Is Kratom Legal in Nevada?

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Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a medicinal plant that’s helped thousands of users treat health conditions ranging from anxiety to chronic pain.

Despite its clear medical benefit, some parts of the world have chosen to ban kratom in fear of it contributing to the drug epidemic.

Nevada is not one of these places. Kratom is entirely legal to buy in the state of Nevada, but there are some criteria that need to be met in order for sellers to list it in their shops.

In this article, we’ll explore the specifics of the legal status of kratom in Nevada, outline some of the best places to buy it locally, and discuss why you should shop for kratom online.

Is Kratom Legal in Nevada?

If you’re over 18, you can obtain kratom legally in the state of Nevada.

You don’t need any special licenses or registrations — you can simply order kratom online or visit a retail shop that stocks kratom.

In 2016, the state of Nevada passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (AB303), a bill that regulates the sale and production of Kratom.

As per this bill, vendors must adhere to the following criteria:

  • All contents must be clearly labeled
  • No adulterants are added that would affect the potency of the kratom
  • Customers must be above the age of 18

Vendors that break any of these rules can be fined up to $1000.

In most states, kratom is unregulated, meaning anyone can sell it, buy it, and consume it. No state agency controls its content or distribution. This bill helps guarantee products free from additives and dangerous chemicals.

Where to Buy Kratom in Nevada

In Nevada, you can purchase kratom online and in-store. This section will discuss the differences between the two. Both have benefits, but we’ll tell you why one might be better than the other.

1. Buying Kratom Online

We believe that buying kratom online is better than buying locally, mainly for safety reasons. Here are a few of the things you gain by buying online.

Pros of Buying Kratom Online:

  • Wider product selection
  • Ability to vet the vendor before you buy
  • Third-party testing easier to verify
  • Better deals (less overhead)
  • Discrete method of buying kratom

Negatives of Buying Kratom Online:

  • You’ll have to wait a few days for your product to arrive

2. Buying Kratom In-Store

Buying kratom from a local store is usually possible, and you can search for “kratom near me” on Google to get several results for vendors near you.

If you need kratom right away or prefer the experience of buying in-store, here’s a list of kratom vendors found across Nevada:

  • Kratom Smoke Shop (Las Vegas)
  • The Kratom Store (Reno)
  • Smoke Shop & Vapor Shop (Henderson)
  • Bumble Bee Botanicals (Reno)
  • Three Kings Smoke Shop (North Las Vegas)

Thanks to the regulation of kratom in Nevada, in-store purchases are safer than in other states. However, most lack certification from the AKA.

It’s unlikely you’ll find a wide variety of kratom products in these stores, and the prices are usually higher. We believe your best option is to buy kratom from a vendor dedicated exclusively to kratom and is AKA-certified.

Find Kratom Near You

Discover everything you need to know about buying kratom in Nevada with these complete city guides:

What To Look For When Buying Kratom

While regulations help ensure kratom quality, you should still do things to ensure you’re getting good quality kratom that best serves your purposes.

We’ve dedicated this section to three factors that influence kratom’s quality and effectiveness and explain what you need to know to make an intelligent purchase.

Look For AKA Certification

Vendors join this private organization for added credibility. Each year, the AKA (American Kratom Association) audits these companies using third-party labs to analyze the kratom content of these vendors’ products. If it doesn’t meet the AKA’s standards, the vendor loses certification.

Since its launch in 2015, the AKA works to enforce some sort of quality control — but it doesn’t stop there. According to its own words, it aims to support consumers by giving them a voice and acts as an educational resource.

Company Reputation

After checking for AKA certification, research the company’s name and make sure most buyers are happy with the products and descriptions. There are noticeable differences between each strain; you don’t want to buy one product expecting specific results only to find out that it gives the opposite effect.

Our vendor reviews page gives unbiased information on several kratom vendors.

Strain Selection

Kratom has three major categories: green vein, red vein, and white vein.

The color of the leaf vein determines the kratom strains, which of course, isn’t visible once the kratom is powdered.

Different kratom strains provide different effects, ranging from opioid-like sedation at high doses with red kratom to a caffeine-like stimulation with white kratom, mainly at low doses.

Green kratom is an intermediate that can lean to either side of the scale.

There are other categories that are made by blending various strains together — such as yellow kratom or gold kratom.

Kratom leaves, powder, capsules and extract.

What Are People in Nevada Using Kratom For?

Scientific communities and government agencies are beginning to agree that kratom is more than a drug. Users are coming out of the “kratom closet” and are talking about the benefits they experience from using it.

The science surrounding it is also advancing. Research showing kratom’s effectiveness increases as the number of studies increase.

This section looks at the most common uses of kratom and which vein color is best to use for each of these purposes.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are the two most common psychological ailments of our times. We all know people dealing with one or both of them, and it could very well be you. If so, kratom can help.

Scientific studies indicate that kratom can be an excellent tool to elevate your mood and decrease anxiety. If you want to treat anxiety, red vein kratom is the best option for you.

If you suffer from depression, you should try a white vein kratom. Mitragynine and ajmalicine provide stimulation and help elevate your mood so you can go about your daily activities.

Energy & Focus

White vein kratom is your best ally if you’re looking for nootropic effects.

Users describe the experience as similar to drinking strong coffee without the jitters. The stimulation from white kratom is mild and boosts creativity while making social interactions easier.

Using low doses — about  2-3g of kratom — is usually enough to get the most pronounced effect.

Pain Relief

If you’re consuming kratom for analgesic effects, we also recommend red vein kratom.

Due to its high content of 7-hydroxymitragynine, red vein kratom can provide potent pain-killing effects. This alkaloid gives results similar to the analgesic effects of opioids, which act on the same biological pathway.

If you want to reduce pain, we recommend starting with a high dose, between 5-10g.

Remember that it’s best to consume the lowest effective dose to minimize the possibility of adverse effects, so start low and find what works for you.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom is safe when consumed correctly. The key to proper use is to use as little as possible, as infrequently as possible.

Without adhering to a healthy protocol, kratom can bring side effects, as will any pharmacologically active substance if misused.

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Side Effects of Kratom

As mentioned, kratom is safe when consumed responsibly. However, there’s always a chance of experiencing side effects from kratom. If you adopt the proper practices for consuming kratom, chances are you won’t have to deal with them.

It’s worth noting that prescription drugs are likely to have more severe side effects —benzodiazepines being a clear example.

The most common side effects among kratom users are:

The most common cause of side effects from kratom is taking too much. Lower doses rarely lead to side effects.

Additionally, new users experience side effects more often than experienced users. Digestive upset, such as nausea and constipation, usually occurs the first few times in some users until their bodies adjust.

As a general rule, if you’re consuming the correct dosage and aren’t using it too often, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. However, there are exceptions, and we recommend you listen to your body.

You should not take kratom if you’re pregnant or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

What’s The Future of Kratom in Nevada?

Kratom has been legal in Nevada for several years now, and so far, there are no plans to ban it. The state of Nevada is currently a great place to live if you’re a kratom user, and we’re confident it will continue to be so as users make their voices heard.

If you want to try kratom for yourself, remember to buy it carefully and use it responsibly. Online vendors will have the selection, price, and reliability you need.

There are many quality vendors to check out, but plenty of unethical or low-grade vendors to watch out for as well.

If you’re looking for a quick recommendation, check out brands like Kona Kratom, VIP Kratom, and Star Kratom.