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Kratom Krates Vendor Review

If you live in the greater Tampa Bay area, you’ve undoubtedly heard about kratom.

Florida has become an ethnobotanical mecca with more than 100 kava lounges and kratom bars across the Sunshine State.

While it’s true that kratom tea is accessible in and around St. Petersburg, specific neighborhoods are at a definite disadvantage. There are only a handful of kava bars in Tampa, but few carry kratom with any regularity.

For Floridians who want safe, clean kratom powder at a reasonable price, you’ll definitely want to check out Kratom Krates.

Check out my comprehensive review to learn everything you need to know about this San Antonio, FL kratom vendor.

Wade Paul

Written by Wade Paul1 month ago

Kratom Krates
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Kratom Krates

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Kratom Krates Product Reviews

Located in the heart of Pasco County, Kratom Krates is San Ann’s premier source for GMP certified lab-tested kratom strains. This wholesale distributor offers free kratom same day shipping on their speciosa teas as well as their extensive line of CBD products.

Hot grabs include CBD Sour Pixies, CBD gummies, specialty tinctures, and, of course, kratom capsules.

Their speciosa selection includes plain leaf, enhanced powders, and kratom variety packs. They carry a number of exotic strains such as Green Riau, Yellow Maeng Da, and White Horned Bali.

Kratom Krates White Maeng-da (MD) is a personal fave, one that earns the title of Pimp Grade Kratom. White MD is like a brisk shot of coffee without the jitters associated with a strong cup of Joe.

White MD is substantially invigorating even at lower dosages with a 2.5-gram brew offering the kind of clean animation typical of 4-5 grams of green vein kratom powder.

Kratom Krates Green Maeng Da is the milder of the two, one that is definitely more suited to first-time use. If you’re still acclimating to kratom’s aroma, Green MD may be less overwhelming than White MD.

The green variant tends to be smoother, subtler, and not nearly as pungent. If you’re turned off by the slightly bitter taste of white veins, this gentle green tea might be right for you.

Kratom Krates Free Samples are an excellent option for the undecided. I requested a free sample of their White MD after purchasing their Red MD and was so happy that I did. As it turned out, the red vein didn’t quite do it for me, but the white took it over the top.

Their Ultra Enhanced Green Malaysian Kratom effortlessly outperforms any Super Green Malay I’ve tried before. I don’t know what these guys are doing to enhance their powder, but it’s obvious that it works.

If you’re scratching your head, I completely understand. Most vendors only offer Indo Kratom in an enhanced form, but Kratom Krates has enhanced versions of just about every strain in their catalog.

Unlike the UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo) popularized by headshop retailers, UEGM (Ultra Enhanced Green Malaysian) is inspiring and exalting without inducing nervousness or kratom hangover.

What You Can Expect to Pay

I’m not one to over-hype a vendor, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you how happy this brand has made me. To put it simply, this is the best place to buy bulk kratom online.

In addition to their small-batch kratom deals—50 grams for $20, 250 grams for $45, and a half kilo for $60—Kratom Krates offers kratom kilos at prices well below the industry standard.

1,000 grams go for $90 while three kilos (3,000 grams) cost $240.00. You can buy five kilos for $350 or 10 kilos for a mere $600.00. That’s super savings no matter how you cut it!

Accepted Payment Methods

This seller gives you the pick of the litter when it comes to purchasing their goods. You can cover the cost with Bitcoin, credit cards, debit cards, or Hypur. You may also pay with COD (Cash On Delivery).

If you decide to pay with a credit or debit card, you will have to purchase PMC Gold to remunerate for your order. More information about this process is available during checkout.

Kratom Krates Shipping & Returns

You can choose between free USPS shipping, Priority Mail, Priority Express, or FedEx Standard Overnight. Free shipping typically takes around three to five business days to arrive, while Priority Mail generally arrives in under three business days.

Those who opt for their FedEx option will usually get their package by 2 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) the following day.

Final Thoughts: Top-Notch Florida-Based Kratom Brand

This Gulf coast seller is a top-notch operation with a lot to recommend it. Their GMP compliance and open support of the AKA demonstrate their commitment to kratom legality, while their third party lab testing and free samples illustrate their devotion to customer satisfaction.