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What is Malay Kratom? Red, White & Green Strains Explained

Malay kratom, short for Malaysian kratom, is one of the most prevalent and sought-after kratom varieties on the market.

It’s most popular in the three primary kratom strain colors: white, green, and red — but there are other options made from Malay trees as well.

Here, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Malay kratom, including where it comes from, what makes the experience unique, the effects you can expect when taking it, and more.

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What Is Malay Kratom?

Malay kratom is kratom that is harvested in Malaysia. Most of the trees cultivated here share the same traits and produce similar alkaloid concentrations. Trees grown here are notoriously potent but produce fewer leaves per harvest than other varieties.

Powdered kratom is made of crushed-up leaves from the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The red, white, and green names result from when the kratom was harvested in the growth cycle and how it’s processed post-harvest.

The climate and geology in Malaysia are conducive to growing very potent kratom trees. The area has remarkably fertile soil and hot, humid weather — all of which the kratom plant needs to thrive.

There are three main types of Malay Kratom:

  1. White Malay Kratom
  2. Red Malay Kratom
  3. Green Malay Kratom
  4. Red Jambu Kratom

What Does Malay Kratom Do?

Malay kratom does different things for different people, and the experience you have when consuming it will largely depend on the color of the Malay kratom you take.

We’ll break down the effects you can expect from Malay kratom based on the colors below.

Kratom leaf and flower.

White Malay Kratom Effects

As is the case with most white vein kratom strains, White Malay is predominantly used for providing a boost to energy. Kratom users commonly report that White Malay provides the same stimulation that you might expect from drinking several cups of coffee. However, many people say it doesn’t cause as much jitteriness or anxiety as caffeine.

White Malay is also a common strain used for mood enhancement and euphoria. It’s an excellent strain for socializing with friends for this reason. Most people who take this strain enjoy an uplifting feeling, positivity, or feelings of motivation. Some agree that this combination with rejuvenation can make the ideal morning strain.

White Malay provides some mental clarity in larger doses, so it could be an ideal strain choice if you’re looking to unwind a bit but aren’t planning on going to bed anytime soon.

Green Malay Kratom Effects

Of all the Malay kratom strain colors, Green Malay is, by far, the most popular. Most users report that it provides an intense surge of clean energy, just like White Malay but more balanced. The mood-boosting effects expected from White Malay are also present in the green variety, although they appear at a lower intensity for most users.

Green vein kratom, in general, is going to be more well-rounded than white or red. They’re usually the best options for people who want to use kratom for multiple purposes rather than one specific focus (like sleep, energy, or pain).

Green Malay is notoriously high in the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is responsible for kratom’s supposed pain-relieving effects. Many users take Green Malay to ease muscle or nerve pain, especially if they aren’t looking for a sedating experience. The red version is better for the sedative or analgesic effects.

Red Malay Kratom Effects

Red Malay is also highly sought-after by kratom users looking to ease pain, as it’s widely considered one of the most potent strains for 7-hydroxymitragynine. This alkaloid is attributed to kratom’s pain-relieving and sedating effects, making Red Malay a popular choice for both experiences.

Red-vein kratom strains tend to be the “heaviest” in their effects. They’re potent, sedative, and provide a numbing sensation throughout the body.

Most users report deep relaxation that makes them sleepy, so many people take Red Malay to prepare for bed. Some find that it puts their minds and bodies at ease to the point where it allows them to slip into a deep sleep quickly. Because of this effect, most people don’t recommend taking Red Malay for pain relief unless it’s nighttime and going to sleep is in your near future.

A unique characteristic of Red Malay is its ability to provide mood enhancement for users. Most people find that they feel light and even giggly when taking Red Malay at any dose.

Red Jambu Kratom Effects

Red Jambu might stick out a little bit on this list. This product is a mix of both the white and red versions of Malay kratom together. Typically, this would be deemed yellow Malay kratom, but in this case, it retains its traditional name, Jambu — which is a name given to various fruits in Malaysia.

Red Jambu is quite rare and hard to find. It’s only grown in select regions in Malaysia.

Malay Kratom Recommended Dosage

There is no ideal kratom dose that will appeal to every user, which means kratom is a highly personal substance. Not only do different amounts produce different effects, but everyone reacts to kratom differently.

If you’re unfamiliar with kratom or the potency of Malay kratom specifically, it’s best to start with a small dose between 1 and 2 grams and slowly increase your dose daily until you reach the desired effects.

While finding the correct dosage of Malay kratom is specific to you, below are some general guidelines that will apply to most users. These dosages are based on the desired effect.

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Best Dose for a Boost to Energy Levels

White Malay is likely your best bet if you’re looking for an experience similar to drinking a few cups of coffee. Smaller doses are best for this, so stick to between 1 and 4 grams.

