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Need to Dig Deep & Be Productive? Kratom Can Help

Written by Phil Dubley
Last Updated 1 year ago

Phil Dubley

Natural Health Journalist

Phil is a journalist, writer, and avid kratom user with a background in botany and natural health.

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree native to Southeast Asia that has been used for centuries as a natural remedy, but it also boosts energy and focus.

Find out how to use kratom to improve your concentration and productivity. We’ll give you tips on how to take it, the recommended dosages, and much more.

Using Kratom for Productivity

There is a list of things that can affect your productivity. Stress can make it hard to focus and even cause burnout. Another thing could be distractions like social media notifications that can interfere with focusing on a task.

Health issues could also lead to a lack of productivity. Chronic pain may make you feel overwhelmed as your to-do list piles up. And it can be an uphill battle if the workplace isn’t suited to your needs. 

If any of these are familiar to you, kratom could be helpful. It emits acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that enhances sensory stimulus-response, helping with mental clarity, procrastination, and mood [1].

Kratom is also known for its analgesic and anxiolytic properties due to its effect on opioid receptors [2]. Managing pain and calming anxiety are two more ways it can help you dial in on what’s important.

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Best Kratom Strains for Productivity

Kratom can meet many of your needs because of its many variants and effects. Below, we put together a list of the best strains that can help you improve your productivity.

You generally want a strain with high amounts of the alkaloid mitragynine [3]. It acts similarly to caffeine, thus providing an energy boost lasting several hours.

1. White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is well-known for its energizing effects thanks to its mitragynine content. It works best when you take it in smaller amounts. We recommend starting with a dose between 2 to 5 grams. Start low and add more until you achieve your desired effect.

2. White Borneo

White Borneo comes from the jungle of Borneo, as its name indicates. One of its main characteristics is reliability. While most kratom types have inconsistent effects among batches, White Borneo excels because it barely changes.

We strongly recommend it for a potent mix of energy and focus. It is an excellent option if you expect to put in a long night of study or a hard work day.

Always use smaller doses for a stimulant effect, around 2 to 4 grams at most. If you take it in higher doses, White Borneo will give you the opposite result, producing a sedative effect.

3. Green Maeng Da

Despite belonging to the generally mild green strains, Green Maeng Da is a fantastic stimulant. It is highly potent and will keep you awake and alert for several hours. Moreover, it’s an excellent mood enhancer, so you won’t have to worry about negativity.

You can safely use it as a coffee replacement. It is common and popular among users, so you won’t have trouble finding it at reasonable prices. Keep the dose below 5 grams, and you’ll enjoy a significant productivity boost.

4. Green Malay

Green Malay is an excellent stimulant and nootropic, meaning it can keep you concentrated and calm during work or study. In addition, this is an excellent analgesic, so if you ever need that, you won’t have to buy another strain.

As with all green strains, Green Malay is milder than the white strains, so it’s ideally suited for beginners to kratom.

5. White Horn

The main benefits of White Horn are boosted energy and mood, but it also excels as a nootropic. It will keep you focused for hours and hours because its effects last longer than average.

However, this is a somewhat rare strain, and you may have trouble finding a reputable vendor. Despite its rarity, it is prevalent among users, and some vendors don’t hesitate to mix it with other more common strains to boost sales.

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How to Take Kratom

Kratom comes in many different forms. You will commonly find it in powder, capsules, and extracts. Remember that the one you choose will likely affect the speed of the effects to take over.

1. Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is the most popular form of kratom. It is easy to use and find and cheaper than other formats. In addition, you can store it for long periods without it becoming stale.

You can take kratom powder in these ways:

  • Drink it: Mix the powder with a cup of water, and you are ready to go. Be mindful that kratom doesn’t have the best taste.
  • Tea time: If you feel like making kratom tea, boil water and pour it on a teabag containing a dose of kratom powder. That will surely put you in a good mood.
  • Mix it with a beverage or food: If you still don’t like the taste of kratom, you can always mix it with orange juice or even add the powder to any food.

2. Kratom Tinctures

Tinctures are the liquid form of kratom, but since they are extracts, they are much more potent than powder. If you decide to try these, remember that each tincture has its own dosing guidelines.

Try the tinctures in these ways:

  • Mix it with another drink: Just like the powder, you can add a dose to a beverage of your choice, making the experience much more enjoyable. However, avoid mixing it with alcohol, as the side effects can be too adverse.
  • Take it straight. Drop the dose straight into your mouth. Holding it under your tongue for half a minute might help speed up the effects.

3. Kratom Capsules

The most significant advantage of choosing kratom capsules is that they come in pre-measured doses. That eases the dosing process, especially if you are just starting in kratom. Also, they are a great option if you want to carry and use them discreetly.

As a downside, capsules can be expensive. That is because of the more elaborate and complex manufacturing process. In addition, sometimes the gelatin shells aren’t vegan, so if that is important to you, check that before buying.

Side Effects of Using Kratom for Productivity

Kratom can cause side effects, though they are usually very mild. More severe side effects may occur if you misuse it, mainly when you exceed the suggested dose.

We advise you to start at the lowest dose and gradually add more until you reach the desired results. Patience and moderation are critical when dosing.

Heightened blood pressure and an increased heart rate are some side effects of kratom, but those are simply the result of how it acts in the body. Other effects include:

Long-term kratom use can also lead to adverse side effects, including liver damage and kratom withdrawal syndrome. It is always important to pay attention to your body so you can reduce the amount next time or take a break from it.

Always remember that being responsible will let you enjoy the many benefits and reduce the risks.

Conclusion: Best Kratom for Productivity

Kratom can be an excellent tool if you want to work or study for long periods. Its effects are similar to those of caffeine. However, remember that it is crucial to mind your kratom dose.

Among the best strains for productivity, we recommend White Maeng Da for its energizing characteristics and potent effects. We also recommended White Borneo, which offers a great mix of focus and energy you can always rely on.

Once again, you must be careful of the dose when using kratom to avoid its adverse side effects. Most white strains work best at lower doses, so if you feel like you need more, don’t overdo them, or you may get the opposite effect.


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