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Mr. Kratom Vendor Review: One of Germany’s Best?

Mr. Kratom is a German kratom vendor with an unclear background but a wide selection of quality products.

This article will explore some of their products and everything you need to know before purchasing.

Written by Phil Dubley
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Phil Dubley

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Phil is a journalist, writer, and avid kratom user with a background in botany and natural health.

Overall Rating:

Mr. Kratom is a company based in Germany that aims to supply top-quality kratom, outstanding customer support, and an efficient ordering and delivery process.

They can ship to any state member of the European Union in discreet packages and with short lead times. Since they are not American, they are not endorsed by the American Kratom Association (AKA), but they make up for it with regular lab testing.

However, some negative aspects are worth discussing, and we will delve deeper into them later in this article. Read on to know the complete picture of this vendor.

Vendor Rating: 3

Aka GMP Certified no
Pricing $4.90 — $99

Mr. Kratom

3 / 5
Ranked 114 out of 190 vendors

Mr. Kratom might be a solid choice if you find yourself in Europe and want to order high-quality kratom in a discreet package. However, their high prices and limited payment methods are a big reason to think twice before purchasing. They also do not ship to the US, so we’ve listed our favorite vendors that do.

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About the Company

There is not much information on this vendor other than it was founded by two young colleagues from Mainz, Germany. They state that their goal as Mr. Kratom is to offer top-quality products, a smooth ordering process, and high customer satisfaction.

Their “About Us” page mentions Mr. Kratom being involved in kratom for several years and being an expert on the subject but offers nothing to back this up. There is also no mention of where they source their kratom from, although there is proof of lab testing, which is a green flag.

This lack of information can be critical when purchasing — the most reputable kratom vendors often set themselves apart because of their transparency. This does not automatically mean a vendor is untrustworthy, but it may represent a warning sign.

They also have a somewhat active social media presence — but very few followers. This may signify they are struggling to grow their business, but not much more can be said.

  • Informative website
  • Decent variety of products
  • Proof of lab testing
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Does not ship to the US
  • Not certified by the AKA
  • Fairly expensive 
  • Limited payment methods

Is Mr. Kratom Legit?

Mr. Kratom is legit. They lab test their products to ensure they are free of pesticides and heavy metals, and reviews suggest everything is of high quality; overall, customers are happy with the service.

This vendor is in Germany, meaning they can not be certified by the AKA, and most importantly, they can not ship to the US. This also explains why finding customer reviews.

Another negative point is their high prices. Their quality standards could partially justify these, but they still are slightly higher than many other vendors of premium quality kratom.

Given that they also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee, they are a solid choice if you find yourself in the European Union, where they can openly ship to any member.

Mr. Kratom Product Reviews

Mr. Kratom offers kratom in the form of leaf powder and oils. You can also find various vitamin capsules and merch such as mugs and jars. Next, we will explore some of their products.

Kratom Leaf Powder

Kratom leaf powder is the most common type of kratom sold in stores. It is made of ground kratom leaves and can be consumed dry or through beverages such as tea. The following are some of Mr. Kratom’s top leaf powders.

Mr. Kratom Green Bali Kratom

Green Bali is one of Mr. Kratom’s best-selling leaf powders. This strain shines because of its effectiveness and versatility — it can reduce anxiety, increase energy and focus, and relieve pain.

There are many size options, and the price starts at €4.90 for 10 grams, reaching €183.60 for 1 kilogram.

Mr. Kratom White Borneo Kratom

White Borneo is one of the best choices for stimulation and overall focus. Many people use it as a substitute for coffee and pre-workout supplements, and students swear by it during long study sessions.

The cheapest option costs €4.40 for 10 grams, and the price rises to €162.90 for 1 kilogram.

Mr. Kratom Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali is one of the preferred strains for pain relief and relaxation. Mainly cultivated on the island of Borneo, this strain helps deal with muscle and nerve pain and even helps with opioid withdrawal.

The cheapest option costs €4.90 for 10 grams, rising to €183.60 for 1 kilogram.

Other Strains Offered by Mr. Kratom

This vendor offers many different strains, all within the same price range.

Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are potent and highly-concentrated kratom products that may come as liquid or powder. Extracts should be used carefully and in moderation, since their potency means the possibility of overdosing is relatively high compared to leaf powder.

  • Kratom Aroma Oil: A full-spectrum oil that costs €29.95 for the 10 ml bottle.
  • Kratom Aroma Liquid: An e-liquid that can be used for vaping, which costs €34.95 for the 10 ml bottle.

Other Products Offered by Mr. Kratom

Mr. Kratom also offers vitamin capsules for different purposes. Their selection is impressive and 100% organic. Here are some of their best sellers:

  • Träumschön: For improving sleep quality, reducing jet-lag effects, and promoting muscle relaxation.
  • Active Shield: For strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation in joints.
  • Aronia + Vitamin B2: For strengthening the nervous system and improving energy metabolism.
  • Bezaubernd: For skin and hair care, along with general well-being.