Best Dose for Pain Relief

Malay kratom is naturally high in the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is linked to the cessation of pain. Users looking to ease pain at night when they don’t mind being tired or drowsy tend to use Red Malay for higher efficiency. However, Green Malay can also be a great option for daytime pain relief. A dose of between 5 and 8 grams is usually best for Red Malay, while a smaller amount of between 4 and 6 grams of Green Malay can be good for daytime pain management.

Best Dose for Deep Relaxation

Malay is a very common choice for inducing relaxation, especially after a long, stressful day at work or school. Most users turn to Green Malay or Red Malay for these purposes and take moderate doses between 3 and 5 grams. Green Malay is less likely to make you nod off, while Red Malay might help you move into a deep sleep.

Best Dose for Improved Mood

The alkaloid profile of Red Malay is prized for its ability to enhance the user’s mood, so those looking to perk up and experience some motivation and positivity often take between 3 and 6 grams of Red Malay.

Best Places to Buy Malay Kratom

Generally speaking, the best place to buy kratom is online. It’s imperative you only order high-quality kratom. At best, low-grade products don’t work — at worst, they’re dangerous and can cause very uncomfortable side effects.

Check out our list of top kratom vendors in the US for a more comprehensive summary. Here are the top three picks from our list:

1. Kona Kratom

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Kona Kratom

4.95 / 5
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Kona Kratom is often ranked as one of the best kratom vendors, primarily because it takes great care to make sure the product you receive is premium, potent, and safe. It carries out third-party testing on all powders and capsules and posts the results online, so you’ll always know precisely what you’re buying. It also backs its products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Kona stocks a nice array of powders, and the options almost always include White, Green, and Red Malay.

Finally, Kona’s excellent return policy allows you to return opened and unopened packages for a full or partial refund.

2. VIP Kratom

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VIP Kratom

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VIP Kratom’s products are the epitome of high quality. The company is well-known for being entirely rigid and uncompromising when it comes to testing its products, and it’s known to send entire shipments back at a loss if the quality isn’t up to its high standards.

VIP Kratom conducts third-party testing on all its products and posts the results online. You can always check the quality, potency, and purity of a kratom powder or kratom capsules before you commit to purchasing.

VIP Kratom is also AKA-accredited and provides a customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can always shop with confidence.

3. Star Kratom

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Star Kratom

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Star Kratom’s claim to fame is its lightning-fast shipping speeds, and it was one of the first kratom companies to adopt this policy. The company processes most orders the day they are placed, and most customers receive their products within just two business days.

Star Kratom provides more than fast shipping, though. It also puts all of its products through rigorous third-party lab tests to guarantee quality, and it gives a satisfaction guarantee for every purchase. You can always be sure that the products you get from Star are high quality and safe for consumption.

Similar Strains to Malay Kratom

Malay kratom is very popular, and for a good reason. The strains are strong and provide exactly what you’d expect from products in the red, white, and green categories.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative to Malay kratom to broaden your horizons, the options below should serve you well.

1. Borneo Kratom

Borneo kratom is known to be rather potent, but its effects are also rarely overwhelming for users. As such, it’s a good alternative to Malay kratom. However, White Borneo is known to be highly energizing, so you might want to steer clear unless you’re looking for an intense experience.

There’s also Red Borneo Kratom, Green Borneo Kratom, and Yellow Borneo Kratom.

2. Bali Kratom

If you enjoy the effects of Malay kratom but want something with a little higher potency, Bali kratom might be the right strain for you. Bali kratom is prized for its high alkaloid content and intense user experiences. Just be sure to start with a low dose and increase slowly to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Bali kratom comes in four main varieties: Red Bali Kratom, Green Bali Kratom, White Bali Kratom, and Yellow Bali Kratom.

3. Indo Kratom

There are many different kinds of Indo kratom. Indonesia is a bit of a hot spot for kratom production. You can find kratom growing around the Kalimatan region (Kali kratom), Sumatra (Elephant kratom), or fermented varieties like Bentuangie kratom.

The closest variety in terms of effects to Malay kratom is the general Red Indo, White Indo, and Green Indo kratom.

Final Thoughts: Which Malay Kratom Is Right for You?

Malay kratom is short for Malaysian kratom. It refers primarily to the red, white, and green varieties and includes the specialty kratom known as Red Jambu.

The effects profile of Malay kratom depends mainly on the color you take. White Malay is a powerful energy booster that can also provide some nootropic effects. Green Malay is considered one of the best daytime strains for pain relief, and it also offers intense energizing effects for most users. Red Malay is best for relaxation and pain relief, and it can also be a powerful mood booster.

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