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Kingdom Kratom Vendor Review

If you want to buy kratom online, might be a great place to start. Kingdom Kratom Free Samples enable first-time users to try out a strain before investing in a full pouch. Larger sample packs are also available.

Sample Packs give you a taste of each of the respective strains you’re interested in, so you can see where you land before buying in bulk.

But it’s not just freebies or small-batch kratom that make this seller worthwhile. Its online store is always bursting with unique items and old favorites, such as ashwagandha extract and the brand’s famous kratom gummies.

Read on for the full skinny about this outstanding Lone Star State fave.

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Kingdom Kratom

Rating: 4

About the Company

This brand is owned by a brick-and-mortar success story. 

Located at 5428 Schertz Road across from the School of Science and Technology – Alamo, Kingdom Kratom San Antonio is the city’s one-stop-shop for all things thang.

What started as a humble storefront in San Ann swiftly evolved into an online colossus, serving satisfied consumers nationwide.

Neighborhood customers have raved about its great quality and unbeatable customer service while long-distance consumers have lauded its prompt deliveries and friendly staff.  

As one user put it, “These guys are literally everything!”

The expansive online shop includes kratom capsules and kratom gummies, but it’s the fermented leaf that’s really fresh.


  • Wide variety
  • Outstanding bulk pricing
  • Potent kratom edibles
  • Crushed leaf
  • Fermented kratom
  • Fast shipping
  • Awesome customer support
  • Deep discounts
  • Solid consumer reputation


  • Does not accept Bitcoin
  • Does not disclose lab results

Kingdom Kratom Product Reviews

As a nationwide distributor, Kingdom Kratom maintains an all-encompassing online store. The website is always brimming with ethnobotanical goodness. Popular items include capsules and kratom tinctures.

This seller also carries fermented kratom, such as Chocolate Kratom, Gold Bali, and Yellow Borneo. This fermented kratom is what really cements its reputation as a top-tier brand.

If you want to buy kratom online, might be a great place to start. 

Best Kratom Powders

There are plenty of specialty products to sift through, but it’s Kingdom Kratom’s illustrious kratom strains that are of particular note. Each powder is finely texture, fresh-scented, and long-lasting. Here are my picks for the top three strains of 2021.

Read our Guide to Buying & Using Kratom Powder.

Kingdom Kratom Chocolate

This vendor stocks fermented kratom in three distinct vein colors. Fermented kratom is made by exposing plain leaf to direct sunlight, resulting in photosynthesis. 

Once this process occurs, the leaves are stored in bags where they turn, effectively achieving an altered chemical composition. This increase in natural alkaloid levels yields a significantly stronger powder and longer-lasting.

Of all the Kingdom Kratom fermented strains, Chocolate is my fave. This dynamic sun-dried kratom strain offers a symphony of potential effects, all of which combine to create a well-balanced and unforgettable experience.

The first time I sampled Chocolate Kratom, I was astounded by how true to form it was. As the name promised, the color was that of velvety cocoa candy, the texture was smooth, and the aroma was sweet. This is a dark and bold variation bound to impress even the most jaded “old hat” user.

Prices start at $8.50 for twenty-five grams, with fifty grams selling for $14.99. You can get two hundred-and-fifty grams for $49.99, five hundred grams for $84.99, or a kratom kilo for $122.00.

Kingdom Kratom Green Velvet

This terpene-driven strain is a bastion of relief and rejuvenation, providing 7-OH (the terpenoid indole alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine) in unprecedented concentrations. This green vein kratom powder is light, smooth, and flowery, delivering an invigorating brew with a noteworthy fragrance.

I find Green Velvet ideal for afternoons when I need to stay plugged in while planning ahead. It’s an inspiring, attentive cultivar with the right amount of balance between animation and relaxation.

You can score twenty-five grams for under nine bucks, five hundred grams for $84.99, or a kilo for $122.00.

Kingdom Kratom White Elephant

This member of the floppy-eared variety is a prized example of white vein kratom powder. Elephant kratom is notoriously more robust than traditional leaves. However, it shares the alleviating properties of other white veins.

White Elephant is a high-energy, high-performance tea that is great as a mid-morning pick-me-up. Like a strong cup of coffee, it will get your butt in gear. Unlike coffee, you won’t walk off to work with a case of jitters.

You can order White Elephant for the prices mentioned above.

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $8.50 — $209.96
Verified Vendor

Kingdom Kratom

Ranked 31 out of 65 vendors

Other Strains Offered by Kingdom Kratom

This vendor’s best-selling strains include Green Elephant, Green Horn, Red Bentuangie, Red Thai, White Borneo, and White Maeng Da Crushed Leaf. Some of these strains may be out of stock, depending on the time of year or increase in demand.

Other Items for Sale

This supplier is the first supplier to offer kratom edibles. Its Kratom Gummy Edibles are star-shaped and sugar-coated, making for a pleasant taste that’s rare in this industry. Gummies go for $12.99 apiece, and they’re worth every penny.

Is Kingdom Kratom Legit?


This Texas-based kratom supplier is the real deal, operating a land-based store and online shop that caters to discerning consumers. You’ll always get what you asked for when you place an order, and you’ll often be surprised by the generosity of its gifts.

Even though Kingdom Kratom is not approved by the AKA (American Kratom Association), it has demonstrated consistency and purity. All of its strains are ethically sourced from sustainable farms in Indonesia.

What You Can Expect to Pay

As I mentioned earlier, twenty-five-gram pouches go for $8.50, while kilos sell for $122.00. This vendor’s best deals are on bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules.

If we examine these prices using simple division, we can see the benefits of going big when ordering. For example, a kilo costs $122 and consists of one thousand grams. When we divide these numbers, we can see that each gram only costs around $0.12. 

This is definitely the best opportunity for savings on the site, although $12.99 is an excellent deal for something as one-of-a-kind as kratom edibles. If you scour the site’s many product pages, you’re bound to find savings on everything you could ask for.

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Accepted Payment Options

Kingdom Kratom currently accepts cash, COD (Cash On Delivery), credit cards, E-checks, money orders, and Zelle. 

Those who opt for COD should anticipate paying a ten-dollar fee for COD acceptance. Those who opt to pay via Zelle receive a gift. Obviously, the latter is the more sound choice, although both are convenient.

Unfortunately, this vendor does not accept Bitcoin or similar cryptocurrencies at this time.

Coupon Codes

You can sign up as a member of this seller’s loyalty program to receive a coupon code redeemable for 10% off your first order. Loyalty Program members are eligible for additional promo codes and other special deals.

What Other Customers Say About This Brand

All orders are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service). You can choose Standard Mail or upgrade to Priority Mail if you’re in a hurry. In both cases, you should anticipate a longer waiting time than the ETA provided with tracking. The Post Office is currently experiencing unprecedented delays.

Kingdom Kratom values its customers and wants you to be happy with its products. To this end, it has instituted a money-back program whereby consumers can return items that do not meet their expectations.

If you’re dissatisfied with a product, you have thirty days from the time it arrives to return it. No questions asked.

Final Thoughts: An Affordable Option for Fresh & Potent Kratom Products

Whether you want some top-shelf fermented kratom or something rare like kratom edibles, you’ll find it at a reasonable price when you visit Kingdom Kratom’s online store.

This is a reputable vendor with a wealth of kratom powders and assorted ethnobotanicals.

Its prices are competitive, and its commitment to excellence is obvious. You’ll know you’re in good hands when you get your first order in the mail.

Give the Chocolate Kratom and Green Velvet a go if you’re tired of traditional plain leaves. 

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