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PurKratom Vendor Review: The Internet’s Original Kratom Vendor

PurKratom has been in business for more than a decade, and in that time, it has evolved as most great brands do. 

It started as a humble start-up with the quality of kratom powder, its sole raison d’être, but as time has gone on, it has become an expansive online store for different kratom strains, available in powder and capsules.

Other companies have come and gone, but PurKratom remains a prominent name in the global marketplace. I’ll tell you all about how this brand achieved such longevity and industry dominance in today’s post.

Written by Wade Paul
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Overall Rating:

Rating: 4

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $12.99 — $159.99
Verified Vendor


4 / 5
Ranked 32 out of 190 vendors

PurKratom strives to live up to its name by thoroughly testing its kratom and adhering to the American Kratom Association’s stringent manufacturing guidelines.

About the Company

PurKratom is a Gold Coast kratom vendor based out of Doral, FL. 

This top-tier kratom supplier got its start as a homegrown business before parlaying this modest success into a full-time internet-based business. In 2012, the owner launched its e-commerce website and the brand has been blowing up ever since.

PurKratom was the first vendor to say, “Enough’s enough.” When others were getting hit-or-miss quality from a wide array of less than legit sources, PurKratom committed to ethically sourcing all of its strains from a single trusted farmer in Indonesia.

The result is a product whose consistency is valued as much as its overall effects. 

  • GMP certification
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Informative website
  • Offers variety packs
  • Accepts credit cards and cryptocurrency
  • Limited payment options
  • Somewhat expensive
  • No returns on opened products

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PurKratom Product Reviews

This supplier specializes in kratom powders and kratom capsules, all of which come from Indonesian kratom leaves. These leaves are hand-selected by the meticulous hands and discriminating eyes of skilled wild craftsman, the native Petani who know kratom best.

All leaves are left to dry in the sun once they’ve been plucked. The eaves are pulverized, sifted, and ground up once they’ve dried. This makes for a pure, unadulterated tea.

Best Kratom Powders

This vendor is best known for its potent all-natural kratom strains, many of which outperform competitors’ enhanced kratom powders. The following are my three favorites:

PurKratom Gold Vein

PurKratom Green Maeng Da is arguably its most popular and well-known strain, but it’s far from the most robust or most pleasant form of M. speciosa in this spacious collection. The vast assortment of products includes Purkratom Gold Vein, a fermented kratom variant twice as powerful as traditional Maeng Da and just as long-lasting.

Gold Kratom is produced by subjecting leaves to prolonged direct sunlight exposure. Once they have dried for a controlled period, the leaves are stored in bags where fermentation occurs. 

This process yields higher concentrations of essential chemical components, such as the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, contributing to a more pronounced aroma.

Gold Vein Kratom is useful for anyone who needs some real bite. It’s a bracing strain that’s nevertheless a soothing and satisfying brew. It makes for an ideal evening strain and one that will leave you feeling rejuvenated instead of washed out.

You can get an ounce of PurKratom Gold Vein for $15.99, four ounces for $49.99, or a half-pound for $89.99. 

PurKratom White Kalimantan

This is the most unpredictable strain I’ve sampled in quite some time. At once refreshing and calming, White Kali is a powder that’s impressive in small doses. 

White Kali is an excellent choice for those who intend to hit the gym or cram for an overdue project. It’s an optimal endurance brew that hasn’t once left me with a kratom hangover.

This white vein kratom powder starts at $14.99 for an ounce, with four ounces for $49.99 and a half-pound for $89.99.

PurKratom Red Bentuangie

Perhaps more than any other strain, Red Bentuangie is a reliable nighttime option. Although it is not overpowering at responsible dosages, this red vein kratom powder is deeply tranquil and mildly exhilarating.

What’s more, Bentuangie Kratom’s profound serenity and moderate exhilaration last upwards of eight hours without dissipating.

You can score an ounce for $15.99, four ounces for $49.99, or a half-pound for $89.99.

Other Strains Offered by PurKratom

PurKratom’s full catalog includes everything from Pur Kratom Red Bali and Red Kapuas to Green Thai, Super Green Indo, White Sumatra, and Yellow Vein.

Purkratom’s free samples are an inexpensive way for you to try out their products without sinking a fortune into bulk pouches.

Kratom Capsules

This vendor offers all of its strains in capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is the preferred form of Mitragyna speciosa for those with stomach sensitivity. These easy-to-swallow caps are far less likely to trigger your gag reflex than raw powder, and the lack of bitterness contributes to its appeal.

Kratom capsules are available in many sizes, starting with 50-count 2500 gram 0 size caps. 

You can get a 50-count bottle for $17.99 or a 100-count for $32.99.

