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Kratom Genie Review — The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Kratom Genie is an interesting beast of a vendor, with a genuinely awesome supply of ethnobotanicals.

I was excited to order from this brand at first, but quickly learned why nobody else I’ve talked to has even heard of them, let alone order from them.

Let’s see what’s under the hood of Kratom Genie. 

Written by Wade Paul
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Wade Paul

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Wade Paul is the founder and editor-in-chief at

Vendor Rating: 2

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $20 — $2500

Kratom Genie

2 / 5
Ranked 145 out of 190 vendors

Kratom Genie had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, most of their potential is squandered by charging insane prices.

It’s unfortunate, given the vast quantity of substances you can buy on the site. You can undoubtedly buy kratom. However, despite the vendor’s name, one could hardly see that kratom is the site’s focus.

To sum it up, nobody walks away from Kratom Genie feeling like they’ve just unearthed a hidden gem.

About Kratom Genie

Kratom Genie was founded over 20 years ago, and the website looks like it probably hasn’t been updated much in those 20 years.

All jokes aside, this can be a hindrance when trying to make sense of the company, what they stand for, and what products are available.

You can find almost every psychoactive and legal botanical known to man here! Alright, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration — but the site boasts more than a dozen other ethnobotanicals and legal herbs ranging from common wild dagga to the Mexican dream herb, Calea Z.

As a Canadian site, they certainly aren’t approved by the American Kratom Association; one can say with relative certainty that even if they were American, they would struggle to find approval among the other great kratom vendors.

According to the company’s information, they “welcome researchers and developers and encourage researchers and developers to research and further process our raw materials.”

Apparently, they like research.

They claim that they are superior to other kratom vendors in six ways: the quality of their products, their free shipping, the freshness of their products, their competitive pricing, their 20 years of experience in the botanical business, and their professionalism.

Since at least one of these statements (most notably their claim to competitive pricing) is absolute hogwash, you have to wonder what else they’re saying that’s untrue. Having 20 years in the botanical business certainly doesn’t imply superiority, especially if they’ve been running the business the same way they are now.

They claim to be manufacturers who can help guide other producers and individuals in the right direction. They specialize in “raw materials for research and development” from the “highest quality sources on the planet.”

At the end of the day, you could study their “About Us” page like scripture and walk away feeling like you didn’t learn a thing about the company. They don’t really say anything about themselves, who they are, where they’re from, why they’re interested in ethnobotany, or their goals.

  • Large selection of products
  • Ships to both USA & Canada
  • Good customer service
  • Poor user experience on the website
  • Issues reported with checkout process
  • Not AKA-certified
  • No lab tests for any products
  • High prices for average product quality

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Kratom Genie Product Reviews

Kratom Genie carries quite a few products; let’s go through each one and discuss the cost, quality, and some important points to know about before you buy for each one.

Kratom Leaf Powder

Kratom leaf powder is the most common type of kratom in North America. It can be consumed quickly, mixed into tea, and easily blended with other types of kratom.

Of course, a site like Kratom Genie should have various kratom strains available. The variety is decent enough, and the quality tends to be consistent, although nowhere near as potent as it should be, given the price.

Unfortunately, unless you’re lucky enough to place an order close to the time they have restocked their inventory, most of their product tastes and feels like it’s been sitting in a warehouse for a few years.

Kratom Genie Green Maeng Da Kratom

Kratom Genie offers a somewhat reliable Green Maeng Da Kratom for those interested in an energetic and euphoric buzz. Although it might not be up to the standard of other Canadian vendors, it’s still one of their best products.

Prices start at $20 for 30 g with a steadily climbing price until you reach the maximum order size of 1 kg for $300.

Kratom Genie Kratom Maeng Da (Original Red) Leaf

This Red Maeng Da product —like everything else on their site alleges to be —it’s a “superior product. The highest quality and harvested from the most perfect trees in the jungle.” If nothing else, the product’s page can give you a kick if you let your imagination run wild and visualize a five-year-old rattling away at a keyboard producing the content.

