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What Is Yellow Tanjung Kratom? Effects, Dosage, Safety & More

Yellow Tanjung is one of the kratom industry’s best-kept secrets. This fermented strain is the halfway point between green and red kratom, offering users a mellow, relaxing experience without as much risk of side effects as most sedating strains. It’s also an excellent strain for relieving anxiety and managing mild pain.

This article covers Yellow Tanjung kratom, explaining how it’s made, who should try it, and how to safely get the most out of it.

Written by Audrey Webber
Last Updated 2 years ago

Audrey Webber

Anthropologist & Freelance Writer

What Is Yellow Tanjung Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) has a wide range of effects and is quickly replacing many pharmaceuticals. This Southeast Asian herb is still used in traditional Thai and Indonesian medicine and plays an important role in their culture.

There are three main strains — green, white, and red — each named after the color of the veins in their leaves, a reflection of their different alkaloid concentrations. White kratom comes from harvesting kratom leaves from young plants, green from waiting a bit longer, and red from waiting to pick leaves from fully mature specimens.

Yellow kratom is not one of the three main strain types; instead, it is made by sun-drying and fermenting green strains. This fermentation process alters the alkaloid content and makes the green strain more sedating.

Yellow Tanjung is made by fermenting a green strain from the Kalimantan region of Borneo. It is a balanced strain with good pain-relieving qualities and average stimulation at low doses. Yellow Tanjung is more sedating than most green strains but is not as relaxing as red strains, making it an excellent choice for people looking for a good balance.

What Does Yellow Tanjung Kratom Do?

Yellow Tanjung has slightly more 7-hydroxymitragynine than the green strain it’s made from due to the fermentation process. Sun-drying kratom changes the balance of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the main two alkaloids that give kratom its psychoactive effects. The higher 7-hydroxymitragynine content in Yellow Tanjung makes it more sedating and a better pain-reliever.

Yellow Tanjung is stimulating in low doses, giving users an energy boost comparable to the boost they get from a cup of average-strength coffee. It is better for people looking for a mild bump in energy than those looking for an intensely energizing experience.

Many people say that Yellow Tanjung is the best strain for relaxing since it’s more calming than most green strains but not as powerful as most reds. Some people find red kratom to be too sedating but are disappointed by how stimulating green kratom can be. Yellow Tanjung offers a middle ground option that strikes the right balance for countless kratom users.

Yellow Tanjung Kratom Specs & Rating

  • Energy: ⭐⭐ —Yellow Tanjung is less stimulating than your average green strain. It’s good for a slight boost but doesn’t compare favorably to most green and white strains when it comes to energy.
  • Mood: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ —Many users use Yellow Tanjung to improve their mood and treat mild depression. It’s a moderately euphoric strain, more so than most green strains.
  • Pain Relief: ⭐⭐⭐ —Yellow Tanjung isn’t the best strain for pain relief, but it may help some users handle mild to moderate pain. It can’t compete with red strains and won’t work well for extreme pain.
  • Anxiety Relief: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ —Yellow Tanjung is an excellent choice for managing anxiety. It’s relaxing without being overpowering, and many users swear by it for calming their nerves.
  • Sedation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ —Yellow Tanjung is a fairly relaxing strain. It’s more potent than many green strains, making it a good choice for people who want more relaxation than what green kratom offers but don’t want the sedation from potent red strains.

1. Anxiety Relief

Yellow Tanjung’s capacity to reduce or eliminate anxiety comes from its above-average 7-hydroxymitragynine content. The fermentation process that gives Yellow Tanjung its distinctive yellow color also makes it a mellow strain that many users say is great for clearing the mind and achieving inner peace.

2. Calm Focus

According to user reports, low doses of Yellow Tanjung may help some users concentrate. Yellow Tanjung gives many users a slight energy boost similar to the one they get from a cup of coffee. However, unlike coffee, Yellow Tanjung doesn’t make users feel edgy and doesn’t lead to a crash, making it an excellent choice for caffeine-sensitive individuals.

3. Pain

Yellow Tanjung is less potent than most red strains but can still be the right choice for some users. Red kratom can be overpowering and is more likely to cause tiredness and other unwanted side effects. Users with mild or moderate pain may prefer a less powerful strain like Yellow Tanjung that can dull their pain without knocking them out.

Yellow Tanjung Kratom Dose

Dosing Yellow Tanjung is similar to dosing most kratom strains, with lower amounts emphasizing stimulation and higher amounts favoring sedation. Remember that Yellow Tanjung skews towards the sedating end of the kratom spectrum, so it will be more relaxing overall.

