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Black Vein Kratom Strains: The Most Potent Kratom on the Market or a Hoax?

Black vein kratom is an uncommon type of kratom derived from red vein strains. It is usually made by triple-fermenting red kratom leaves, making them more sedating and better at relieving pain. Black vein kratom is not very popular, so not many vendors carry it. As such, it often comes with higher price tags than other strain colors.

This guide is a comprehensive introduction to black vein kratom, covering what it is, how people use it, and what side effects users need to watch out for.

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What is Black Vein Kratom?

Black vein kratom is not like the three main kratom strain colors. White, green, and red kratom come from harvesting leaves at different times in the kratom plant’s growth cycle; black vein kratom is made by repeatedly sun-drying already harvested red leaves. This process causes the leaves to ferment, changing their alkaloid profile and making them more sedating.

Black vein kratom is highly relaxing, and most black strains are excellent pain relievers. They get their potent analgesic properties from the fermenting process, which encourages the production of 7-hydroxymitragynine, the alkaloid in kratom that gives the plant its relaxing qualities [1].

Unfortunately, some confusion surrounds black vein kratom, and some vendors claim that black strains get their color from being roasted. According to forums like Reddit, roasting kratom is not a common practice since roasting kratom could be counterproductive — heat breaks down alkaloids and could make a strain less potent.

The bottom line is that black kratom is probably a triple-fermented red strain. However, there is some uncertainty due to kratom’s unregulated status in its home country of Indonesia and the unfortunate presence of uninformed scammers plaguing the kratom community.

What Does Black Vein Kratom Do?

You can think of black vein kratom as a supercharged red strain. The few people who have tried black kratom say it is significantly more sedating than most reds and recommend using it in the evening or night, as it will likely make you drowsy.

According to most users, black vein kratom also provides more pain relief than the red strain it comes from, making it better at fighting more severe conditions like nerve pain. However, potency is a double-edged sword, and some users say that potent strains like Black Maeng Da may be too much for some people, leading to unpleasant or overwhelming experiences.

Many people report success using black kratom to help them sleep and say that mild doses can reduce anxiety and help de-stress.

Interestingly, black kratom may be more efficient than red kratom for managing anxiety and fighting insomnia since most people say they get similar effects at lower doses compared to red kratom. That means your stash of black kratom could go further, although it’s usually more expensive than red kratom.

Does Leaf Vein Color Matter?

Vein color is an essential factor in determining what effects a strain has. Matching the leaf vein color with your desired use is vital to having a pleasurable and effective kratom experience.

However, even strains with the same vein color will have slightly different effects, so finding the best strain for your use case requires experimentation.

Some people are puzzled that their kratom powder always looks the same no matter what color they order. That’s normal for red, white, or green kratom, but black kratom is often noticeably darker, usually resembling ground coffee.

Black Vein Kratom Dosage

Getting your dose right is essential to determining whether you’ll have an enjoyable kratom experience. Unlike many substances, kratom’s effects change dramatically with dose. The general pattern is that low doses are stimulating and high doses are sedating, although the specifics vary with strain color and origin.

  • Mild pain relief — 4 grams of dried leaf powder
  • Moderate pain — 5-7 grams of dried leaf powder
  • Dose for sleep — 5-7 grams of dried leaf powder
  • Dose for mild energy — 2-3 grams of dried leaf powder

Experienced kratom users caution beginners to start with low doses since they’re less likely to cause side effects. Everyone reacts differently to kratom, depending on their age, metabolism, body weight, experience, and sex. It is important to find what works best for you by trial and error rather than following someone else’s guidelines.

Many people fall victim to the fallacy that taking more kratom is better. The truth is that long-term success with kratom depends on finding the right amount for you that gives you your desired effects.

Best Black Vein Kratom Strains

Black vein kratom is hard to come by; chances are your favorite vendor won’t stock any. Finding black kratom in stock from a reputable company is an exercise in patience. The demand for black kratom is relatively low, so many businesses only carry a small number of strains — if they have any at all.

Below are three of the most popular black kratom strains. These are the most common black varieties by far, and you shouldn’t expect to find the same array of black kratom strains on the market as red, white, or green.

1. Black Bali Kratom

Black Bali is a stronger, more relaxing version of the red strain it’s based on. It boasts impressive analgesic properties, relieving aches and pains more effectively than most red strains.

However, ramping up the sedation comes at a cost. Red Bali is lightly energizing in low doses, but Black Bali sacrifices most of the stimulating effects in favor of more sedation. Depending on what you’re looking for, this could be a pro or a con, but it is something to be aware of either way.

2. Black Maeng Da Kratom

User reports unanimously agree that Black Maeng Da is the most sedating strain they’ve tried, bar none. That claim may not be surprising once you consider that Red Maeng Da is highly regarded as one of the most potent red strains. Black Maeng Da turns up the dial on an already strong strain, making it even better for relaxation, sleep, and pain relief.

Most people use Black Maeng Da exclusively at night, with many users saying it’s too strong for daytime use. Red Maeng Da is not recommended for beginners, and that recommendation goes double for Black Maeng Da. Even experienced users should use caution since Black Maeng Da is likely more robust than any strain they’ve had.

3. Black Thai Kratom

If Black Maeng Da sounds too intimidating for your tastes, consider Black Thai instead. It’s less difficult to dose correctly without sacrificing too many benefits. It’s the mildest black strain of the three discussed here, but don’t let that fool you — Black Thai is still more sedating than the average red strain.

Black Thais is an excellent introduction to black kratom for people who want a bit more pain relief than red kratom offers. Experienced Black Thai users say it is less likely to knock you out in small doses and can be a valuable tool for dealing with chronic pain and insomnia.

Side Effects of Black Vein Kratom

Black vein kratom is more likely to cause side effects than red kratom due to its higher alkaloid concentration and increased strength.

The most common side effects of black vein kratom are:

Black vein kratom can be addicting, so users need to monitor their intake, limit daily and weekly consumption, and watch for signs of dependence. Experts recommend limiting daily intake to fewer than 10 grams and suggest capping weekly consumption at 4-5 days.

Perhaps more importantly, users should understand that higher doses and prolonged kratom use are more likely to lead to side effects. It’s best to take regular breaks from black vein kratom use; one week off every one to two months is the general recommendation. Prolonged tiredness, aches and pains, and persistent mental fog are signs that your body needs a break from kratom, so stop using it if you notice any symptoms.

Final Thoughts: Best Black Vein Kratom Strains

Black vein kratom is the perfect choice for people who want more relaxation and pain relief than even the strongest red strains can offer. It’s not the best choice for new users — or users who don’t want to space out on the couch — but it can be a godsend for people with extreme pain.

Finding black vein kratom can be challenging since it’s a niche item many vendors don’t carry. It also doesn’t come in as many varieties as other colors, so you’ll have to choose from a limited selection when it is available.

People who use black vein kratom need to be more careful than most kratom users to avoid side effects. Black vein kratom’s potency brings a higher chance of unwanted side effects, making it critical for users to control their dose. Black vein kratom users should also carefully monitor how they feel and stop taking it if they experience prolonged lethargy as it could be a sign of developing dependence.


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