Prices start at $20 for 30 g with a steadily climbing price until you reach the maximum order size of 1 kg for $300.

Kratom Genie Golden Kratom Leaf

Gold kratom can be tricky to pin down since there’s no agreed formula defining what gold kratom actually is. In fact, vendors and researchers generally don’t agree on what makes up gold kratom.

As it stands, some vendors consider golden kratom to basically just be a toss-up of different strains of kratom, often heavy on the red. The result is a strain good for pain relief without overwhelmingly sedating effects.

Some of these vendors vehemently deny that the term “gold” has anything to do with color whatsoever, and they might be right. Correspondence with Indonesian growers has revealed that white, red, and green leaves can all be found on the same tree, sometimes, and regardless of the season.

Others, such as Kratom Genie, believe this color change is the most important. In terms of gold, the kratom vein changes color as chlorophyll breaks down. To get this effect, leaves are left to sit in the sunlight, exposed to ultraviolet light.

This degradation and decomposition of chlorophyll are believed to change the structure of the leaves, giving them a gold color.

Strangely enough, despite all of the extra work that Kratom Genie has to put into producing gold kratom, the final product is actually a bit cheaper than their other strains, coming in at $17.60 for a 30 g package and leading up to $280 for a kilogram.

Other Strains Offered By Kratom Genie

There are several other strains offered. They all fall into the same price range ($20 for 30 g, $300 for a kilo).

Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are highly concentrated forms of kratom; they are useful for people interested in consuming less powder without having to reduce the effects of the kratom. One must be careful when dealing with kratom extracts since the chance of addiction and dependence increases significantly.

As far as Canada goes, Kratom Genie is probably the best place to stop for extracts. It’s a sad truth, considering the steep price of everything, but they’re just about the only domestic vendor with extracts — and some really cool ones, too.

  • Kratom Red Borneo 3:1 Extract. A dark kratom extract made from red Borneo leaf.
  • Kratom 3:1 Green. Allegedly a full-spectrum extract from the highest quality green kratom leaves.
  • Kratom 3:1 White. “The True Essence of high-grade White Borneo Kratom.” The extract is a fine brown powder and is extremely stimulating.
  • Kratom Maeng Da 3:1 Extract. “Maeng Da” means “pimp grade” and can be applied to a vendor’s most robust kratom leaves, whatever they may be. In this case, the Maeng Da 3:1 is simply made from Kratom Genie’s “most premium leaf.”
  • Kratom Thai 3:1. Made from the Red Thai Kratom leaves, this full-spectrum extract presents as a fine brown powder.
  • Kratom Jungle 3:1. Said to be made from old-growth kratom leaves sourced from the Borneo jungles; this 3:1 extract contains the pure essence of the Mitragyna speciosa trees.

All extracts are available at the same price range.

  • 10 g for  $35
  • 50 g for $120
  • 250 g for $500
  • 500 g for $850
  • 1 kilo for $1650
  • 2 kilos for $2500

Kratom & Other Herb Combinations

Kratom Genie offers a blend of kratom and the dream-inducing, mildly euphoric blue and pink lotus flower. 

Pink Lotus 2.5x Extract

This is a newer blend of extracts made from 80% of the company’s 3:1 Red Borneo extract and 20% of their pink lotus 20x extract. Prices are $15 for 3 g at the lowest. There are many different choices available; in the mid-range, you have 75 g for $126.50 and can order a kilo for $896.50.

Kratom & Blue Lotus UNITY 2.5x Extract

This unique blend combines 80% of their 3:1 Green Borneo extract with 20% of their 20x blue lotus extract. The prices are similar to the pink lotus version, a little bit cheaper in the lower doses: the smallest dose of 3 g will cost you $14.00. However, middle and high-range orders are the same — 75 g for $125 and 1 kilo for $896.50.