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Is PurKratom Legit?


Although its high prices have to go, the quality of its catalog is irrefutable. 

The owners were among the first to earn AKA (American Kratom Association) approval via its GMP Participation Program.

Many vendors claim to be GMP-compliant, but few have demonstrated these better business practices IRL. PurKratom is one seller that has.

On its GMP participation page, you’ll find a real video of its in-house facilities and see exactly how its capsules and powders are prepared for distribution.

What You Can Expect to Pay

As I mentioned earlier, a half-pound costs $89.99, which is hardly a deal by any stretch. 

For the sake of clarification, a half-pound contains approximately two-hundred-and-twenty-six grams.  That’s half of five hundred grams which, in turn, is half of a kilo. A full kilo (1,000 grams) frequently sells for around $90-120.00.

In other words, you’re paying $89.99 for what others would get for around $40-50.00.

None of PurKratom’s prices can qualify as deals, but its four-ounce bag offers the most savings. When you purchase four ounces, you save $10 off an ounce. 

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Accepted Payment Options

This seller only accepts major credit cards, although some debit carbs may be acceptable as well. You can pay with Visa, Discover, and Mastercard, but you’re out of luck if you were hoping for crypto options.

PurKratom does not accept Bitcoin, nor does it accept CashApp, PayPal, or Venmo.

What Other Customers Say About This Brand

Users have been effusive in their love for this brand, with some calling it the best on the market and others praising its easy-to-navigate site. 

The typically critical I Love Kratom even featured a positive review of PurKratom, with one user calling them a “very nice solid vendor with very high-quality Kratom.”

Shipping & Returns

You can choose between USPS (United States Postal Service) and United Parcel Service (UPS) shipping. Options include First Class Mail, Priority Mail, UPS Ground, and Next Day Air.

If you intend to return an item, you have thirty days from the date that your order arrives. The package needs to be unopened.

Best Kratom Vendors: Alternatives

1. Kona Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $45.00 — $115.00
Verified Vendor

Kona Kratom

4.95 / 5
Ranked 1 out of 190 vendors

Kona Kratom maintains a great selection of red, green, and white kratom varieties that is sure to appeal to most users. You can find a Guaranteed Analysis online for every powder and capsule the company sells, and each order comes with a money-back guarantee.

Kona is certified by the American Kratom Association, so you can be confident in the quality and consistency of anything you buy from them.

The only downside to Kona is their shipping times, which aren’t terrible but are slower than some competitors.


  • Great product selection
  • Powders and capsules available
  • Guaranteed Analysis available for all products
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Certified by the AKA
  • Free shipping on orders over $29.99


  • Shipping times could be a bit faster

2. Star Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $35 — $95
Verified Vendor

Star Kratom

4.9 / 5
Ranked 2 out of 190 vendors

If you’re looking to restock on kratom quickly and want to be sure you purchase from a reputable and reliable brand, you can’t do much better than Star Kratom. This company sells only the highest-quality powders and capsules verified by third-party lab tests.

You can always count on the quality and safety, and you can get your premium kratom within a day or two; Star Kratom has some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. The strain selection isn’t as large as you’ll find elsewhere, but the prices are all affordable.


  • Reputable and reliable brand
  • AKA-certified
  • Products backed by lab tests
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Rapid shipping
  • Affordable


  • Strain selection is a bit limited

3. VIP Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $40.00 — $125.00
Verified Vendor

VIP Kratom

4.85 / 5
Ranked 4 out of 190 vendors

Top-quality kratom at a reasonable price for potency and consistency is where VIP Kratom excels above most of the competition.

They do have above-average prices, but for the small amount extra you’ll pay, you get a third-party-tested product, superior potency and purity, a money-back guarantee, and rapid shipping to have your product in your hands in no time at all. They also have an excellent selection to choose from, so you’re likely to find your favorite strain in powder or capsule form.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unrivaled consistency and potency
  • Third-party lab results available for all products
  • Good selection of strains
  • Powders and capsules available
  • Fast shipping


  • A bit expensive

Final Thoughts: A First-Rate Florida Kratom Vendor

This supplier is one of the oldest and most successful brands in America. Its all-natural, ethically sourced kratom leaf has kept it in the highest ranks by consumers.

This is a reputable vendor with a decent variety and consistent potency.

While its prices could still use some adjusting, its value is not diminished.

I would order from this brand again if I were feeling less frugal.

Once you try the Gold Vein and White Kalimantan, you’ll see why PurKratom is worth the extra coin.

Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get potent and pure kratom. Our alternative vendors provide lab-tested, customer-approved kratom — and each one has a satisfaction guarantee.

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