Is Kratom Legal in Venezuela?

Written by Tom Krah
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Kratom is unregulated in Venezuela, meaning it’s not within their current scope of the law. In other words, Venezuela’s government hasn’t given any consideration to kratom yet.

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) isn’t on their radar, at least not yet.

There doesn’t appear to be much of a push to use kratom, either. In fact, there are no websites in Venezuela that sell kratom. 

Kratom Laws in Venezuela

Kratom is unregulated in Venezuela. It isn’t listed anywhere on the companies list of banned substances.

With that said, the Venezuelan government has taken a very strict stance on drugs. It’s possible that law enforcement could deem kratom a drug and prosecute people, regardless of any existing or nonexistent laws surrounding kratom use.

Several countries worldwide have legalized kratom usage, including most of the U.S., Canada, Austria, Mexico, and South Africa. Laws are constantly changing, so be sure to double-check local legislation.

Kratom is sourced from Southeast Asia and is indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

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Can I Buy Kratom in Venezuela?

It is unclear if you can purchase kratom legally in Venezuela.

We know it’s next to impossible to find any Venezuela kratom vendors online. You can order from countries like the US, but expect to pay a hefty tax once it arrives in the country.

Be careful if you decide to look for illicit sources of kratom, including the black market. Many of these sources offer adulterated kratom, which could cause serious harm. Instead, look for a reputable dealer online.

Why is Kratom Banned in Other Countries?

There are many different reasons given for banning kratom. However, it almost always comes back to public health. According to some, this is just a catchphrase that really means the government is protecting pharmaceutical companies instead.

If we explore this reasoning, we find that most countries with a kratom ban have a massive opioid presence. We can’t figure out how kratom is supposed to be worse than an opioid. It makes little to no sense, but we don’t make the laws.

Kratom has been naturally occurring for centuries and has been used since at least the 19th century. It has proven itself to be generally well-tolerated. Additionally, it has been significant for religious and cultural ceremonies throughout Southeast Asia.

Will kratom eventually make its way back to the people? It’s unknown what the future holds, but some have said that kratom’s current path looks pretty similar to marijuana’s.

Kratom, the WHO, & Future Legislation

The World Health Organization (WHO) reviews substances of concern every year — this year was kratom’s turn. People worldwide were nervous since a negative review, even slightly, could impact government legislation. Many follow the WHO guidelines.

The WHO made a monumental decision and said kratom is not a concern and doesn’t need to be scheduled. Hopefully, governments worldwide will listen and apply this information accordingly.

Kratom Use: A Quick History

Kratom was barely heard of when opioid-based painkillers became a problem for many people.

This caused some to look to kratom, and they discovered that it comes with opioid-like properties without all the nasty side effects. Therefore, kratom began being used to treat opioid withdrawal.

Of course, kratom has a long history of being used in traditional medicine, too. This way predated kratom’s withdrawal usage. In Southeast Asia, many have attempted to treat insomnia, fevers, and diarrhea with kratom.

Will kratom become more appreciated in the future? With the U.S. now beginning to blame pharmacies for part of the opioid epidemic, it’s possible.

Either way, if you can legally obtain kratom instead of opioids, it’s a good idea to do so. After all, kratom has fewer side effects, is easier to get off of, and has a significantly lower risk of overdose for people who take it by itself.  

Kratom Deaths: Can Kratom be Fatal?

As long as you use kratom responsibly, it’s not going to kill you.

However, mixing kratom with another substance can be extremely dangerous and has even caused several deaths [2].

Do NOT mix kratom with an opioid.

On its own, kratom rarely causes death or overdose, though it acts similarly to opioids.

What is the Correct Dosage for Kratom?

Most experts agree that the ideal dose of kratom is between 2 grams and 12 grams.

Taking more than 12 grams will put you at an increased risk for side effects. On the other hand, if you want to microdose, it’s best to take less than 2 grams.

Because each person’s body responds differently to kratom, starting with 2 grams is wise. As long as you can tolerate it, you can incrementally increase the amount you take. Be sure to stop once you reach 12 grams. 

When it comes to your preferred dosage, never compete with anyone. Every person is different, and therefore, they need to take a different amount.

Known Side Effects of Kratom

Side effects are generally not experienced by moderate users.  

Those who use more than 12 grams per day have an increased risk of side effects.  

Some of the most common side effects of kratom are: 

Many scientists have theorized about kratom’s addictive nature, but the reality is that it’s pretty rare [1]. As long as you use 12 grams in short-term stints, you shouldn’t have a problem.  

How to Take Kratom Safely

There are several different ways to take kratom. For instance, it’s available as powder, in a capsule format, or as a tincture

REMEMBER: DON’T take other substances with kratom.

This includes steering clear of things you wouldn’t usually think of, including tobacco and alcohol.

NEVER mix kratom and painkillers.

Don’t trust black market kratom. Your best bet is to find a reputable online dealer so you can avoid the issues associated with taking adulterated kratom.

Another perk of using an online dealer is that they deliver kratom right to your door.

Leave other substances alone when you take kratom, and you should be able to enjoy its positive effects. 

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Key Takeaway: Is Kratom Legal in Venezuela?

Kratom is neither legal nor illegal in Venezuela.

Kratom hasn’t been considered yet by Venezuela’s government. As such, there is no law on their books about it. Kratom isn’t sold online by any Venezuelan vendors.

If you decide to start taking kratom, be careful of your dosage. Stick to 12 grams or less to avoid most side effects.

All but one country in South America has no specific laws against kratom usage. With this level of permissiveness, all that remains is for kratom to catch on throughout South America.