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Blue Magic Kratom Review

Instead of bogus medical claims or misrepresentations about kratom effects, this vendor’s packaging offers only a culturally rich and cosmetically pleasing image of an ancient elephant, its tusks pointing at the exotic Blue Magic logo.

This sort of marketing is all well and good, but the question remains—is Blue Magic Kratom legit?

Read on for my comprehensive overview of this nationwide supplier and their questionable products.

This sort of marketing is all well and good, but the question remains—is Blue Magic Kratom legit?

Read on for my comprehensive overview of this nationwide supplier and their questionable products.

Wade Paul

Written by Wade Paul1 month ago

Blue Magic Kratom

Blue Magic Kratom Near Me

As the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. The same is true when it comes to Elephant kratom. I have seen Blue Magic products on display in many brick-and-mortar locations.

For example, I knew I wanted to pick up some of their kratom strains while staying with a New York City friend. So, I asked him to run a Google search for “Blue Magic Kratom Near Me.”

The search results showed us more than 25 establishments that might have their items in stock. These included the Deliteria Deli and Grocery, McNulty’s Tea & Coffee, Flower Power Herbs & Roots in Piermont, RSS Wholesale in Hicksville, and Kavasutra Kava Bar on 10th St.

You can do the same from anywhere in the United States, and you’re likely to get a few hits. For instance, if you search “blue magic kratom new jersey,” you’ll see that Flavor Smoke Shop and Up In Smoke are some popular options.

But you don’t have to venture out of the house to lay hands on some quality kratom. Many of Blue Magic Kratom’s most acceptable products are available on the Internet.

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Blue Magic Kratom

Ranked 58 out of 60 vendors

Blue Magic Kratom Wholesale

This brand is widely available from online wholesale suppliers. Wholesale kratom companies such as Hemp CBD, Payless Kratom, and Jupiter Trading LLC stock an assortment of Blue Magic items, but their kratom availability varies.

Blue Magic Kratom Product Reviews

Blue Magic Kratom Strains include Magic Kratom Maeng Da, the classic White Thai, the much-coveted Trainwreck Blend, and the ever-popular Red Bali. Red vein kratom powder brings me relief, amusement, and general well-being.

Red Vein Bali is no exception, providing those who brew it with a soothing cup of kratom tea that’s as tranquil as it is introspective. Although you shouldn’t confuse kratom with medicine, some users can agree that red veins are calming and mildly exhilarating. Such effectiveness is especially true in the case of Blue Magic Red Bali.

Speaking of red veins, Blue Magic Red Dragon is the best Dragon kratom strain on the market. That’s because this seller famously subjects their plant matter to a closely monitored drying process, which results in a higher concentration of essential elements.

All (or, at least, most) of their strains are exceptionally fresh and clean. If there’s one gripe I can level at these guys, it’s their lack of transparency regarding kratom blends.

Blue Magic Kratom Trainwreck is a name that’s instantly recognizable to herbal users. That’s because Trainwreck is a blend offered by a wide array of domestic vendors.

Unfortunately, all Trainwreck blends are not equal in my experience. Some combinations, such as Earth Kratom’s and Klarity Kratoms, are excellent, but Blue Magic’s is not such a mixture.

Their inferior concoction lacks both the potency and forthcoming details of these better-known brands. Whereas other sellers break down their full list of ingredients, Blue Magic only mentions Maeng Da in its associated literature.

For those who don’t know, Trainwreck blends typically contain a combination of no fewer than four strains. Some include as many as 11 Mitragyna speciosa variants.

By contrast, Blue Magic does not disclose the ingredients of their blend, nor do they provide customers with direct quotes on competitive pricing.

On the bright side, third-party distributors such as My Kratom Club charge as little as $77.99 for a 500 count bottle of their Trainwreck capsules.

Blue Magic Kratom Shot Review

This seller offers a liquid kratom shot in a 240 ml bottle. Alternatively, their Full Spectrum (FST) liquid shot is provided as a 10 ml tube, accessible in packs of 24.

One thing to bear in mind when considering Blue Magic Kratom Liquid is the potential for harmful additives. Many vendors cut their Mitragyna speciosa with synthetic chemicals or other natural stimulants.

The single most common secondary component in kratom shots is Blue Lotus, an Egyptian water lily known for its exciting properties.

Blue Lotus flower enjoys a legendary reputation that owes to its history as a sacred herb. Ancient societies used blue lotus to inspire clarity and relaxation.

Unfortunately for those who take Blue Lotus as part of an extract, it may have some severe side effects. Some studies have suggested that blue lotus may disrupt production in the liver.

Additional side effects include sedation, itching, rash, and low blood sugar.

What You Can Expect to Pay

A Blue Magic Kratom 500-count sells for $52.99 at Payless Kratom. More frugal individuals can go for something smaller, like a 150-count for $15.99. A 300 count goes for $33.99.

My Kratom Club carries each of their strains. A 150-count bottle of caps starts at $21.99. Few bulk kratom options are accessible at most of these online stores.

For the best price, you may want to consult with fellow users at an online kratom forum.

Final Thoughts: Approach With Caution

Although my personal experiences suggest that Blue Magic Kratom is safe and effective, their business practices give me pause. For this reason, I would urge users to approach their products with caution.