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What Is Gold Kali Kratom? Effects, Dosage, Safety & More

Most kratom fans are familiar with red, green, and white kratom, but even experienced users may not know about gold kratom. Curing kratom leaves in the sun creates gold kratom that has unique effects profiles with different uses than their parent stains.

This article covers Gold Kali kratom, a gold strain from the Indonesian region of Borneo renowned for offering impressive pain relief without as much sedation as red-vein kratom.

Written by Audrey Webber
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Audrey Webber

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What Is Gold Kali Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a Southeast Asian evergreen tree closely related to coffee (Rubiaceae family). It is unique among herbal medicines because it has a wide variety of effects, making it useful for treating disparate conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

Farmers control their kratom’s effects by harvesting the leaves at different points in their plants’ life cycle. This, along with the way the plant is processed after harvest is what determines the strain classification of kratom.

  1. Picking the leaves when the kratom plant is young produces white-vein kratom, the most energizing and uplifting strain. 
  2. Waiting a bit longer to harvest the leaves produces green-vein kratom
  3. And finally, picking leaves from a mature plant gives red-vein kratom.

Each type of strain has different effects that stem from the different chemical makeup of the leaves when they’re picked. 

Red-vein kratom is the most sedative strain, making users feel relaxed and at ease and dulling pain. Most red-vein users prefer to take it at night since it makes them too tired to use it during the day.

So what is Gold Kali kratom then? 

Gold kratom strains are created by allowing freshly-picked kratom leaves to dry in the sun, which changes their alkaloid content and alters their effects. Gold Kali kratom is made from red-vein kratom grown in the Kalimantan region of Borneo.

Red Kali kratom is known for being a great pain-relieving strain that’s moderately sedating and offers substantial relaxation. Some people find Red Kali kratom too sedating but take it anyway for its powerful analgesic properties. 

Gold Kali kratom solves this problem, making the strain less sedating overall without compromising on its pain-relieving capabilities.

What Does Gold Kali Kratom Do?

Gold Kali kratom is an excellent pain-relieving strain that doesn’t knock users out, setting it apart from most other pain-relieving strains.

Fans of Gold Kali kratom say its main benefit is that it significantly dulls pain without causing drowsiness, allowing users to take advantage of their reduced pain instead of just crashing on the couch. Some people say that Gold Kali’s effects don’t last as long as other strains, although that is generally expected from gold strains.

Gold Kali contains slightly higher concentrations of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine than most green-vein kratom but less than the average red strain. It has an average concentration of mitragynine, which gives it mild energizing effects in low doses.

Gold Kali Specs & Rating

  • Energy: ⭐ — Gold Kali is based on red-vein kratom, so it isn’t great for stimulation and doesn’t offer much stimulation.
  • Mood: ⭐⭐⭐ — Gold Kali can induce mild euphoria in some users, although the experience is not as intense as other strains.
  • Pain Relief: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ — Gold Kali is an excellent pain-relieving strain, making it a great choice for all but the most severe pain.
  • Anxiety Relief: ⭐⭐⭐ — Gold Kali is used to alleviate mild to moderate anxiety, but other strains work better, especially for extreme cases.
  • Sedation: ⭐⭐ — The main benefit of Gold Kali is that it doesn’t produce much sedation, given how powerful it is as an analgesic. Users prefer Gold Kali for pain over more potent strains because it doesn’t lead to drowsiness.

1. Pain-Relief

The red-vein strain Gold Kali is based on is a potent pain-reliever, and, luckily, Gold Kali preserves most of that ability. 

Gold Kali has a high enough 7-hydroxymitragynine concentration to quell moderate pain and take the edge off more severe pain, making it an excellent choice in most circumstances. However, it may not be strong enough for intense pain, depending on individual pain tolerance.

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2. Mood Booster

Being pain-free is enough to give most people a mood boost, but Gold Kali may also improve mood directly from its mild euphoric properties. 

Gold Kali inherits its mood-enhancing effects from the Red Kali it’s made from, smoothing out the experience and giving users a subtle boost that many find preferable to the dramatic euphoria of other strains.

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3. Mild to Moderate Sedative Effects

If you’re looking for a strain to knock you out and help you fall asleep quickly, Gold Kali is not the one. 

