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Kratom King Vendor Review

The Kratom King is based in Reno, Nevada, where it maintains a storefront as well as an online shop for purchasing kratom products. The company sells kratom powder, kratom capsules, kratom extracts, and some other kratom-based items. The strain selection is a bit on the small side, and the prices are much higher than you’ll find from many other companies.

Unfortunately, Kratom King isn’t accredited by the American Kratom Association (AKA), and the company states that it completes lab testing, but the results are not available anywhere online or by request.

Below, you’ll find an in-depth review of Kratom King, including a look at its product lines, its return policies, and a few red flags that might make you want to seek out another source for kratom.

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Kratom King

Rating: 3

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $2.00 — $680.00
Verified Vendor

Kratom King

Ranked 55 out of 97 vendors

About the Company

Kratom King is based in Reno, Nevada, but aside from the address of the company’s brick and mortar shop, there is no company or owner information available on the website, on its social media channels, or elsewhere on the internet. This isn’t always cause for concern, but in addition to the other red flags from this company, it does suggest a lack of transparency.

The company has no About Us page, no mission statement on its website, and no company goals or obvious involvement in the kratom industry. Unfortunately, these are all signs that Kratom King might be in the industry solely to turn a profit. Again, this isn’t always a bad thing, but many customers look for companies with a purpose to ensure they’re buying from an entity that cares about its products and customers.

Kratom King is not accredited by the American Kratom Association (AKA), and it doesn’t post third-party lab results online. These are two major downsides for most kratom users, especially those who like to verify the potency and purity of a product before they buy. Coupled with a lack of a return policy for opened products, this causes many customers to choose another vendor.


  • Bulk options
  • Powders and capsules available
  • Accepts Bitcoin, credit card, and many other payment options
  • Fast shipping


  • Expensive
  • Few strains available
  • No GMP certification
  • No lab results available
  • No company information available online
  • No return policy for opened items
  • No customer satisfaction guarantee

Kratom King Product Reviews serves as this vendor’s online store. This virtual shop features everything from kratom capsules and CBD oil to enhanced kratom powder and kratom extracts.

Kratom Leaf Powder

Kratom powder describes the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree that have been dried and crushed into a fine dust. Kratom powder is the most accessible form of kratom, and it’s also typically the most affordable.

While it makes precise dosing a breeze, many people dislike the taste of raw kratom powder and choose to pay more for other dosing options, like kratom capsules or extracts.

Kratom King Green Thai Kratom Powder

This vendor has excelled at offering kratom in a wide range of forms, including crushed leaf and super fine powder, but its traditional powders are every bit as good — Green Thai is one of them.

Kratom King Green Thai is an O.G. strain with a classic aroma. Both bitter and sweet, Green Thai is widely sought after. Its unique properties make for a smooth, animating experience.

If you’re looking to shake the jitters, Green Thai could be an ideal coffee replacement. It provides most users with mild stimulation, relief from anxiety, and some mild sense of euphoria.

Price: $2.20 for 10 grams, $6.50 for 28 grams, $25.00 for 112 grams, $55.00 for 250 grams, $108.00 for 500 grams, $210.00 for 1,000 grams/1 kilogram, or $680.00 for 5,000 grams/5 kilograms

Kratom King Red Maeng Da Super Fine Kratom Powder

If you’re looking to clear your head or relax instead, Kratom King Red Maeng Da will likely be a welcome relief. This blissful brew is illuminating and invigorating at low dosages, with a duration that’s longer than most other plain leaf strains.

Maeng Da has long been regarded as the original Horned Leaf Kratom, and its reputation as so-called “Pimp Grade Kratom” precedes it. But make no mistake, Red Maeng Da is more than mere Internet hype. It’s a robust, long-lasting herbal powerhouse for most users that provides pain relief, sedation, and anxiety reduction.

Price: $2.20 for 10 grams, $6.50 for 28 grams, $25.00 for 112 grams, $55.00 for 250 grams, $108.00 for 500 grams, $210.00 for 1,000 grams/1 kilogram, or $680.00 for 5,000 grams/5 kilograms

Kratom King White Sumatra Super Fine Kratom Powder

White Sumatra is one of the most potent white vein kratom strains available, and one that gives White Maeng Da a run for its money.

White Vein Sumatra possesses a subtle yet, enriching full-bodied sensation that’s unlike any green or red vein. As a well-balanced variant, Sumatra Kratom is both refreshing and exhilarating, providing balanced stimulation, mild euphoria, and some nootropic effects, according to most users.

Price: $2.20 for 10 grams, $6.50 for 28 grams, $25.00 for 112 grams, $55.00 for 250 grams, $108.00 for 500 grams, $210.00 for 1,000 grams/1 kilogram, or $680.00 for 5,000 grams/5 kilograms

Other Strains Offered by Kratom King

Kratom King carries a relatively small selection of strains. However, all strain colors are represented, so most users will be able to find something that works for them. All strains are available according to the pricing model mentioned above. Below is a complete list of the strains offered by Kratom King.