Dose for Mild Stimulation

From 1 to 3 grams, Yellow Tanjung is energizing. Many users use Yellow Tanjung as a coffee substitute during their morning routine, preferring the smoother energy from kratom to the harsher effect they get from caffeine. Yellow Tanjung is considerably less energizing than white kratom and weaker than most green strains, so users looking for an intense burst of energy should probably choose a different strain.

Dose for Anxiety Relief

Yellow Tanjung becomes a capable anxiety reliever around 3 to 6 grams. Most users find doses in this range make them feel calm and at ease, allowing them to feel less nervous and uptight. Yellow Tanjung doesn’t make most people feel tired, giving them the freedom to enjoy their anxiety-free state instead of spending it asleep on the couch.

Dose for Mild Pain Relief

Some people prefer taking 6 to 10 grams of Yellow Tanjung for pain relief versus taking a similar dose of red kratom because Yellow Tanjung doesn’t make them sleepy. Many people say that Yellow Tanjung is a capable pain reliever for managing pain from muscle aches and pains since it quells the pain and helps the muscles relax. Yellow Tanjung is probably not strong enough for more severe conditions, and for such cases, a red strain would be a better option.

Side Effects of Yellow Tanjung Kratom

Yellow Tanjung kratom ranks somewhere in the middle for the likelihood of causing side effects. Common complaints from Yellow Tanjung users include nausea, confusion, dizziness, constipation, diarrhea, feeling foggy, and memory impairment. Less common side effects include anxiety, paranoia, and psychosis.

All kratom strains can be addicting if they’re not used safely and responsibly. Experts suggest limiting weekly kratom intake to fewer than five days and recommend taking one week off after every two months of regular kratom use. Overusing kratom can lead to systemic fatigue, so take a break immediately if you feel sluggish and rundown.

Similar Kratom Strains

Yellow kratom is less common than red, green, or white kratom, and Yellow Tanjung is rare even compared to other yellow strains. If you’re interested in trying Yellow Tanjung but can’t find any in stock, here are some alternative strains with similar effects.

1. Yellow Bali

Yellow Bali is often easier to obtain than Yellow Tanjung, making it a great option for people who can’t get Yellow Tanjung. According to users, it’s well-balanced like Yellow Tanjung and a great strain for treating anxiety.

It can be slightly more energizing at lower doses than Yellow Tanjung, but user reports indicate that the degree of stimulation varies between people. Like Yellow Tanjung, Yellow Bali isn’t the best strain for pain relief but works well for managing mild cases.

2. Green Borneo

Green Borneo is not a yellow strain, obviously, but makes a viable replacement for Yellow Tanjung nonetheless. It’s a more sedating green strain, making it closer to Yellow Tanjung than a stimulating strain like Green Bali. High doses of Green Borneo are remarkably similar to Yellow Tanjung, giving users a sense of peace and well-being and making them feel calm.

It is not as good at relieving pain as Yellow Tanjung but possesses a similar capacity for reducing anxiety and relaxation. It also is much easier to find in stock and is generally affordable.

3. Yellow Malay

Yellow Malay is a more potent pain reliever than Yellow Bali, making it slightly more similar to Yellow Tanjung. However, it is less relaxing than Yellow Tanjung, making it worse for anxiety relief overall.

However, Yellow Malay is a favorite strain among people with depression, thanks to its ability to buoy spirits and improve moods. Many people say that Yellow Malay kratom is significantly better for regulating one’s mood than Yellow Tanjung.

Final Thoughts: Yellow Tanjung Kratom

Yellow Tanjung is a less well-known type of kratom created by fermenting green kratom to produce a smoother, more relaxing strain. Many people enjoy Yellow Tanjung kratom for its anxiety-relieving properties and say that it’s the perfect option as a bridge between green and red kratom.

Yellow Tanjung may cause side effects like all kratom strains, especially in larger amounts. Avoiding side effects is about controlling your dose, starting slowly and increasing it only when you feel comfortable. Yellow Tanjung can be addicting, so be sure to follow the guidelines for responsible use to avoid developing a physical dependency.

Yellow Tanjung isn’t the most accessible strain since it’s produced in small amounts. If you’re interested in trying Yellow Tanjung but don’t want to pay the elevated cost for a niche strain, consider trying Yellow Bali, Green Borneo, or Yellow Malay instead.