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Does Kratom Affect Dreams?

Kratom is a fantastic sleep aid, but not many people know it can significantly enhance your dreams. Many users report powerful imagery and frequent lucid dreams due to using kratom before going to bed.

This article will explain all about kratom for profound sleep and the possibility of it affecting dreams. We’ll also talk about the best strains for sleep support and their recommended dose. So keep reading to find out all you need to know.

Written by Audrey Webber
Last Updated 2 years ago

Audrey Webber

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Kratom As a Sleep Aid

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree native to Southeast Asia. It’s famous for its ample therapeutic benefits, such as being an excellent analgesic and anxiolytic. Plus, it shows promise for treating depression and addiction problems.

Experts estimate that about 3 to 5 million people use kratom for its medicinal properties. While the most popular uses are those related to pain and anxiety, one more benefit helps thousands every day.

Kratom for sleep support is a true life-saver for users with insomnia and other similar disorders. However, it can also benefit people who want a good night’s sleep.

Some kratom strains can knock out even the most seasoned veteran in minutes. Others have a gentler approach and slowly relieve you of stress and anxiety until you fall asleep.

While it’s not a magic cure, kratom can be a fantastic sleep aid if you find that nothing else works.

How Does It Work?

Unlike most prescription sleep medications, kratom works in multiple ways to induce sleep. It is also less addictive, making for an excellent alternative if you want to quit using, for example, benzodiazepines. Below, you’ll find how this herb works for sleep.

Opioid Receptors

Kratom is known for its interaction with opioid receptors, which are responsible for slowing down the central nervous system. This includes inducing sleep, regulating mood, and blocking pain signals, among other things.

Receptors are like a lock because they need a key to work. In the case of the opioid receptors, that key is endorphin. However, some of the compounds present in kratom are very similar to it, effectively activating those receptors.

Anxiety Management

Many people struggle to leave their concerns outside of bed, leading to hours of thinking about stressful topics. Naturally, this worsens your sleep quality significantly, causing insomnia and other similar conditions.

Kratom is fantastic at reducing stress and anxiety — two of the leading underlying causes of insomnia and restlessness. Still, there isn’t much research on the topic, so we must rely on anecdotal evidence to examine these effects.

Pain Relief

Besides stimulating the opioid receptors, kratom also works for pain by inhibiting a particular key enzyme. This compound, called COX-2, is generally responsible for causing inflammation.

Kratom can reduce pain right from the source by reducing the inflammatory response. Besides, its relaxing properties can also alleviate muscle tension, a critical factor in nighttime pain.

Kratom’s Effect on Dreaming

While there are no formal studies about how kratom affects dreams, we can get an idea from what other people have reported. Naturally, this varies from person to person, but there are some general effects that most users talk about.

Kratom significantly promotes vivid dreaming, creating unique and intense dream sequences. Depending on the dose, the strength of this effect may vary — reaching almost pseudo-real dreams when taken in large quantities.

Some users even claim that they don’t even feel like they are sleeping. Instead, they experience incredibly vivid images of complex objects, almost as if they saw them in real life.

Others assure that kratom consistently generates dreams in which you become aware that you’re dreaming. These are known as lucid dreams, which can be powerful and exciting experiences.

Naturally, this increase in dream intensity can also lead to heightened nightmares and sleep paralysis. However, remember that kratom also reduces stress and anxiety, making these horrible experiences less likely.

Best Kratom for Sleeping

As we’ve already mentioned, various kratom strains are good for sleeping. However, they vary in effects, intensity, and incidence of side effects.

Here we will break down the top-three strains for a good night’s sleep and cozy dreaming. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry, as all of these varieties are suited for someone inexperienced. Still, you should always start slow.

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is one of the most sought-after kratom strains due to its fantastic consistency. While it can be powerful for beginners, it’s a great sleeping aid even at low doses.

When taking Red Maeng Da, expect to feel slightly energized at first. This is entirely normal and will soon disappear to give way to its sedating effects. Users also report fantastic painkilling and anxiolytic properties.

Red Indo

Red Indo is known for inducing a profound sense of physical and mental relaxation. Unlike most other strains, it doesn’t have notable energizing effects, making it ideal for quickly getting over a night of insomnia.

It’s also one of the most potent analgesics kratom can offer — some users even treat chronic pain with it. Plus, the chilled-out headspace it generates is perfect for winding down after a long and stressful day.