Kratom Capsules

Encapsulated kratom is a convenient and easy way to experience kratom effects, providing a pre-measured amount of powder in a gel cap. The powder can be clumpy and difficult to get down without gagging. By contrast, kratom capsules are easy-to-swallow and help you avoid the bitter taste of raw kratom powder. Capsules are more costly than powder and don’t let you get precise dosing.

Kratom King Green Malay Kratom Capsules

Green Malay is a popular hybrid kratom strain that provides most users with a balanced experience. It’s known to produce feelings of euphoria, a boosted mood, and light stimulation in lower doses. This green strain can also be quite effective for mild pain relief, relaxation, and light sedation when taken in larger quantities.

These capsules from Kratom King contain 0.5 grams of kratom powder each, so it’s not easy to get precise with your doses, but you can step up your volume in small increments.

Price: $25.20 for 50 grams or $126.00 for 260 grams

Kratom King Red Thai Kratom Capsules

Red Thai is a kratom strain that has unusually high concentrations of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is the component in kratom that’s responsible for providing pain relief and sedation. As such, most users take this strain in larger doses as a sleep aid, as an alternative for painkillers, or to ease anxiety after a long day. Given its propensity for sedation, this strain is best used in the evening after your day has come to an end.

These capsules each contain 0.5 grams of powder.

Price: $25.20 for 50 grams or $126.00 for 260 grams

Kratom King Bali Mixed Vein Kratom Capsules

Bali kratom strains are often considered nicely balanced, providing a fast onset of effects that lasts for several hours. Some beginners might find the effects a bit too intense, but these Mixed Bali capsules from King Kratom can help reduce the unwelcome effects. Lower doses are known to provide intense stimulation and increased focus and attention, while larger doses can provide anxiety relief, pain relief, and sedation for use as a sleep aid.

These capsules contain 0.5 grams of powder each. The powder is a mixture of Green Bali, White Bali, and Red Bali kratom powders.

Price: $25.20 for 50 grams or $126.00 for 260 grams

Other Kratom Capsules Offered by Kratom King

Kratom King carries just a handful of strains available in capsule form. All of them are available according to the same pricing model: $25.20 for 50 grams or $126.00 for 260 grams. Below are all of the kratom capsules you can purchase from Kratom King:

  • Bali Mixed Vein Kratom Capsules
  • Green Malay Kratom Capsules
  • Green Thai Kratom Capsules
  • Red Thai Kratom Capsules
  • Ultra Red Indo Kratom Capsules

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Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are made by carefully removing the indole alkaloids from natural kratom leaves. This alkaloid isolate is then infused at higher than normal concentrations into fresh kratom plant matter to make high-potency powders or into liquids for a liquid extract.

Kratom King 10x Gold Extract is the brand’s premier extract product. This enhanced powder’s questionable texture resembles brown sugar, but there’s nothing sweet about this one.

Aside from the overly bitter and nauseating taste, King’s 10% Extract is said to be composed of 10% mitragynine. As some of you may already know, mitragynine is the chief alkaloid in this Ayurvedic herb.

This active chemical component is believed to be responsible for kratom’s calming and tranquil properties, so this extract powder is known to be intensely relaxing and sedating.

This is definitely not the solution if you’re looking to vanquish brain fog. On the contrary, it may induce a sort of fogginess that runs counter to its theoretical purpose.

There are a few extracts available from Kratom King, and the prices vary depending on the specific product.

Is the Kratom King Legit?

Kratom King is legitimate in the sense that it isn’t a scam company. You don’t have to worry about never receiving your product after you order. However, there are some serious downsides to ordering from this company, which you’ll need to consider before committing to its products.

Most crucial is the fact that the company doesn’t post any third-party lab results on its website. The FAQ page has very vague information about testing that says it is done, but there’s no indication as to how successful the testing is, how often it’s completed, or the potency and purity confirmed by the process. Additionally, Kratom King isn’t accredited by the American Kratom Association (AKA), which is another red flag for most customers.

When customers find out about these downsides and then see that the company doesn’t have a return policy for opened products or a customer satisfaction guarantee, most begin to look elsewhere for their kratom.

What You Can Expect to Pay

Kratom King’s pricing all around is quite a bit higher than you’ll find from many other vendors. There are some competitors that have similar costs, but those typically back their products with third-party lab results, AKA accreditation, and a customer satisfaction guarantee.

All of the kratom powders from Kratom King are available according to the following pricing model:

  • $2.20 for 10 grams
  • $6.50 for 28 grams
  • $25.00 for 112 grams
  • $55.00 for 250 grams
  • $108.00 for 500 grams
  • $210.00 for 1,000 grams/1 kilogram
  • $680.00 for 5,000 grams/5 kilograms

The capsules are priced based on the below volumes:

  • $25.20 for 50 grams
  • $126.00 for 260 grams

If you’re looking for kratom extracts, you’ll pay between $3.75 and $178.50, depending on the specific product you’re looking for and the volume.

