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Empty Kratom Teabags: Which Ones Should I Use?

Brewing kratom tea has to be one of the most popular choices in this day and age. You can easily measure out your specific dose of kratom powder and add it to hot water, allowing it to steep like any other type of hot tea.

Users will typically boil water, remove it from heat, allow it to cool slightly, and then add their kratom powder. Some will also add some lemon juice or other things to mask kratom’s harsh, bitter taste.

People have been simply adding their powder directly into the water for years now. This will frequently result in intense bitterness as well as a strange mouthfeel. Using empty kratom tea bags has been under the spotlight lately as it may be a way to combat the negatives of drinking kratom tea.

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Which Empty Tea Bags Should I Use For Kratom?

The type of teabags you should be using comes down to how you answer this question: are you using loose leaf kratom or kratom powder?

Teabags for Kratom Powder

Most kratom available online comes as a fine powder. You’ll need to use teabags with a very fine mesh or paper to prevent the brew from becoming chalky and powdery. You can use either paper or cloth material.

Paper is cheaper, but they’re one-time use only and tend to tear open right before drinking your tea.

Cloth is a better option because it can be washed and reused many times and are much stronger and less likely to break and ruin your tea.

You’ll want to use larger teabags, as you will need to use a few grams of powder for a single dose. If the teabags are too small, you will need to fill two or three just to get enough of a dose for one person.

These are the teabags we use (from Amazon):

Buy Empty Tea bags For Kratom Powder.

Teabags for Looseleaf Kratom

If you’re using the loose leaf kratom, which is much rarer to find than the powder, you’ll want something with a nice mesh material. You can use paper here too, but most tea drinkers avoid this material if possible because it can add a “papery” or “cardboard” flavor to the tea.

Since you don’t need the teabags to be as fine as you do for powder, you can use mesh or nylon bags like the ones pictured below instead. You can also use the same cloth teabags listed above.

Best empty teabags for loose leaf kratom

Buy empty kratom tea bags for loose leaf tea.

How To Use Empty Tea Bags for Kratom

You can find many empty (reusable) teabag options online at affordable prices. This is a similar tactic to filling your capsules. Kratom-filled tea bags are available from a few vendors, but they will cost you way more than you would to make your own.

Preparing kratom tea bags in advance also saves you time, so whenever you feel like having a cup of kratom tea, all you need to do is find your teabag stash and boil up some water.

What you’ll need:

  • Your favorite loose-leaf kratom or powder
  • Empty kratom tea bags (reusable tea bags)
  • Other additives to help with flavor (mint leaves, ginger, lavender, chamomile, cinnamon)
  • Sweetener, like agave nectar, honey, maple syrup, etc. (optional)
  • Water
  • Kettle or pot

Loose-leaf kratom is hard to find but is ideal for these purposes. There are two favorites to look for: Green Maeng Da and Red Maeng Da. They’re good ones to have on hand.

If you are using powder, make sure you buy very fine mesh or paper teabags to keep in as much as possible.

You can find empty kratom tea bags designed specifically for kratom that heat-seal. Although, you probably won’t get as many, and you’re going to pay more. It would probably make more sense financially to purchase regular empty tea bags and fill them with your kratom powder or loose leaves.

You can find drawstring style tea bags in bulk online or go with something else that self-seals that aren’t marketed towards kratom.

You’re going to get the same product essentially but pay far less. Instead of typing in “empty kratom tea bags” or “empty tea bags for kratom,” type in “empty self-sealing tea bags” or “empty teabags.”

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When Can I Drink Kratom Tea?

This depends on the results you’re looking for. It also depends on what strain of kratom you have on hand or will be using. Strain will make a huge difference, as different vein colors offer various effects.

For example, red vein kratom tends to be profoundly relaxing and heavy. White vein kratom strains are usually very invigorating and energizing. Green vein strains offer a nice balance of calm and uplifted, finding a middle ground between the other two colors.

If you want to feel energized, calm, and focused, you’ll want to fill your empty kratom tea bag with something white or green. If you need pain relief or help to unwind after a stressful day, you’ll want to fill your empty kratom teabags with something red.

Don’t drink a cup of White Maeng Da right before bed. These are not good for sleep, and you will most likely be strung out all night. Now, this can be good if you’re working the night shift or need to study for a big test — other than that, it’s undesirable.

Instead, try a cup of Red Maeng Da or another red strain that’s favored for its relaxing, tranquil effects.

How Much Kratom Should I Put in a Tea Bag?

When it comes to filling your empty kratom tea bags, you’ll want to go for whatever dose you’re aiming for. If you usually take around 4 grams of powder, add about 4-4.5 grams to your teabag. Not sure what amount you need? Check out our kratom dosing guide for details.

You’ll want to be sure you don’t overfill it, or that will defeat the purpose of using the teabag. Some powder will likely make its way out.

Remember that you can use loose powder, although sometimes it is so fine the teabag may not contain it very well. Many people opt for using crushed kratom leaves to add into their tea bags or use both.

Make sure you leave enough room for whatever else you want to add, such as dried ginger, dried orange, mint leaves, or other herbs and spices.

Final Thoughts: Empty Kratom Tea Bags

If the idea of having pre-made kratom teabags in your cupboard ready to go in the mornings sounds good, then filling your own bags is a great choice. Some of us lead hectic lives, juggling careers, children, and hobbies, amongst other things. Saving some time in the morning is something many people would agree on as a positive.

Instead of seeking out teabags made for kratom, try finding self-sealing tea bags or drawstring tea bags online in bulk. They are cheaper, and you will get way more. Remember, you can also add exciting flavors to your empty kratom tea bags. Many individuals like the addition of chamomile, lemon, and honey.

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