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DG Botanicals Vendor Review

Operating under the umbrella of DGB, Inc, this brand is a homegrown operation founded by James Pylant.

Mr. Pylant is a native son who started DG Botanicals with the sole purpose of providing patrons with a clean and diverse catalog of handmade soaps, international herbs, and organic candles.

DG Botanicals AKA DG Botanicals quickly took off, earning major points with users who were tired of dealing with third party wholesale distributors.

Wade Paul

Written by Wade Paul1 month ago

DG Botanicals

About The Company: DG Botanicals

DG Botanicals closed temporarily in 2019, but customers had nothing to fear. Unlike so many sellers who go belly up, the company was simply looking to improve upon its products and revamp its online store.

In no time at all, they had launched their new site to tons of fanfare. The following review is based on my experience with their current services and product line.


  • Wide variety
  • Potent strains
  • Fast shipping
  • Accepts Zelle    
  • Offers kratom samples


  • Accepts new customers at their discretion    
  • Some negative consumer feedback     
  • Does not accept Bitcoin     
  • Does not accept credit cards     
  • Does not disclose third-party lab results
Aka GMP Certified yes
Pricing $ — $
Verified Vendor

DG Botanicals

Ranked 22 out of 60 vendors

DG Botanicals Product Reviews

DG Botanicals new website is only a year old, but it left an immediate and indelible impression on consumers. Upon visiting their homepage, one was greeted by their uniform-clad superhero avatar, a green victor with a green thumb.

This cartoon avatar ushers us into the wonderful world of DG Botanicals where affordable deals and exceptional customer service were second only to high-quality Mitragyna speciosa solutions.

Replete with a fully stocked merch store full of T-shirts and environmentally-friendly totes, DG Botanical’s online shop was a veritable cargo space for everything one could ask for out of an apothecary.

I say was instead of is because the online store is currently hidden from the public eye. When you type in their URL, you receive a succinct greeting that urges you to email this vendor for a full list of their current inventory.

This seeming secrecy may seem suspect to the more cynical customer, but any seasoned user will tell you that it’s the inevitable result of scrutiny.

As lawmakers have proposed a kratom ban and medical boards have sought to classify this Ayurvedic herb as a controlled substance, domestic vendors have been under intense pressure.

It only makes sense to keep sales between the seller and the buyer, far from the prying eyes of meddling legislators who may be looking for a reason to demonize an independent business owner.

The good news is, DG Botanicals’ collection is as diverse as it’s ever been and the freshness has not been compromised.

DG Botanicals Best Strains 2021

This seller’s most talked-about strains include the elusive Green Indo and the always popular Red Vein Bali. There are more than 25 exotic strains in their catalog.

DG Botanical’s top strains are Bali X, Green Dampar, Maeng Da Borneo, Premium Green Thai (PGT), Red Kalimantan, Super Green Malay, White Thai and Yellow Vietnam.

What You Can Expect to Pay

On the downside, is one of the most expensive online vendors on the market.

How expensive?

“OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive,” according to at least one Reddit user.

Others have lamented the price of their “premium” strains such as the aforementioned PGT. Still, others have called them inferior to other vendors.

One user wrote, “I got the waitlist, accepted, and ordered the PMD that everyone has been raving about. I have tried it at various doses and unfortunately, it just isn’t as good as SoCal or some others I’ve had.”

For current pricing, be sure to reach out to DG Botanicals directly. Some suppliers offer competitive pricing, so do your homework and be ready with quotes from other vendors.

Accepted Payment Methods

As of this writing, they are only accepting money orders or Zelle payments. No credit cards, CashApp, E-checks, or COD (Cash On Delivery). This will be inconvenient to some, but their Zelle processing is safe, secure, and discreet.

What Other Customers Say About This Brand

DG Botanicals Review 2019 perfectly illustrates the love folks have had for this brand over the last few years. The DG Botanicals website has been called one of the most user-friendly online stores of the 2020s.

Reviewers have focused largely on the cryptocurrency accepted and the bonus gifts offered by this seller. They’ve received dozens of upvotes and comments regarding their exotic strains including Premium Maeng Da (PMD).

Naturally, user opinions vary wildly and some are less enthused than others. For every individual who praises their strains, there are four more who swear it doesn’t do anything for them.

This is something that members of online kratom forums have come to expect. User experiences should always be taken with a grain of salt unless they concern safety standards or poor customer service.

Final Thoughts: Check Out The Top-Secret Stash

I think you’ll agree that there are as many pros as there are cons when it comes to DG Botanicals. If you don’t mind dealing with limited payment options and exclusive membership, you may just find something special in their top-secret stash.