A Guide to Colorado’s Kratom Laws (2023)

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The kratom tree is unregulated in the United States at the federal level but prohibited in some states. Kratom is legal in almost all areas of Colorado, but not all, and legislators recently tried to pass regulations regarding it.

In this article, we’ll discuss its legality, how to safely use it, and the ways it could benefit you. We’ll cover where kratom is legal in Colorado, where it’s not, and what the new law would have changed.

Is Kratom Legal In Colorado?

Kratom is legal in Colorado at a state level, but certain areas have restrictions.

Denver placed restrictions on kratom on November 20, 2017, when Denver Environmental Health (DEH) released a statement saying kratom couldn’t be sold or served for human consumption, effective immediately.

Parker banned it in October 2019, and Monument banned it in November 2019.

On several occasions, authorities tried to ban kratom but failed each time due to the powerful voice of its users.

Most recently, the state considered legislation that would regulate kratom statewide. SB 147 was passed to the Senate Committee on Finance but postponed indefinitely and died on February 28, 2023.

This leaves kratom unregulated in most of Colorado, so residents outside of the aforementioned cities can access it legally.

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Where to Buy Kratom In Colorado

If you’re in Colorado or another state where kratom is legal, you can access it in two ways: online or in-store.

Several reasons make buying kratom online a better option. It isn’t prohibited, but no state or federal entity controls its production. This can make it difficult to find a reliable vendor.

Below, we’ll compare these two ways to buy kratom and tell you what to look for before making a purchase.

Buying Kratom Online

Online vendors are often the best way to ensure you’re buying good quality kratom that meets your needs.

A reliable vendor will provide third-party lab results, giving you this guarantee. We strongly recommend you look for a vendor that offers certificates of analysis along with each product.

Online stores also have more variety. There are many different strains of kratom, and each causes considerably different effects. The store you’re shopping at should have a wide variety of kratom products. The more there is to choose from, the more likely you’ll find the specific strain you need.

Another benefit is cost. By purchasing kratom online, you’ll get considerably better prices than when buying in-store. Buying directly from the source usually gives you direct access to the manufacturer — without a middleman raising prices to cover overhead costs.

If you want to buy kratom online, here are a few trusted sites:

  1. Kona Kratom This brand offers the best value for money and provides a wide variety of options.
  2. Star Kratom This company stands out for its fast delivery without sacrificing the quality of its products.
  3. VIP Kratom This vendor may not be the cheapest option, but there’s no comparison when it comes to quality.
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Buying Kratom In-Store

If you want to purchase kratom in a store, a quick Google search along the lines of “kratom near me” will most likely give you several results for vendors in your area.

However, many stores don’t offer high-quality products simply because the focus is on other herbs and supplements. Kratom from these stores often lacks AKA certification and could be tainted, laced, or not as potent as it should be.

Physical stores also tend to be more expensive and lack variety due to high overhead costs and limited shelf space.

If  you still want to buy from a local vendor, here’s a list of places that sell kratom in the state of Colorado:

  • Colorado Kratom Imports (Littleton)
  • Mr. Nice Guy’s CBD (Colorado Springs)
  • Aurora Smoke Shop (Hampden Villa)
  • Kiody Kratom (Colorado Springs)
  • Kratom by Mile High Botanicals (Denver)

Find Kratom Near You

Learn more about buying kratom in Colorado with these city guides:

What to Look for When Buying Kratom

Because we’re talking about a deregulated substance, kratom users are at risk. Many products are classified as kratom but are of dubious origin and may even include dangerous adulterants to increase potency.

For this reason, there are things to consider to ensure your kratom is high-quality.

1. AKA Certification

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a private organization. Businesses join for credibility but have to submit to the AKA’s standards. Products evaluated during an annual audit must meet certain criteria, or the company loses the association’s endorsement.

This association is, so far, the only entity that enforces some sort of quality control for kratom.

That said, vendors are under no obligation to join the AKA, and anyone can market kratom.

2. Company Reputation

As mentioned, an AKA certificate is a good sign, but it isn’t enough to guarantee high-quality kratom.

Never buy kratom from a new vendor without first looking up the company’s name on the internet and analyzing what buyers say about the store.

On our vendor reviews, you can find in-depth reviews of various kratom suppliers in the USA.

3. Strain Selection

The easiest way to categorize kratom is to separate it into three broad categories defined by vein color.

Red vein kratom is the most sedative option. This kratom provides relaxing effects, especially in higher amounts. Its anxiolytic effect will reduce stress, but too much may cause you to feel lethargic.

White vein kratom provides the most stimulating effect and can help boost concentration.

Finally, there is the green vein kratom. It’s considered an in-between and offers well-rounded effects.

Some green strains are more stimulating, while others are more sedative. Pay special attention to the descriptions of green vein kratom since they can fall on either side of the spectrum.

What Are People Using Kratom for?

Kratom is popular for the various benefits it offers, though the effects depend on the dose. Our dosage guide can help you figure out where to start.

Here are a few of the ways kratom could help you:

1. Energy & Focus

Many people use kratom for long-lasting energy and increased focus. Green and white strains are best for this, but make sure you read the descriptions well because some strains have the opposite effect.

2. Pain Relief

If you’re looking for pain relief, red vein kratom is the best choice.

Kratom has alkaloids that interact with opioid receptors, is an excellent muscle relaxant, and inhibits COX-2, an enzyme involved in triggering the pain response.

It’s worth clarifying that pain is the body’s way of communicating something is wrong, and it’s best to find out the cause. However, when pain is chronic, an analgesic such as kratom can offer relief.

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3. Anxiety & Depression

If you have a psychological disorder, kratom can help, but you’ll need to carry out a long-term treatment plan.

That said, on the fast-paced journey to improvement, help alleviate the symptoms of depression and anxiety by using kratom.

Red vein kratom is often best, but white vein kratom can also help due to its mood-elevating effects. However, low doses can also cause anxiety.

If you suffer from both conditions, which is common, you can try a more balanced green strain.

4. Opiate Withdrawal

For a long time, many people thought kratom could generate an addiction similar to opiates due to its chemical reactions and effects.

Today, it’s known that this isn’t the case and that, on the contrary, kratom can help with opiate withdrawal.

If you’re using kratom for this purpose, we recommend using higher dosages. These will have a soothing and empathogenic effect somewhat similar to that of opioids, but of course, without the risks.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom is very safe if used responsibly, but you might suffer adverse effects if you overdo it. It works like any other pharmacologically active substance and requires proper use. It can be addictive but is safer than many drugs from a pharmacy as long as you take breaks from it and don’t combine it with other substances. Talk to your doctor about how to use kratom safely.

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Side Effects of Kratom

Everything has its catch, kratom included.

If you overdo it, you’ll undoubtedly witness some or all of these side effects. Stick to a safe dose, and chances are you’ll avoid complications.

The most common side effects of kratom include:

As you can see, the side effects are minimal compared to many prescription drugs.

Avoid using kratom if you’re pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What’s the Future of Kratom In Colorado?

Fortunately, governments and scientific communities accept medicinal plants more than they used to, though many still have a bad view of kratom.

As for Colorado, previous attempts to ban it have failed, and the most recent attempt was to regulate it. The exceptions here are Denver, which restricts selling it for human consumption, and Parker and Monument, which have outlawed both the sale and possession of the herb within city limits.

Enough people seem to understand the benefits of kratom and continue to push for legalization at both national and state levels.

If you want to see how kratom can benefit you, buy from reputable vendors like Kona Kratom, VIP Kratom, and Star Kratom. You’ll be more likely to find high-quality kratom that suits your needs.