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Bumblebee Kratom Vendor Review

This Mission District manufacturer has roots in La Mesa, but they have set up what can only be described as a full-fledged Mitragyna speciosa franchise.

With shops in Boise, ID; Reno, NV; San Diego, CA, and beyond, Kratom Bumblebee has become the talk of more than one town.

Some have even called Bumble Bee tea the best kratom money can buy.

I think you’ll agree — this is one bee that has earned the buzz surrounding it.

Wade Paul

Written by Wade Paul1 month ago

Bumblebee Kratom

About The Company: Bumblebee Kratom

The Titanium Valley is home to a Bumble Bee Botanicals location that’s as big as it is beautiful. The rustic wooden shelving and decorative displays highlight the rugged goodness of the Ayurvedic herb.

Bumblebee Kratom can be found at 560 Carlsbad Village Drive. The shop is currently offering curbside pickup during the ongoing public health crisis.

Like their Boise brothers, Carlsbad’s Bumble Bee employees are friendly and knowledgeable, possessing a well-rounded understanding of vein colors, effects, dosages, and potential side effects.

Caveat emptor: If you’re buying from one of their in-person stores, you should know that they are a cash-only business. There are ATM machines at each of their shops, but you’ll want to leave your checkbooks and digital wallets at home for this one.

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $ — $

Bumblebee Kratom

Ranked 32 out of 60 vendors

My Bumblebee Kratom Review

I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the samples I tried from their shop. Their Gold Bali is fire, their Maeng Da is seriously tranquil, and their kratom extracts are tinctures you can trust for purity and potency.

This is one IRL seller that measures up to the greatest GMP compliant online vendor. Their strains are fresh, lab-tested, and high performance.

Bumblebee Kratom Product Reviews

Where most neighborhood shops and small-time apothecaries stock multiple brands of smoke shop kratom, Bumblee Botanicals sources all of its Mitragyna speciosa leaf from two dependable farmers in Indonesia.

They are one of a handful of local shops to offer both small batch kratom and bulk kratom options. You can pick up a single gram of their “thang” or as much as 1,000 grams. Kratom kilos are available at a discount to bulk buyers.

Bumblebee Kratom powder comes in a small but spectacular variety. Bumblebee Kratom strains include Maeng Da and gold vein kratom. As far as the latter, Bumblebee Kratom Bali Gold is their best-in-class.

Gold Vein Bali is an OG cultivar that is cultivated in a high humidity climate. It grows in mineral-rich volcanic soil, which contributes to its chemical makeup. Once the mature leaves of Bali kratom have been cultivated they are bundled inside a bag where they undergo fermentation.

Fermented kratom contains higher concentrations of alkaloids than plain leaf kratom. The result is a finely granulated powder that is as potent as it is long-lasting. This is the strain for anyone in the market for moderate exhilaration and significant invigoration.

Bumblebee Kratom Maeng Da is another top seller, one with a rich history in its native Southeast Asia. The natives of the Wild East regard Maeng Da as the original Horned Kratom cultivar.

The first Maeng Da kratom tree bears the horn-shaped leaves that have come to personify the high-powered Horn Kratom strain.

Maeng Da is a form of katawn that’s revered for its strength and clarity. If most kratom teas have a duration of no more than four hours, Maeng Da’s properties typically persist for 6+ hours. Most users agree that MD is the most robust strain on the market.

The Bumblebee Kratom catalog consists of all of the following:

  • Gold Bali        
  • Green Bal       
  • Green Borne  
  • Green Hulu Kapuas   
  • Green Malay  
  • Maeng Da      
  • Red Bali         
  • Red Bent        
  • Red Malay     
  • White Borneo 
  • White Thai

There is plenty to choose from when shopping with this venerable land-based kratom vendor.

Bumblebee Kratom Boise, ID

If you’re a Gem State resident, you can experience the genuine Indo kratom strains that have made Bumblebee Kratom a West coast giant.

Located at 413 S 8th St in the City of Trees, Bumble Bee Botanicals’ Boise shop is your place to buy kratom locally. You can purchase everything from CBD gummies to kratom extracts.

All of their strains are thoroughly lab tested by a third party independent laboratory. Certificates of analysis are furnished upon request.

Is Kratom Legal in Idaho?

The Land of Many Rivers may be tolerant of alternative lifestyle solutions, but this is poised to change. As of this writing, legislation is pending to regulate kratom in the state of Idaho.

The Idaho Kratom Consumer Protect Act would heavily restrict kratom sales by making it mandatory for vendors to register with the Idaho Department of Agriculture. What’s more, customers would have to be at least 21 years of age to purchase kratom products legally.

Failure to comply with regulations would result in criminal charges. This includes limiting alkaloid content to no more than two percent 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine). In other words, many kratom extracts would be strictly prohibited.

Although kratom is currently legal in Idaho, it is clear that things may change in the near future. The aforementioned legislation was proposed in February of 2020 and has yet to be signed into law.

What You Can Expect To Pay

If their land-based shops are too far from home or you don’t feel safe making the trek, you can order their products from There you will find a wealth of deals on kratom capsules and raw powder.

Prices start at $8.99 for a 40 count bottle, with a 90 count going for $15.99. You can score 300 caps for $34.99 or buy a full 500 count bottle for $53.99.

Bumblebee Kratom Coupon

Verified promo codes are available from many savings sites, including Hot Deals and Sociable Labs. If you shop around, you can find anywhere from 15-30% off your total.

Final Thoughts: One of My Personal Favorites

This California kratom supplier is one of my personal faves.

They keep things simple, gear their day-to-day operations to the public’s needs, and put a premium on consumer safety. I would recommend this vendor to anyone who wants to purchase kratom in the flesh.