Other Botanicals Offered by Kratom Genie

Kratom Genie offers a ton of other botanicals in addition to their kratom. In fact, kratom only makes up a small section of their rather extensive menu, which include:

Ubulawu, the African Dream Root

Known properly as Silene capensis, this root is known to produce lucid dreaming and contact with spirits. It is most commonly associated with the Xhosa tribe, who used it during rituals and ceremonies.

Amanita muscaria

The red cap mushrooms are hallucinogenic and poisonous. Also known as the Fly Agaric, it has a long history of shamanic and ritual use… when appropriately prepared.

Kratom Genie offers both Grade A Amanitas (which have perfect caps and are rarely in stock) and Grade B Amanitas (which are imperfect but much easier to obtain).

Blue Lotus Flower

Blue Lotus is one of the most sacred flowers to many peoples of the East, especially those who follow Hinduism and Egyptian Tradition. The Blue Lotus was and still is an important aspect of the ceremony and an object of meditation. Kratom Genie offers different parts and potencies of the plant:

  • Blue Lotus Flowers: These have a pleasant aroma and come from Kratom Genie’s farm. The flowers include the stamens (aromatic components), the petals, and the middle pod. 15 g is $7.50, 120 g is $45., and 1 kilo is $275 — but have you ever seen how big a kilogram of dried flowers is?
  • Blue Lotus Stamen: You can order just the stamens or the aromatic components of the flowers. These come from the freshest lotus flowers organically cultivated on their farm. Since they’re just a single part of the lotus flower, the stamens cost a bit more: 15 g is $10, 120 g is $55, 500 g is $187, and a kilo is $340.
  • Blue Lotus Powder: The whole lotus flower, ground into a fine powder, can be purchased at $7.50 for 15 g. Prices increase up to a maximum order of 1 kilo for $275.
  • Blue Lotus 20x extract: Kratom Genie is one of the few people who make a potent 20x extract of blue lotus by using the concentrated aromatic oils of the plant.
Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea)

Pink Lotus

Pink Lotus is similar to Blue Lotus and seen by some cultures as a symbol of enlightenment. The same can be said of the Blue Lotus. Outwardly, they seem to differ mostly in their color, but each has a unique alkaloid profile. The Pink Lotus leaves and flower pods grow up and out of the water, whereas their blue counterparts remain in the water.

  • Pink Lotus Flower Petals: These are much cheaper than their Blue Lotus counterparts, at 30 g for $10.
  • Pink Lotus Stamens: These have more aromatic oils than the rest of the flower. This aromatic oil is reserved for the highest deities in Hinduism. Prices start at $12 for 30 g and increase to $725 for 3 kilos. 3 kilograms of stamens? How many flowers do you think that takes?
  • Pink Lotus 20x Extract: Like the Blue Lotus Extract, this is made from fresh Pink Lotus flowers only, allowing only the aromatic compounds into the final product. They are unique in only using flowers. Most companies attempt to capitalize by using the stem, which contains fewer aromatics, to produce higher volumes of lower-grade products.

Calea zacatechichi

Calea zacatechichi, known as Calea Z or simply the Mexican Dream Herb, is a powerful agent for helping to facilitate lucid dreams or prophetic dreams. This stuff should be treated as sacred and consumed ritualistically before bed. Set your intentions and practice your meditations so you can be prepared to receive the visions offered by the plant.

Calea can be drunk as tea, smoked, or taken sublingually. The first and last options are off the table for most people. Calea is a bitter substance, and few people can take more than a couple of sips of the tea, so most opt to smoke it.

Some prefer to chew up a wad of the stuff and sleep with it packed in between the lower teeth and cheek so that it can slowly absorb throughout the night. This is one of the best ways to get to know the plant. One cannot truly know Calea while running from its bitterness.