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Accepted Payment Options

Kratom King accepts Bitcoin, credit card, debit card, COD (Cash On Delivery), e-Check via Green Pay, and Zelle.

If cash or E-check are not feasible options, you may want to consider buying Bitcoin to pay for your kratom. There are several great places where you can buy bitcoins with a debit card or PayPal.

Some of the best places to buy BTC online include Bisq, eToro, and Robinhood. These online exchanges enable you to purchase BTC for the first time without advanced knowledge.

The best online exchanges offer easy-to-comprehend instructions and/or video tutorials.

What Other Customers Say About This Brand

Users on Reddit tend to agree that the products from Kratom King are generally of decent quality, but not the best. However, without the reassurance of third-party lab tests and AKA certification, most believe that it’s overpriced.

One user wrote, “Kratom King was the first vendor I used…I thought their quality was good, I got nice effects from it. Of the 4-5 vendors I’ve used, I haven’t noticed much of a difference in quality tbh.”

Another user agreed, writing, “Burning some red Indo from the kratom king right now. Not bad product, imho, but way overpriced.”

Shipping & Returns

Kratom King provides a wide range of shipping options, including USPS Priority Mail, FedEx Envelope Hold at participating Walgreens, FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight, and FedEx First Overnight.

Returns are accepted for the first thirty days after purchase, but only for unopened products. If you aren’t pleased with the product you receive, you’ll be stuck with it. You can select a replacement item of equal or lesser value if you haven’t opened the package. If you return an item after it has been damaged or compromised, your return will be denied.

Final Thoughts: Mediocre Kratom Products at Steep Prices

Unfortunately, the downsides of buying kratom from Kratom King outweigh the upsides for most users. The company is not AKA certified, and although the website states that third-party lab testing is completed, there are no results posted online or available upon request. As such, you won’t be able to confirm the quality, potency, or safety of a product before or after you purchase it.

Kratom King doesn’t accept returns for packages that are opened, so you’ll be stuck with your product if you aren’t pleased with it. There is also no customer satisfaction guarantee.

Coupled with the lack of reassurance on the product quality is the steep prices, which are enough to turn most users away. The cost is higher than you’ll find from most kratom vendors, especially given the lack of lab results and AKA certification.

If you are willing to give this vendor a shot, the Green Thai and Red Maeng Da powders are among its most popular products.

Best Kratom Vendors: Alternatives

Many kratom users will look for alternative sources for their kratom when they find out that Kratom King doesn’t post lab results and isn’t accredited by the AKA. The vendors below update online lab results with each new batch, are AKA-certified, and have a robust return policy and a customer satisfaction guarantee that help you shop with confidence.

Kona Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $45.00 — $115.00
Verified Vendor

Kona Kratom

Ranked 1 out of 97 vendors

Kona Kratom is well-known for providing high-quality, third-party lab-tested kratom powders and capsules at remarkably affordable prices. The company is AKA-certified as well, so you can be confident that whatever you buy from them is safe, powerful, and pure.

You’ll find a great selection of red, green, and white-vein varieties available from Kona. Although they don’t have one-day shipping like some other vendors, they do provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and will happily reimburse any product with which you’re not satisfied.


  • High-quality kratom
  • Tested by third-party labs
  • Powders and capsules available
  • Very affordable
  • AKA-certified company
  • Extensive product catalog
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee


  • Slower shipping than some other companies

Star Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $35 — $95
Verified Vendor

Star Kratom

Ranked 2 out of 97 vendors

If you find yourself waiting until the last minute to restock on your kratom powder or capsules, Star Kratom might be the best online vendor for you. They are one of the fastest-shipping companies in the industry, with one-day and two-day shipping options.

All of their products include up-to-date third-party lab test results that confirm potency and purity. They don’t have the most extensive selection available, but choosing a smaller company like this means consistency and quality are never compromised.


  • Powders and capsules available
  • Speedy shipping
  • Third-party lab testing on all products
  • High-quality, consistent, and potent


  • Not the best selection of strains

VIP Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $40.00 — $125.00
Verified Vendor

VIP Kratom

Ranked 3 out of 97 vendors

VIP Kratom is one of the few companies that puts its products through rigorous third-party testing and updates the results regularly on its website. This allows customers to verify precisely what they’re buying before they commit.

Not only does VIP Kratom provide safe powders and capsules, but its products also never lack potency or are diluted in any way. It has a large number of strains available of all vein varieties, and although most of its products are costly, it’s worth the investment for your safety and experience.


  • Third-party lab tests updated regularly
  • Offers transparency and honesty
  • Unmatched potency
  • Good selection


  • Costly