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Philly Kratom Review (Your Leaf Your Life): One of the Best

Philly Kratom (Your Leaf Your Life) is a Philadelphia-based kratom vendor that sells a decent selection of potent kratom powders and extracts. They hold a lot of potential, thanks to their pricing and efforts to keep kratom legal. 

This guide is a comprehensive look a Philly Kratom, dissecting its product lineup, examining its company policies, and laying out the facts so you can decide if it’s the right fit for you and your kratom needs.

Written by Wade Paul
Last Updated 12 months ago

Wade Paul

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Wade Paul is the founder and editor-in-chief at

Vendor Rating: 4.25

This company fights for kratom to stay legal and offers a great selection of quality products — with the lab results to prove it.

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $12.00 — $85.00

Philly Kratom (Your Leaf Your Life)

4.25 / 5
Ranked 18 out of 190 vendors

About the Company

Philly Kratom (Your Leaf Your Life) is an online kratom retailer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States.

The owners are strong kratom advocates and dedicate a page to helping others join the fight to keep kratom legal. They also offer discounts to veterans and the disabled.

Philly Kratom has a decent selection of well-priced products, making it an attractive choice to shoppers. Third-party lab results are available to view on the website. The company also has a well-organized website with a clear FAQ section and a clearly delineated return policy, making it stand out from some of its competitors.

From personal experience, their kratom is a solid choice.

  • Affordable
  • Posts lab results
  • Good mission statement and effort in the kratom movement
  • Decent selection
  • Not AKA certified
  • Only sells powder
  • Limited returns, contact company if unsatisfied

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Philly Kratom Product Reviews

Philly Kratom focuses mostly on kratom powders, although it also carries kratom extracts, edibles, and accessories like spoons, scales, and blunt papers. It does not carry kratom tinctures or capsules.

Kratom Leaf Powder

Kratom leaf powder is the most common way people take kratom. Powders offer users the most control over their doses, making them especially attractive to beginners and people looking to take small amounts. They also tend to be the most cost-effective way to buy kratom, giving users the most bang for their buck.

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Philly Kratom Beckey’s Blend Red/White

Beckey’s Blend is a unique blend of red-vein and white-vein kratom, making it a Philly Kratom exclusive. It mostly consists of red-vein kratom with just a hint of white vein added to balance the effects. 

Customers love this strain — and it’s a personal favorite of mine — for the relaxed energy it provides. The red and white strains blend well for a mood boost, increased motivation, and a sense of calm.

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Philly Kratom’s powders are available on their own in 4 ounces, 8 ounces, or 20 ounces, and most are also available as part of the company’s sampler packs.

Price: $12.00 for 2 ounces, $20.00 for 4 ounces, or $35.00 for 8 ounces

Philly Kratom Green Cobain  

Green Cobain is named after the owner’s favorite singer, Kurt Cobain. If you like greens, you’ll love this one because it embodies everything a green should be. It’s well-balanced and what I’d call a “feel good” strain. You’ll notice it, the improvements in energy and mood are certainly there, but it doesn’t come on strong.

This is one of my favorite strains from Philly and in general.

Price: $12.00 for 2 ounces, $20.00 for 4 ounces, or $35.00 for 8 ounces

Philly Kratom Red Suede

Philly’s Red Suede is just what you’d expect. I bought a sample once and keep going back for more, which says a lot because I don’t use red strains often.

This red is smooth and very enjoyable yet not too tiring in small doses. It’s good for social events or other situations that might cause anxiety. Large doses would likely be very effective for insomnia. Most reds are, but this one could be ideal for calming the mind and slowing things down a bit before bed.

Price: $12.00 for 2 ounces, $20.00 for 4 ounces, or $35.00 for 8 ounces

Other Strains Offered By Philly Kratom

Philly Kratom’s prices are the same across all its strains, $12.00 for 2 ounces, $20.00 for 4 ounces, or $35.00 for 8 ounces, making it easy to choose based on effects alone. Here is a list of other strains offered by Philly Kratom.

Kratom Extracts

Kratom extract is a highly concentrated form of kratom usually consumed as a liquid or finely ground powder. Extracts are popular due to their high potency and convenience, with many people preferring them over traditional powders. 

According to most users, kratom extract’s effects are felt more quickly than kratom powders and last longer.

Philly Kratom’s extracts are made in-house. Some companies import kratom extract or source it from an external lab which can jeopardize its freshness.

These extracts are quite potent and are not made using alcohol unless specified. Philly’s uses citrus fruits, like white grapefruit, lemons, and limes, giving the extracts a fresh, citrusy scent. True Grit is a great one to try if you deal with pain. I found it very effective.

They also carry cookies, salt water taffy, Kratomade, honey sticks, and more. The selection is impressive, to say the least.

Kratom Collector Spoons

Yes, spoons, and they’re not specifically made for kratom — they don’t measure it or anything. What’s the big deal, then? We would be remiss if we didn’t mention them.

These spoons are sturdy and unique, great for a collection — and only $1 apiece. The spoons are fun and a great way to get over the $60 mark to get free shipping.

Like the rest of their products, the spoons are worth taking a look at. Some of us here are big fans of the spoons and may or may not have bought quite a few.

Is Philly Kratom Legit?

Yes. Philly Kratom is a small but well-established and legit vendor.

The biggest problem is that Philly Kratom is not certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA). The AKA audits online kratom businesses to verify that a company’s practices meet quality and safety thresholds. Having AKA certification is a sign that a business is serious and is dedicated to safely selling high-quality products.