If you would like to get to know Calea, you can order it from Kratom Genie:

  • 25 g for $14
  • 250 g for $68
  • 500 g for $159
  • 1,000 g for $255
  • 5,000 g for $940
  • 10,000 g for $1,650
Calea zacatechichi


Kanna, or Sceletium tortuosum, is a South African herb that can smooth out anxiety, improve sociability, and works fantastically as an antidepressant. You can purchase it from Kratom Genie as either a powder, crushed herb, or extract.

Kanna powder can be purchased at roughly a dollar per gram in the lower range, with prices decreasing as you increase the size of your order until they hit about $0.50 per gram (it’s $245 for 500 g.)

You can also order whole crushed kanna plants. This is a good option for those interested in making tea. The plant is fermented before crushing, enabling maximum absorption.


Kava kava, a plant native to the Pacific Islands, is also known as Piper methysticum. Used by the natives for ceremonial and social purposes, kava kava functions very well as an anxiolytic agent. It causes none of the typical side effects of conventional anxiolytics, such as oversedation or addiction.

In fact, kava seems to exhibit a sort of reverse tolerance. The longer an individual uses it, the more potent it becomes.

There are subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the kava grown on different Hawaiian islands. The different parts of the kava root system (which includes both the basal and lateral roots) also contain various compounds.

The lateral roots have more kavalactones, and the basal roots have more starches and kavain. Various blends of kava kava produce different effects and experiences.

The Kratom Genie offers most of the different cultivars.

Kava kava

Vanuatu Kava

  1. Vanuatu Traditional: This is a ceremonial variety of Vanuatu kava and the most popular version of the kava sold on the site. It’s a mix of 30% lateral and 70% basal roots and is recommended for beginners. 224 g costs $80, 448 g costs $155, and a kilo costs $260.
  2. Vanuatu Gold Black Label root powder: This consists of a 50/50 ratio of basal and lateral roots; this kava is kiln-dried indoors after the plants have been allowed to grow for at least 5-7 years. This process ensures a high alkaloid concentration, yet it’s only slightly more expensive: $90 for 224 g,$175 for 448 g, and $300 for a kilo.
  3. Vanuatu Lateral roots powder: The description for this product is confusing, but one would assume, due to its title, that you’re paying for pure lateral root powder. Nonetheless, the description rambles about basal and lateral roots and the distribution of the roots in various other products. The price starts at $85 for 224 g, leading up to $285 for a kilo.
  4. Vanuatu Premium Root Chips: Do the chipped roots contain both the basal and the lateral roots? Once again, the product description fails to describe what you’re buying. The prices are clear, though: 224 g for $82.50, 448 g for $160, a kilo for $275, 500 g for $450, or 1000 g for $850.

Other Kava

  1. Kava Kava Ceremonial Micronized: This is a micronized version of the Vanuatu ceremonial kava. Wood fibers are removed and then dehydrated before being micronized to produce an extremely fine, highly absorbable micronized powder. The only available option is a kilogram for $650.
  2. Kava Kava Fiji Waka Lateral: Locals know the lateral roots as waka, so these Fiji waka roots are exactly that. These high-quality and alkaloid-dense roots are allowed to grow for at least four years to ensure a mature alkaloid profile. 112 g for $40, 224 g for $70, 448 g for $135, and 1,000 g for $250.


  1. Kava Kava 3x: This extract contains 40 percent kavalactones and is made with CO2 extraction. The result is a light yellow-green powder. 10 g for $17 or 50 g for $62,
  2. Kava Kava 5x: This is allegedly a “unique one of a kind kava root extract.” Two extraction methods were utilized: a CO2 extraction and a low-temperature full-spectrum extraction. The result is a fine powder. 10 g costs $28, 50 g costs $100,  500 g costs $730, and 1000 g costs $1400.
  3. Kava Kava 10x: This crazy potent full-spectrum extract comes in the form of a gum that’s probably very bitter and should make your mouth go completely numb. If it doesn’t, you’ll l know that the kavalactones have degraded.
Erythrina mulungu


Erythrina mulungu grows native to Brazil, where locals use the bark for its medicinal properties. Its usage in indigenous rituals goes back many thousands of years, and scientific research has not yet set its scrutinizing sights on it. Thus it can still be bought at 25 g for $14, with prices increasing up to $1,650 for ten kilos.    


