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What Is Red Riau Kratom? Effects, Dosage, Safety & More

Red Riau kratom comes from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Like many other red strains, it’s best for pain relief and mild sedation. Many users take this strain to combat pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the effects of Red Riau kratom, what it is best for, and some possible side effects you may experience. You’ll also learn about the proper dosing of this popular red vein kratom strain to ensure the best experience possible.

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What Is Red Riau Kratom?

Red Riau kratom is grown on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, particularly on the eastern coast. It isn’t a very common strain and might be challenging to find, but many users believe it is worth the effort.

This strain is best known for its sedative and analgesic effects. 

Kratom comes from a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, the Mitragyna speciosa tree

Traditional medicine has found that grinding up the leaves of the kratom tree and ingesting the powder can deliver some powerful effects.

There are three main types of kratom: red vein, green vein, and white vein varieties. 

Harvesting the kratom leaves at different times throughout the tree’s lifespan delivers varying amounts of alkaloids and affects the leaves color. The harvesting process is largely what determines the effects that the kratom has as well.

What Does Red Riau Kratom Do?

Like many other red strains, Red Riau kratom is best known for its sedative effects and its ability to relieve pain. What sets this strain apart is the balanced levels of alkaloids that produce moderate results. 

As such, most people who are new to taking kratom and those who are sensitive to the effects of this herb find that this strain suits them well.

The two alkaloids most prevalent in Red Riau are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Mitragynine is primarily associated with its ability to cause sedation at larger doses. This alkaloid appears in Red Riau in lower quantities than most other red strains. This is very likely the reason that Red Riau is known to have moderate sedative effects.

Additionally, the levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine in Red Riau aren’t as extreme as they are in many other red strains. This alkaloid is best known for its ability to relieve pain, which is why this strain, in particular, is considered only a moderate pain reliever. 

Red Riau Kratom Specs & Rating

  • Energy ⭐️ — This strain is far more often used as a sedative than a stimulant. In minimal doses, however, this kratom strain can offer a slight boost to energy. 
  • Mood ⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Red Riau kratom is known to interact with the body’s opioid receptors, and it can alter levels of the neurotransmitters responsible for your mood. 
  • Pain Relief ⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Pain relief is one of the primary uses of Red Riau kratom. The alkaloids responsible for relieving pain are present in this strain at moderate levels. 
  • Anxiety Relief ⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Especially in larger doses, Red Riau is a good anxiety reliever. It’s especially useful if the pain is causing anxious thoughts or overwhelming feelings. 
  • Sedation ⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Red Riau is commonly used for mild sedation and to combat sleeplessness. Most users find that it is not overly sedating. 

Sleep Support

Red Riau is most often used for its mild sedative effects. The alkaloids contained within this strain are particularly good for supporting sleep.

Unlike most other red strains, the sedation you can expect even from large doses of Red Riau isn’t extreme. The alkaloids are well-balanced, and most users report that the sedation and relaxation caused by this strain aren’t too much to impede their daily activities.

Most importantly, the limited effects you’ll feel from this strain make it a good option for beginners and those who are sensitive to other red strains. 

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Pain Relief

In addition to mild sedation, many users take this strain for pain relief. The alkaloids that interact with the body and mimic the effects of opioids appear in lower volumes in Red Riau than they do in most other red strains. As such, this is a very popular red strain for those looking for only mild pain relief.

Once again, this strain shines as a good option for beginners and those sensitive to kratom. Red Riau can offer sufficient pain relief without producing excessive sedation. 

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Anxiety Relief

Finally, Red Riau is usually effective at reducing anxiety and overwhelming thoughts. Even at large doses, it is a mild sedative that suppresses the central nervous system (CNS) and produces feelings of relaxation and calmness. 

While some kratom strains require a large dose to reduce anxiety, Red Riau is effective for its calming capabilities, even when taken in relatively small amounts.

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Where to Buy Red Riau Kratom

Red Riau is a pain-relieving strain that’s well-appraised among beginner and seasoned kratom users alike.

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Red Riau Kratom Dose

Finding the ideal dose of Red Riau for you will depend on a few things. Most importantly, you’ll have to dose based on your desired effects. Below is a dosing guide to help you have the experience you want. 

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Dose for Mild Sedation

If you plan to use Red Riau as a mild sedative to help you sleep or relax, you will likely find that a dose between 3 and 6 g should do the trick. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start even lower. Most kratom strains are stimulants at lower doses, but a 2 g dose of Red Riau might be ideal for you and still provide some sedation.

Some users increase their dose of this strain up to about 8 g to get a more intense sense of relaxation. Beginners and those sensitive to kratom should avoid larger quantities like this. 

Dose for Pain Relief

If moderate pain relief is what you’re after, relatively large doses will likely be best for you. Most people who use Red Riau for pain relief take between 4 g and 8 g, but you may feel the effects at even smaller doses, around 3 g.

If you’re experiencing minimal pain, a dose between 2 g and 3 g might suit you best. Taking 4 g to 8 g is probably better if you are looking to treat intense pain.

Dose for Anxiety Relief

Red Riau is a very popular option among kratom users for anxiety relief. Most people using this strain for this purpose take between 3 g and 8 g.

Larger doses within this range are likely to lead to more efficient anxiety relief, but they will also lead to sedation. If you need to work or focus on school or other activities throughout your day, stick to a dose between 3 g and 4 g. 

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Side Effects of Red Riau Kratom

You should be on the lookout for several side effects when taking any strain of kratom. These include:

Another possible and more severe side effect is addiction, as kratom can be habit-forming with long-term use. The best ways to reduce the likelihood of these side effects are to limit your dose and take tolerance breaks every month or two.

Many kratom strains have additional side effects besides the more general ones mentioned above. 

One of the reasons that Red Riau is considered a good strain for beginners is that it is relatively free from additional side effects. Some users may experience lethargy with heavy doses, but this strain is far less common than other red-vein varieties. 

Similar Kratom Strains

Red Riau is a somewhat unique red strain that offers moderate effects. However, several other kratom varieties with balanced alkaloid concentrations are good for beginners and produce only mild results. 

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Green Bali Kratom

Green-vein kratom is best known for its balanced effects, and Green Bali kratom is no exception. This strain provides mild sedation and decent pain relief at moderate to large doses, just like Red Riau.

Green Bali kratom is more popular and, generally, more widely available than Red Riau. As such, you likely will have an easier time finding this green hybrid strain.

Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo kratom is another well-known strain in the industry, often prized for its pain and stress relieving abilities. While it is usually considered a potent green strain, it is comparable to Red Riau, which is considered to be a relatively balanced red strain. 

Just like Green Bali kratom, Green Borneo is more readily available than most strains, so you shouldn’t have any issue finding it. 

Red Indo Kratom

It can be challenging to find balanced red strains like Red Riau, but Red Indo kratom is another strain that delivers only moderate effects. It’s usually used for pain relief, mild sedation, and anxiety relief.

Indo kratom is a popular variety and more accessible than Red Riau.

Final Thoughts: Red Riau Kratom

Hailing from the Eastern coast of the Sumatra island in Indonesia, Red Riau kratom is one of the few red-vein strains that produce moderate and balanced effects. Most users take this strain for its anxiety and pain-relieving capabilities.

Because of its mild effect profile, it’s generally considered one of the best red strains for beginners and those sensitive to the effects of kratom. 

The most common dose for mild sedation and pain relief is between 2 g and 6 g. Some users take up to 8 g for relief of more intense pain or to combat chronic insomnia.