All their vitamin supplements are sold in containers holding from 60 to 360 capsules, and the prices start at €19.90 and climb up to €35.95 per container.

What You Can Expect To Pay

Buying from Mr. Kratom is not very affordable. All their products lie on the more expensive side, and they do not offer many options to save money apart from spending over €90 for free shipping in Germany.

Kratom leaf and flower.

Premium grade kratom tends to be pricey, and while Mr. Kratom conducts lab tests for potency and innocuity, there probably is a more budget-friendly alternative that provides similar quality.

Most of their strains belong in the following price range:

  • €4.40 – €4.90 for 10 grams
  • €15.90 – €17.20 for 50 grams
  • €56.60 – €64.80 for 250 grams
  • €91.90 – €99 for 500 grams
  • €162.90 – €183.60 for 1 kilo

Accepted Payment Options

This vendor only accepts two methods of payment: bank transfer or cash on delivery.

For bank payments, you set up your order through their website and transfer the invoice amount in advance, including shipping costs and VAT. Your purchase will ship within one working day from when they receive the payment or proof of it.

If you prefer to pay with cash, you should know that there is an extra fee of €9.50 on top of the order and shipping. Once your purchase arrives, you hand the carrier the total amount, and they take care of the rest.

Mr. Kratom Coupon Codes

Mr. Kratom regularly sends out coupon codes to their newsletter subscribers, but there are no discounts for new clients. However, they do reward regular clients by giving away 50 grams of your kratom of choice each month.

To enter the contest, leaving a meaningful review on their website is enough — this could explain why they have so many positive reviews.

What Other Customers Say About This Brand

It is pretty hard to find customer reviews for this vendor on trusted forums like Reddit.

Of the few mentions we could find, they did not have anything negative to say — some of them even said their products are top quality — but there are not enough for an accurate representation of this seller.

However, the website counts over a hundred reviews available at Trustami; many are overwhelmingly positive but reasonably detailed. While this can be seen as a great sign, we advise taking it with a grain of salt since there is no way to prove they are all legit.

Shipping & Returns

Mr. Kratom is based in Germany and will ship to any state member of the European Union that has not banned kratom. These include, as stated on their website:

However, it is important to note that shipment of kratom to all EU countries is possible thanks to the Lisbon Treaty, as long as it comes from a state where the herb is legal. This means you can still receive kratom if your country has banned it, but do not disregard local laws regarding its legal status.

All orders are dispatched within one business day via DHL, and you can choose between DHL Paket and DHL Express. The first costs €4.95 and takes 1 to 3 business days, and the latter costs €16.95, but it ships the next business day. Orders larger than €90 have free shipping to all of Germany.

DHL International handles international shipping and costs €16.95 to any EU member, except for Austria, which costs €8.95.

Mr. Kratom offers full refunds with no questions asked for 14 days after you receive the products. When you begin the refund process, you have another 14 days to send the products back, and they will reimburse you once they receive them or proof of shipping.

Best Alternative Kratom Vendors

If you are not in the European Union, you can try some established vendors that can reach you anywhere in the US. The following are some of our favorite vendors, and they position themselves among the most experienced.

1. Kona Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $45.00 — $115.00
Verified Vendor

Kona Kratom

4.95 / 5
Ranked 1 out of 190 vendors

Kona Kratom is the best vendor all around. Their versatility separates them from the rest, with every aspect of this business being excellent and working to provide customer satisfaction on every level.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Great variety
  • Free shipping over $29.99
  • AKA-certified


  • Shipping can be slow

2. VIP Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $40.00 — $125.00
Verified Vendor

VIP Kratom

4.85 / 5
Ranked 4 out of 190 vendors

VIP Kratom never fails to provide the highest quality kratom in the market and does so without skimping on customer support or cutting corners. Their strict safety standards and money-back guarantees make them a top choice.


  • All kratom is potent and %100 safe
  • Quick customer service
  • Same-day shipping
  • Strict quality control


  • Quite expensive

3. Star Kratom

Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $35 — $95
Verified Vendor

Star Kratom

4.9 / 5
Ranked 2 out of 190 vendors

Star Kratom offers a limited selection, but its product quality is consistently excellent, and its real strength is logistics and affordability. You can buy kratom in bulk to save money and rest easy, knowing it will take no time to arrive.


  • Swift delivery
  • Great prices
  • Bulk sales
  • Free shipping


  • Not much variety

Final Thoughts: Quality Kratom but Questionable Service

Mr. Kratom offers cheap, safe, potent products but can only ship within the European Union. They have a decent selection of kratom powder but also offer extracts and organic multivitamin supplements.

We do not know much about this company, but they conduct third-party lab tests on their products, and their return policy is quite solid, so they might be worth a try. They also host positive reviews on their website, but it is often wise to take them with a grain of salt.

If you want to order from Mr. Kratom, be prepared to spend a decent sum of money. We suggest going for their Super Green Borneo leaf powder or kratom extract oil. Otherwise, check out some alternative European kratom vendors and reevaluate your options.

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