Ololiuqui is the local name given to the seeds of R. corymbosa, the word literally meaning “round thing,” which they certainly are. The seeds grow on the fruit of what locals call The Sacred Vine. The seeds, which are most certainly not for human consumption (despite their long history of shamanic use), contain LSA.

For those interested in strictly non-consumption-based shamanism with ololiuqui seeds, you can buy them from Kratom Genie starting at $24 for 5 g. 50 g costs $148.50, 100 g is $253, 250 g is $550, 500 g is $946, and a kilo of these precious seeds is $1,650.


Also known as the Sun Opener, the sinicuichi plant is only for those who are daring and adventurous. The experience provides users with a strange series of audio hallucinations alongside a visual brightening. However, many users report that they become incapacitated and in immense pain for up to 24 hours after their dose.

If you’re crazy enough, you can order it for $14 (25 g) in increasing order sizes, with the largest order being 10 kilos for $1,650. Bonus points if you can think of what you could do with 10 kilos of sinicuichi.


Wild Dagga

Wild dagga is not a rare or exotic plant, but it certainly looks like one. Aptly nicknamed Lion’s Tail (its Latin name, Leonotis leonurus, reminds us of the zodiac symbol of Leo, the lion), its orangey-red bell-shaped flowerets contain an abundance of a slightly psychoactive compound called leoniurine.

Kratom Genie sells several parts of the plant.

Wild Dagga Pods are the lion’s tail itself! These pods look similar to the Klip dagga plant, but L. leonurus is a bit more potent in its aroma. 25 g costs $12 (insane; please buy anywhere else), and a kilogram will cost you $290.

Wild Dagga Leaf. This green stuff will give you a relaxing sensation if you smoke it. It’s cheap (but not as cheap as everywhere else), coming in at $10 for 25 g, $75 for 250 g, and  $280 for a kilo.

Wild Dagga Extracts

There are two wild dagga extracts that you can buy from Kratom Genie.

  • Wild Dagga 10x Resin: This is made by evaporating a liquid extraction of the pods, thus creating a full 10:1 extract of wild dagga. 3 g is  $21, and 10 g for $50. If you’re really keen on your wild dagga resin, you can get a half-kilo for $1,500 or a full kilo for $2,750.
  • Wild Dagga 10x Powder extract: This is the same as above, just in powder form and notably cheaper. The smallest order is 10 g for $35, 500 g for $850, a kilo is $1,650, and 2 kilos are $2,500.
Klip Dagga (Lion’s Ear)

Klip Dagga

Klip dagga is also known as Lion’s Ear. You can buy the flower and the 10:1 extract of the petals at Kratom Genie.

  • Klip Dagga Flowers: These start at 25 g for $18. The largest order is a kilogram for $450.
  • Klip Dagga Petal Resin: This has a delicious floral aroma. It’s $12 g, making it one of the more expensive products on the site. 3 g is $35, 15 g is $140, and the biggest size available is 30 g for $255.

Wild Lettuce

Wild Lettuce is said to contain opioid-like alkaloids that can produce a mild buzz. This was primarily disproved, but some people still swear by the lettuce. Kratom Genie sells the leaves, their resin, and a 20x extract.

  • Wild Lettuce Leaves: These are just dried wild lettuce. They can be made into tea, smoked, or consumed in many creative ways.
  • Wild Lettuce Resin: This water-based extract has been evaporated, leaving behind a thick and sticky resin. For $15, you get 5 g; for $56.25, you get 25 g; and for $595, you get 500 g.
  • Wild Lettuce 20x Extract Powder: This is a fine brown powdered extract of wild lettuce. The prices are the same as the wild lettuce resin above.

