induce a feeling of euphoria. 

Larger doses can be useful for treating pain and insomnia, and they tend to be relaxing and can reduce anxiety and stress as well.

Here are some of the reasons why some people are choosing to boof kratom: 

1. It Avoids the Undesirable Taste

While users seek the effects kratom provides, the taste is exceptionally bitter and undesirable. Most users take kratom orally, and in powder form, so the bitterness has to be endured on a daily basis. Boofing kratom offers an alternative delivery method that allows users to avoid the unpleasant flavor. However, there are other ways to disguise the taste of kratom.

2. To Avoid Nausea

Additionally, one of the common side effects of kratom is nausea, which most users experience when taking larger doses. The feeling of nausea likely comes from the powder reaching the stomach, and boofing allows users to bypass most of the digestive tract entirely.

3. For Faster Onset of Effects

Finally, kratom typically takes about 20 to 30 minutes to kick in, but the peak effects will settle in around an hour after oral consumption. Some users looking for more immediate results try plugging kratom, which allows more immediate absorption into the bloodstream for many other drugs.

4. To Save Money

Compounds are absorbed through the rectum with a surprising degree of efficiency. You only need a little bit for the compounds to have a strong effect profile. 

This has some people reportedly boofing kratom for the sake of conserving their stash. Users report roughly 50% of the conventional dose is needed to achieve the same effects when boofing kratom. 

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Does Boofing Kratom Work?

While there is no formal research to confirm whether or not plugging kratom provides the desired effects, there are many user reports online. Anecdotal evidence suggests mixed results.

For the majority of people, boofing kratom provides no effects, even those expected with normal kratom use. Many users report that boofing is a good way to waste kratom powder.

Some people have noted that boofing kratom provides the desired effects and leads to a more intense experience and a faster onset of effects.

Unfortunately, with nothing but anecdotal evidence to support the effects of boofing kratom, it is unclear whether or not it works. However, as you’ll read below, boofing kratom is potentially dangerous, so you should avoid trying it for yourself.

Is Boofing Kratom Safe?

Boofing kratom is potentially dangerous for a few reasons, many of which are present with plugging other drugs as well.

1. Possible Internal Damage or Infection

Inexperienced users can make mistakes when preparing or administering the kratom. Failing to allow a kratom tea to cool, for example, could lead to severe burns and internal damage to the rectum and intestines. Improper insertion or preparation of the injection area can lead to irritation and infection, the latter of which could potentially be fatal.

The skin around the injection site and just inside the rectum is very sensitive and thin, so it’s easy to irritate it or tear it when inserting the syringe. Even small tears and abrasions can promote infection and lead to severe discomfort.

2. Intensify Digestive Issues

If you have digestive issues related to the large or small intestine, you could be putting yourself at risk of worsening those conditions by boofing kratom. Normal oral consumption allows the kratom powder to pass through the stomach and liver for filtering and partial digestion before reaching your intestines.

Boofing kratom means unfiltered powder will be entering the area, which can have adverse effects, especially for those with preexisting digestive tract conditions.

3. Increased Side Effects 

Boofing kratom powder makes dosing more difficult, even for experienced kratom users. When you consume a drug anally, a higher concentration of the active compounds will reach your bloodstream. As such, a 3-gram dose taken orally could produce far less intense effects than the same dose taken anally.

As such, the side effects of boofing kratom are heightened and more likely when boofing than when taking kratom powder or capsules orally. 

The most dangerous side effect of kratom is addiction. 

Kratom interacts with the body’s opioid receptors and can be habit-forming. Taking more intense doses by plugging them could increase the likelihood of addiction and dependence.

The below side effects of kratom are also more likely to occur when plugging the compound:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Confusion or Brain Fog
  • Anxiety

Additionally, diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion are all possible side effects when boofing any compound, including kratom.

Conclusion: Is Plugging Kratom Safe?

Some kratom users attempt to boof or plug kratom — take it anally — to bypass the undesirable taste and nausea that it produces in some cases. While boofing will help avoid the bitter flavor, it can produce nausea and other unpleasant side effects that are potentially dangerous. These include vomiting, lethargy, addiction, anxiety, and more.

Boofing kratom is also dangerous because it leaves the user more prone to infection and injury at or around the injection site. It often results in discomfort, diarrhea, or constipation, just as boofing other compounds can.

In case the negative side effects aren’t enough to dissuade you from trying to boof kratom, many users report that plugging doesn’t work and won’t provide the desired results of taking kratom orally. Ultimately, you should avoid boofing kratom and find other methods of taking it orally that work for you.