However, if you want mild relaxation that makes you feel good without making you feel glued to the couch, Gold Kali is a great choice. 

It’s significantly less sedating than strains that provide similar pain relief, making it unique and many people’s go-to strain for managing pain throughout the day.

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Gold Kali Kratom Dose

General kratom dosing guidelines say that low doses are for energy, high doses for relaxation, and moderate doses for a blend of both. This wisdom applies to Gold Kali kratom, although there are some slight tweaks due to the nature of gold strains.

Dose for Mild Pain Relief

Taking between 1 g and 3 g offers mild pain relief suitable for minor aches and pains. Gold Kali is more energizing at this dose level, although most people wouldn’t describe it as stimulating. Gold Kali’s energizing effects are subtle — think tea rather than coffee.

Dose for Pain Relief

If you’re looking for pain relief first and foremost, 2 to 5 grams is probably the right dosing range. 

Most people find this level works well for most conditions, dramatically reducing their pain without inducing excessive relaxation. This dose level is also great for creating a sense of calm and well-being.

Dose for Moderate Euphoria

From 7 to 10 g, Gold Kali becomes more sedating, although still not as sedating as most red-vein strains. 

Most users experience more pronounced euphoria in this range and feel more relaxed. Some people find going above 7 g doses overkill since it makes Gold Kali more sedating, removing the strain’s primary benefit of being only slightly sedating.

Side Effects of Gold Kali

Gold Kali kratom shares the same set of side effects as all kratom strains. However, the most commonly experienced side effects of this particular strain are anxiety, dizziness, lethargy, and mental fogginess. 

One benefit of Gold Kali kratom is that it is less likely to cause nausea and gastrointestinal issues than other kratom strains. Most side effects, but especially lethargy, are significantly more likely when taking larger amounts.

Kratom is addictive. Experts recommend using kratom no more than 4–5 days per week and taking one week off every 1.5–2 months. Systemic fatigue and general malaise are signs that your body needs a break from regular kratom use.

Similar Kratom Strains

Unfortunately, Gold Kali tends to be significantly more expensive and difficult to find than other strains. 

If you like the sound of Gold Kali but can’t get your hands on any, here are some similar strains that offer similar effects without being as hard to obtain. This list won’t include other gold strains since they tend to be just as hard to find as Gold Kali.

1. Red Kali Kratom

This is the strain Gold Kali is made from, so it’s unsurprising that it has similar effects. Red Kali kratom tends to be less sedating than other red-vein strains, although not to the same degree as Gold Kali. 

Many people use Red Kali for daytime pain relief since it is a potent analgesic that doesn’t make users excessively tired.

2. Green Malay Kratom

Even though this is a green strain, it offers users a similar blend of pain relief, mood enhancement, and light sedation to Gold Kali. If you’re looking for a slightly more balanced version of Gold Kali, Green Malay kratom is an accessible alternative and will usually be far less expensive.

3. Red Maeng Da Kratom

Red Maeng Da kratom is another red-vein strain that skews towards the stimulating end of the spectrum. It still provides plenty of pain relief but doesn’t impair cognition as much as the more sedating red strains. As such, some users who are unable to find Gold Kali settle for Red Maeng Da. This is one of the most popular red-vein strains out there, so you should have no issues finding a good source that offers it.

Final Thoughts: Should I Buy Gold Kali Kratom?

Gold Kali kratom takes advantage of sun-curing to take red Kali kratom’s effects to the next level. 

Many people find Gold Kali to be the best strain for daytime pain relief, alleviating mild to moderate pain without rendering them incapacitated. Light sedation and powerful pain relief are a rare combination in kratom strains, making Gold Kali highly sought after.

Unfortunately, there is a relatively little supply of Gold Kali kratom, which makes it hard to get and expensive when you finally manage to find some. Thankfully, there are some alternative strains that have reasonably similar effects, although none strike the precise balance found in Gold Kali.

Gold Kali has many of the same side effects as other kratom strains, with the notable exception that it is less likely to induce nausea. Care and attention to your body are vital for having an enjoyable, effective experience with Gold Kali kratom since it can be addictive if used too frequently.