Is Kratom Genie Legit?

It’s hard to tell whether or not Kratom Genie is legit. It’s easy to get the vibe that the site is a scam.

Plus, the prices are stupidly high, and it doesn’t make sense that they would make enough sales to stay in business.

On top of that, you can casually order massive amounts of kratom extracts (2 kilograms for $2,650) without making any special requests or communicating with anybody. I certainly wouldn’t be dropping $2,650 on something unless I was reassured several times over.

Plus, by the look and feel of things, Kratom Genie seems like a small operation. They talk about having their own farm. And yet they’re pumping out enough plant matter that they can have several kilograms of, say, wild dagga flower resin available on standby all the time? Or offer blue lotus sepals (the tiny leaf-like things supporting the petals) by kilogram?

That would take an absurd amount of growing space. Furthermore, the time commitment involved would suggest either a fairly large team of people working with them or a ridiculous amount of time on their hands.

Nothing really feels directly wrong about Kratom Genie, but we can’t help but feel like we’re not getting the whole truth.

What You Can Expect To Pay

The prices here are ridiculous. Their prices are, in some cases, more than twice as high as their competitors. They claim to offer competitive pricing but then charge $20 for an ounce of regular kratom leaf.

The company often doles out coupons with significant discounts that can make it manageable to buy something from them. Without these, the prices are just unreasonable. Unfortunately, this means that you’re likely not going to be using Kratom Genie except for when they’re sending out their coupons or when you receive the initial 40% off coupon.

New customers receive a 40% off coupon, and applying that to your order makes the prices just about competitive.

Couple this with cheap domestic shipping, and that first order is not a bad deal. But after that, it’s impossible to justify ordering from them when the prices go up to normal.

There is a new Price Match option available on Kratom Genie. Perhaps it’s now possible to order your kratom from Kratom Genie at the same price that you’d pay from another vendor. You need to subscribe and email them to find out more.

It’s also important to note that you get free express tracked shipping with every order over $25. This could be factored into the overall price of their products because express shipping usually costs anywhere from $12-$30.

Accepted Payment Options

There are several different ways that you can order from the site.

Simple Secure Cart

Most people will use this general online order form to order. When using this, you’ll have to fill out your address and choose whether you will pay with Interac e-transfer, CoD (Cash on Delivery), Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, or Global Money Transfer.

  1. E-transfer information will be provided for you once you place your order. Include the password and questions as prompted in your e-transfer, and they’ll accept your order during working hours that day or the next.
  2. Global money transfers can be sent, but you need special info. Select e-transfer as your payment option if you want to send a global transfer, then send them an email to ask for the relevant information.
  3. You can also pay with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. To pay with crypto, select e-transfer at checkout and email them asking to pay with bitcoin or crypto.

Kratom Genie Coupon Codes

Looking at the website’s prices, you’ll quickly conclude that ordering anything without a coupon would be a joke. And you’re right. If you don’t want to sign up for a personal account, you can usually just email them and ask for a first-time discount coupon.

This will give you 40% off. First-time orders also get the same next-day shipping.

They also list monthly discount codes on the website.

They will also send you a 30% discount code if you order a kilogram from them.

Subscribing to the newsletter at checkout will net you 3% off your order.

What Other Customers Say About This Brand

Most people who review Kratom Genie have the same things to say. They look a little sketchy, and their prices are too high, but they’re not bad if you use a decent discount code.

Some users find their products to be great, though. Reddit user TragicSystem said that, after his first order, he “got the product the next day, and it’s the best he’s ever come across!” (April 2022). Although he made sure to recommend people to “ask for a discount code before you order.”

Sometimes customers also get a bonus sample with their order. User Chokaholic said he finally caved in and “eventually tried them.” They were “way overpriced,” but “they sent me some extra because it was my first time buying…. That’s the only time it would be worth it.”