Red Kali

Although it might be harder to find than the previous two, Red Kali stands as a reliable and efficient sedative strain. Low doses can be nootropic and slightly stimulating, ideal for a low-intensity study session.

However, in high doses, Red Kali can get very sedating — such is the case that some veterans have reported a higher potency than expected. If you’re a beginner, start slow with this one.

Kratom leaf and flower.

Where to Buy Kratom Strains for Sleep

Like most other businesses, some kratom vendors are willing to sell you low-quality products for an extra profit. Still, some reputable vendors offer consistent, high-quality kratom for a reasonable price.

Here are some of the best-rated kratom vendors that carry sedating strains to support sleep:

Kona Kratom

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Kona Kratom

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Kona Kratom has proved to be the best online kratom vendor in consistency and quality. It offers top-notch powder and capsules that undergo intensive quality controls — including extensive lab tests.

One of the best aspects of Kona Kratom is that all of its orders have a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, it carries all the strains we previously mentioned — Red Maeng Da, Red Indo, and Red Kali.

The best about Kona Kratom:

  • Fast and reliable shipping
  • Excellent customer service
  • Top-notch products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Gaia Kratom

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Gaia (Mitragaia) Kratom

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Gaia Kratom, also known as Mitragaia, has a long history in the online kratom market. Most users praise it for its wide variety of strains, including exotic, hard-to-get types such as White Ketapang.

Plus, its prices are some of the best on the market — a kilo of its kratom runs for about $120. However, you might find reviews that talk about slow shipping speeds. While this isn’t usually the case, keep it in mind.

The best about Gaia Kratom:

  • Wide selection of strains
  • Discounts when buying in bulk
  • Accepts cryptocurrency payments
  • Affordable pricing

Happy Hippo Herbals

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Happy Hippo

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Despite its website’s odd aesthetic, Happy Hippo Herbals remains one of the best options to buy kratom online. Its customer service is on another level, and tight quality controls include double lab testing of its products.

You’ll find both Red Maeng Da and Red Kali on its menu. It also carries Red Indo, but it often seems to go out of stock. The only downside is that its prices are relatively high, as a kilo of powder costs about $224.99.

The best about Happy Hippo Herbals:

  • High-quality powder, capsules, and extracts
  • Extensive quality controls
  • Almost ten years of experience
  • Fast shipping

Dosing of Kratom for Sleep

The correct dose for kratom is more complicated than it seems, as it depends on many variables. Bodyweight, desired effects, and strains are factors to keep in mind when taking your first dose.

However, there are some general guidelines we can trace if you want to use kratom for sleep support. Because the sedating effects of kratom only shine in high doses, you might have to take over 5 grams, but it’s best to start with less.

If you’re a person with a more oversized body frame, you might even need to take more. Still, remember never to go over 12 grams.

Using more kratom than your body can tolerate leads to several side effects like nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. While kratom is low-risk, it’s best to be cautious.

The best way to use kratom for the first time is to start low. Using a small, energetic dose like 2 or 3 grams will give you a rough idea of your natural tolerance. After that, slowly start increasing the amount until you reach your desired effects.

Be patient if you feel that you need to take more because you aren’t getting any effects. Kratom can have a slow onset of effects — some people have reported peaking after two hours.

Further Support for Your Dreams

While kratom can be beneficial at nighttime, remember that it’s not a magic cure-all. The best way to promote deep rest is to live a healthy life that allows you to alleviate stress and anxiety organically.

For example, regular exercise and meditation can help you clear your mind of everyday concerns. In addition, picking up a sport will tire your body enough to fall asleep quickly when you go to bed.

Another crucial aspect of good sleep is to set up a consistent schedule. Setting up a time to go to bed and cutting out stimuli before that will promote healthier and more restorative sleep.

Lastly, a good diet will also contribute to a good night’s sleep. Avoiding compounds like sugar before bedtime will prevent you from being stimulated at nighttime. Likewise, be sure to eat a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Conclusion: Does Kratom Affect Dreams?

Kratom can improve your sleep and significantly change the way you dream. Using the correct dose of this herb before bed can make your dreams more vivid and even cause lucid dreams.

However, remember that kratom isn’t a magical solution. If you have trouble sleeping, try changing your diet or exercising before using kratom. Furthermore, we advise you to never go over the recommended doses, as it can lead to serious side effects.