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Coastline Kratom Vendor Review

The owners of Coastline Kratom have been pioneering the way premium kratom is done since 2015. 

When Josh and Katrina Fulton decided to open up a shop in their hometown of Southport, they did so with one goal in mind: to provide Americans with the ability to grow live kratom plants.

Since its inception, Coastline Kratom has become a leader in the ethnobotanical industry thanks to its ongoing commitment to sustainable farming and careful cultivation of the most mature kratom leaves from Indonesia.

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Coastline Kratom

Rating: 4

This Southport kratom seller ranks among the highest in North America, currying favor with users of all stripes. The brand’s various lab-tested kratom teas remain bestsellers.

About the Company: Coastline Kratom

Coastline Kratom started as a modest homegrown business that served the greater North Carolina area. 

As demand for its kratom powders grew, Coastline Kratom became a popular online destination for kratom users with a green thumb. Today, it is one of a select few that offer premium cuttings, rich soil, and humidity domes.

Over the last few years, this Tar Heel State favorite has branched out into Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) and Wholesale Rifat Kratom.

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Coastline Kratom Products

There is much to recommend this web store, whether you’re searching for Horned kratom or in need of something with a bit more kick.

Coastline Kratom carries a host of Rifat and Bumblebee kratom veins, many of which are available in green, red, and white variations.

Best Kratom Powders

Raw kratom powder is the purest form of Mitragyna speciosa, the Ayurvedic herb from which kratom leaves are taken. The plant matter is thoroughly sifted to remove all but the most vital components of the leaf’s central vein.

The resulting kratom strains are highly potent and diverse in their chemical properties. The following are my picks for the top three.

Green Malay

This Malaysian strain has been called the “all-rounder” because it is easily the most balanced kratom variant on the market. At moderate dosages, Green Malay provides attentiveness, clarity, invigoration, and restorative effects.,

I have brewed Coastline’s Green Vein Malaysian more than any other daytime strain. I find it is helpful when I need to quash the mid-morning slump and powder through a workload.

You can get twenty-five grams of powder for $15.99, fifty grams for $29.99, seventy-five grams for $44.99, or one hundred grams for $54.99. 

Red Vein Bali

This bold Borneo cultivar is my go-to powder for evening repose. Red Bali is the coziest of red vein kratom powders, delivering relief, serenity, and a full-bodied sensation of warmth and well-being.

This tea’s gentle and exhilarating aroma makes it an optimal choice for those who want to get a restful night’s sleep. If you respond to it as I have, you may end up enjoying some vibrant dreams.

Twenty-five grams sell for $12.99, with fifty grams going for $22.99. You can get seventy-five grams for $32.99 or one hundred grams for $39.99.

White Horn

This rare and enigmatic strain is an excellent “slow” strain unpredictable at moderate to high dosages. You may experience a mild boost or improved focus with White Horn Kratom

I dig this strain the most because of the positive frame of mind I find myself in after brewing four grams. But buyer beware: dosages over eight grams may lead to acute side effects, such as agitation, diarrhea, and kratom hangover.

You can get twenty-five grams for $12.99 or as much as one hundred grams for $39.99. Unfortunately, these strains are not offered in bulk. 

Those who prefer to buy bulk kratom powder would do well to find a vendor who sells kratom kilos. That being said, Coastline Kratom’s powders are a fantastic treat in small batches.

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $12.99 — $109.99
Verified Vendor

Coastline Kratom

Ranked 23 out of 65 vendors

Other Strains Offered by Coastline Kratom

Coastline regularly stocks Green Borneo, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, Ultra Enhanced Green Malay, Ultra Enhanced Red Maeng Da, and White Bali. Each of these powders is available at a price comparable to those listed above.

Kratom Capsules

This vendor offers all of its powders in capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is a convenient method of use that dulls the plant matter’s bitter taste and goes down smoothly.

Twenty-five plain leaf capsules sell for $15.99, with fifty pills going for $32.99. You can buy seventy-five tablets for $47.99 or one hundred for $57.99. 

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Enhanced Kratom

Coastline Kratom’s enhanced powders start at $29.99 for five grams. You can get twenty-five grams of this hard-hitting alkaloid-infused tea for $89.99.

This seller’s biggest bestseller is the Beginner Variety Pack, a bundle containing twenty-five grams of each beginner strain. These strains are Red Maeng Da, Green Malay, and White Bali.

The Beginner Variety Pack gives you everything you’ll need to sample each vein color for just $49.99. It’s the most economical option they provide.

Final Thoughts: A Stellar Source for Small Batch Kratom

Despite its utter lack of third-party certification or bulk kratom prices, Coastline Kratom has remained firmly in my top five kratom vendors. Every time I’ve ordered the brand’s enhanced powder and premium teas, I’ve tasted the freshness.

This vendor’s live kratom plants are the sturdiest and most mature, enabling keen users to cultivate their boundless supply of the Ayurvedic herb.

Between kratom trees and all-rounders like Green Malay, you can’t go wrong with Coastline’s solid supply.

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