They are generally regarded as having good customer service, with LevinKetun saying “their communications were FAST and polite.”

Customers who subscribe to their mailing list also say they send out “deep discounts” twice a year.

Shipping & Returns

Orders over $25 get free tracked express shipping, which is a value of $12-$30, depending on the weight of your order.

For the USA, they generally ship FedEx ground, allowing orders to deliver within 4-6 business days.

Canadian Express shipping usually takes 2-3 days, but they also offer next-day shipping for an increased price of $25. Next-day shipping is not available for P.O. boxes.

International shipping is available as well. They ask that you contact them for more information.

They don’t mention anything about returns on the shipping & returns page.

Best Alternative Kratom Vendors

If Kratom Genie isn’t your thing, no problem. Here are three vendors that have a more balanced approach. Third-party testing, great customer service, and competitive pricing are the norm — no need to stress over the “what ifs” from a vendor that seems a little off.

VIP Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $40.00 — $125.00
Verified Vendor

VIP Kratom

4.85 / 5
Ranked 4 out of 190 vendors

VIP Kratom puts your wallet and sense of self-worth at odds with one another. Here, you can become a member of a select group of VIP Kratom consumers. But you’ll need to pay the price.

Living like a boss ain’t cheap, and neither is VIP’s kratom. But don’t think for a second that it’s not worth every penny.


  • Top-notch, boss-quality kratom
  • Consistent and reliable
  • Reputable brand with loads of positive reviews
  • AKA-approved and GMP-certified
  • Great customer service


  • Unable to fill orders smaller than 250 g

Star Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $35 — $95
Verified Vendor

Star Kratom

4.9 / 5
Ranked 2 out of 190 vendors

Perfectionists delight with Star Kratom, a company known for having some of the highest quality controls in the entire kratom niche. Check out their multiple lab test results to see for yourself how dedicated they are to purity and consistency.


  • Rigorously tests their products
  • High level of transparency
  • Bulk deals
  • Competitive prices


  • Can only pay through the MESH system
  • No crypto payments
  • Only ships in the USA

Kona Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $45.00 — $115.00
Verified Vendor

Kona Kratom

4.95 / 5
Ranked 1 out of 190 vendors

If you’re searching for kratom with a proud background, then Kona Kratom won’t disappoint. With great variety, Kona Kratom is dedicated to providing a positive customer experience from the second that you set your sight on their site until the moment you check out.


  • Great quality
  • Customer service is a pleasure
  • Good return policy should you need it
  • Relates well with Indonesian kratom growers


  • Expensive

Final Thoughts: Always Expecting a Scam That Never Arrives

Kratom Genie is, without a doubt, the weirdest site I’ve ever ordered kratom from, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to put my finger on why that is. Something feels very ‘off’ about the site, yet they always manage to provide good service.

Here are a few examples of things that produce a sort of “what’s really going on here?” feeling:

  • Having kilogram upon kilogram of flower petals and resins on-hand — do these products sell that fast? How do they restock so quickly? Or are they selling us ancient warehouse products?
  • The prices are twice as much as every other Canadian vendor.
  • The owners know that their prices are higher than others because they try to draw people in with sitewide discounts and coupons instead of just lowering their costs.
  • They don’t do third-party testing on their products.

Many people seem to feel the same way about this site, at least regarding its pricing. Without the coupons, the prices are just unmanageable. It’s a wonder they manage to stay in business the rest of the time. That makes us wonder if there’s something else going on behind the scenes.

All in all, Kratom Genie is a strange vendor. They have a lot of potential to be the best in Canada, and if their prices were a little better, they certainly would be. They have a good assortment of kratom products and are one of the leading vendors of exotic ethnobotanicals.

Unfortunately, their obnoxious prices get in the way of their #1 spot. Just about everyone who buys from Kratom Genie only does so a couple of times a year when they get wind of a coupon offer of at least 40% off, which brings the prices down to a reasonably competitive level.

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