However, the company does test everything and posts the results on the website. These are easy to find, showing transparency and honesty.

The products we’ve tried have been great; there’s so much to choose from, we’ll order again.

What You Can Expect To Pay

The prices at Philly Kratom are very competitive. Philly Kratom’s best deals are its samples and split kilos, which allow users to order multiple strains in small amounts. 

Many other companies don’t offer convenient build-your-own samplers, making it hard for new users to try different strains without paying a ton for full-size batches.

Kratom powders are the focal point at Philly Kratom. They come in three sizes:

  • 2 ounces for $12.00
  • 4 ounces for $20.00
  • 8 ounces for $35.00

Philly Kratom’s samplers come in two different sizes:

  • $22.00 for 5 1-ounce packs
  • $42.00 for 5 2-ounce packs

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Accepted Payment Options

Philly Kratom accepts credit or debit cards, money orders, Greenbean Pay, Venmo, Zelle, Google Pay, CashApp, and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a popular payment option among kratom users, but using Bitcoin can be intimidating the first time. Before you can pay with Bitcoin, you have to purchase it on an exchange like Coinbase or Binance or from a Bitcoin ATM. 

Making the transaction is then a simple matter of following the instructions on the Philly Kratom webpage.

What Other Customers Say About This Brand

Customers have plenty to say about Philly Kratom, and it’s all good. People say it’s potent, long-lasting, and fresh, and the company is a favorite among many of them.

Shipping & Returns

All of Philly Kratom’s orders are handled by USPS priority mail. Orders under $50.00 cost $8.00 in shipping across the board, and orders above $50.00 ship for free. All orders are processed no more than 20 hours after payment.

Philly Kratom doesn’t ship to the following states, cities, and counties in accordance with local laws:

The Philly Kratom return policy states that all unopened orders are eligible for a refund within seven days of delivery. Opened and partially used products will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Best Alternative Kratom Vendors

If Philly Kratom doesn’t have what you need, or you just want to try a vendor with a money-back guarantee, check out the following popular vendors.  

Here are some of the industry’s most well-known and respected kratom brands.

Kona Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $45.00 — $115.00
Verified Vendor

Kona Kratom

4.95 / 5
Ranked 1 out of 190 vendors

Kona Kratom has taken the industry by storm and quickly established a name for itself. 

Despite its relative youth, Kona Kratom has distinguished itself by providing top-notch customer service and selling a focused selection of high-quality kratom powders and capsules. Its strain selection is more limited than Philly Kratom’s, but it sells higher-quality strains and offers more convenient capsules.

All of Kona Kratom’s products have extensive third-party lab reports on its website that are easy to read and digest. Kona Kratom is also an AKA-certified vendor and offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The only downside to ordering from Kona Kratom is that shipping can be a bit slow.

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅  Well-established name in the kratom industry
  • ✅  High-quality capsules and powders
  • ✅  100% satisfaction guarantee
  • ✅  AKA certified
  • ✅  Third-party lab tests available
  • ❌ Shipping is a bit slow

Star Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $35 — $95
Verified Vendor

Star Kratom

4.9 / 5
Ranked 2 out of 190 vendors

If you don’t want to wait on Kona Kratom’s shipping, then Star Kratom is the vendor for you. Star Kratom’s shipping speeds are the best in the business, with one and two-day options available for most orders.

Star Kratom sells third-party tested kratom capsules and powders and backs all its products with a satisfaction guarantee. It only carries a small selection of strains, so variety is not the company’s strong suit, but selling a limited number of products allows Star Kratom to offer such blindingly fast shipping.

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅ Unbeatable shipping speed
  • ✅ Third-party tested products
  • ✅ Money-back guarantee
  • ✅ Great prices
  • ✅ Has AKA certification
  • ❌ Limited selection

VIP Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $40.00 — $125.00
Verified Vendor

VIP Kratom

4.85 / 5
Ranked 4 out of 190 vendors

VIP Kratom is a mainstay of the kratom community, offering its customers premium products at competitive prices. The company is committed to providing the highest quality kratom capsules and powders, putting its entire lineup of products through rigorous independent laboratory testing to ensure they’re safe and potent.

VIP Kratom’s dedication to quality gives it the confidence to stand behind its products with a 100% money-back guarantee.

VIP Kratom’s prices are competitive but on the high side, although customers routinely say its products are more than worth the extra price.

Pros & Cons:

  • ✅  Premium kratom products
  • ✅  100% money-back guarantee
  • ✅  Same day shipping
  • ✅  Third-party testing for all its products
  • ✅  AKA certified
  • ❌ Prices are a bit high

Final Thoughts: You Can’t Go Wrong With Philly

Philly Kratom has great prices and a good selection of kratom powders, along with the testing to back them.

The company doesn’t have AKA certification, but the owners fight for kratom to stay legal and go out of their way to help others do the same.

One of Philly Kratom’s best options is its sample packs, allowing customers to create hand-picked sets of 5 1-ounce or 2-ounce samples of any strains the company sells. This is a great option, especially for beginners, and something more companies should offer.

Philly Kratom also does a good job of offering unique blends that you won’t find elsewhere, giving customers a reason to choose the company over its competitors. However, information about the specific strain combinations that make up these blends is not provided, making it hard to tell if they’re worth trying.

Overall, Philly Kratom can be an excellent choice.